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Resurrection ~ The Butterfly Stirs

Quote:"I'll be waiting."

For a moment, there was black… then dazzling static erupted instantly, invading every fiber of her being. Whatever soul or substance remained of the fairy snapped back into existence.

The sound of water splashing could be heard, as a young girl emerged from the fountain, desperate for even a whiff of fresh air. Thankfully, the Nexus had a lot of it. Just not as fresh as one would expect for a realm of purity. Her mind was still racing, trying to process whatever she just saw. There were no holes where her chest was supposed to be, though. For that, she was glad.

So, is this what dying feels like here? How terrifying.
I think I’ll try to die a little less this time.

Dying here really did feel different. Fairies are accustomed to waking up after finding out they had messed with the local shrine maiden, but they don’t usually have nightmares or strange effects to go with it. They also don’t usually wake up in the middle of fountains. Larva picked herself up. Being drenched like this wasn’t doing her any favors, so she started sweeping away some clinging water using her hands. Her wings began flapping, in an effort to shake off the moisture.

After a while, the fairy got rid of as much as she could by effort. The rest is left to time. Anyways. Larva began to recollect, sitting on the rims of the cracked fountain covered in vines. What was it she was doing beforehand? She went through everything that she could remember. Waking up in this exact place, ending up in a forest, and then… she signed up for something? She knew that she was taken to some other place and joined someone…

That was the limit of her memories. The rest had been thoroughly ground into fine mental powder.

It was probably some three minutes of recalling before the fairy stood up again. She looked around and saw the faraway dots in the distance, gateways to other realms standing at the edges of the horizon.

Oh yeah, that guy said I might want to visit “Camelot”, too…

Not really knowing which dot leads to which, she picked one of the eight gates and began her journey towards it.

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