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Influence Applications & Approval

So, you think you’re eligible for Recognition or Ascendancy huh? You think you’ve pulled enough influence in a verse to get a bonus IC and OOC?
Well do I have some good news for you!

With the help of the following form, you can apply for your Influence bonuses!

Jokes aside, after having witnessed several recognition approvals, I thought it would be quite important to create a hub for all future Influence applications. Due to foreseeing a lot more people reach this goal as the site ages and gains more people, eventually we will need something like this. So why not start early?

If you’re not sure on what the requirements for Recognition or Ascendancy in a verse are I’ll go over them now.

The threads that you submit for your application must be in the verse you are applying for and must be about your character (not an NPC, and not another character that you aren’t applying for influence with).

In case of a thread that has multiple people participating in it, only the words that you write, as your character, will be counted towards the requirements.

It is also important to note that the Bonus Rewards that come with Recognition and Ascendancy are only given for the first verse that you achieve recognition/ Ascendancy in.


Requirement: You must have written 50,000 words in a single verse to qualify for recognition within.

Rewards: 500 Bonus OM and a permanent upgrade to your maximum Rest Points cap (see Bonus Rewards for more details).


Requirement: At least 100,000 words within a single verse and a force of at least 10,000 total (this may be split between your faction).

Rewards: 1000 Bonus OM and another permanent upgrade to your Rest Points cap (see Bonus Rewards for more details).

Application Form (Please include all applicable threads)

Quote:Character Name:
Applying For: (Recognition or Ascendancy)


Thread Name:
Link to Thread:
Thread Word Count:

Total Word Count:

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