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Darkness Among Belief

It was something else to get his mind out of the gutter, Tyson looked at the flyer a bounty on his head. He took a deep breath thinking about it they'll come for him no matter if he's ready or not only time will tell. Now wasn't the time to think about that something else caught his attention it been two days hiding out in a local village but something was very wrong. The villagers had a problem it started weeks ago with some missing teenagers they never came back meaning only two things. Either someone killed those teenagers or some asshole took them from their homes yet it wasn't his problem to deal with. He knew someone would come after him no matter how well the demon begins to better his image the demon was still a threat to Camelot. Another factor was his vampire friends were still safe and the demon didn't want any harm coming to them that was the most important thing on his mind. He should figure out what the hell is going on and talk with the village leader everyone still believes that Tyson is this John Reilly. Wondering how long could the demon keep the fake identity until someone realizes the truth but helping the village would redeem his evil nature. He got dressed and started walking outside as some people started giving him some looks but they just walked away from him which was good. Shouldn't draw much attention to himself but people thought the new visitor help them out so they thought the guy was alright for now. Thomas the village chief was pacing back and forth it looked like the poor man was crying about something maybe it was about those missing teenagers or something really bad. They believed that Tyson was John Reilly maybe the demon should stick with it until the worse happens so from here on that fake name will have to do. 

"Thomas, Please what's the matter? Your crying about something please can I help you? You seem unsettled is it about the missing teenagers?" John questioned. 

Thomas started wiping his tears thinking this was the same man would help deal with the gangland trash weeks ago. He didn't know if anybody could help bring his son and daughter back. This rescue mission seemed a bit extreme and the village chief didn't believe John could do it but something needed to be done perhaps this man could do it. He just wants his family back after his wife cheating on him and his children were all that the chief had left. "John...I'm sorry but thank you for helping us before. This is a major problem and I don't know if your the man that can help solve this. As you know the some of teenagers have gone missing it being done in the nighttime hours about the last missing people were my son and daughter. John, I'm asking you as a friend and a father please bring back our children you done so much for us please help us again." Thomas said.

Tyson thought nothing yet better and the demon can't just sit and wait for those bastards something new needed to be done. Another rescue mission it wasn't his cup of tea but helping teenagers seemed pretty alright. But really these parents should start thinking about a curfew for their kids then again this was a different world than his own with new rules. Helping the villagers again would make the demon felt better about himself so the demon accepted the chief's task. "Alright, I'll help you out again. Don't worry Thomas...I'll bring the teenagers back home safely you have my word"

Thomas smiled hoping the new guy rescues the children as the demon went to work hoping to find the missing people. His only lead the stalkers attack in the nighttime so the demon should wait till nightfall and see what happens. Tyson thought it was going to be a long wait but the demon was going to achieve his task.

Midnight approaches...
Many Hours later...

It got dark but Tyson was wide awake as the humans started to go in their homes for the night. Midnight hours and still nothing this might be a problem but some group was taking these teenagers but it might be a cult or something worse. He was hoping it wasn't the religious evil cult hellbent of making a new world order of evil by destroying people's lifestyles too many groups have done that. Maybe he'll find out because two wagons started approaching, Tyson started hiding behind some trees wondering what was going on here. These people might be the ones responsible they started getting off the wagons and divided into two groups this might be it the ones the demon was looking for. They started working around the village homes and getting the next teenage victim it wasn't going to happen ever again. They started drugging the teenager as some idiot was saying this was going to be next sacrifice to their family well this wasn't going to happen not on his watch. Tyson walks over to the group hoping to stop this once and for all. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and this is the end of your story time group. I'm afraid this little farce of you people robbing these villagers of their children is stopping right here. Is the legendary dream demon back from the dead helping you? Because this shit ends here, Now release the innocent hostage please if you will and where is your cult? SO I CAN BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN"

The cult people drop the teenager on the ground and started getting their weapons ready this was going to be a fight. "You listen to me devil. These children will be cleansed by the power of Lord Drux. Our sacred mission to rid the world of thought and beliefs is the will of the Lord Drux it has been said by him and his will shall be done. I'm sorry but your death awaits you devil" Cult member replied. 

A new asshole to deal with and with a weird name and these were his followers they stink of a cult brainwashing plan. Someone putting their ideas and beliefs upon others what worse is these people were doing the fool's bidding without a little forethought. Lord Drux needed to be stopped and the children needed to be rescued but the location of the cult maybe one of these bastards knew where. But these people seemed to have a death wish they got their weapons ready as two of them started attacking. Tyson blocked their attacks but the demon thought about killing these pricks but it would bring him more trouble. He just wounded them enough for them to back off as remaining members started backing off as the demon grabbed the wounded followers. The demon wanted information hoping this fool would tell him where the location of the cult was so the children could be saved. "You see that? Your friends ditch you and now they left your sorry ass with me. Any other day, I would have your soul for breakfast but now isn't the time. You have two choices here deal with some angry pissed off parents or you tell me where your cult is. Where did this Lord Drux take the teenagers?"

Like a stool pigeon, He gave Tyson the information of where Lord Drux hideout was the fucker lived in a castle. One man army against a cult of evil this felt like dealing with the fat mind control bastard all over again but this time it was another rescue mission. 

Now the last time going to a castle and killed many of the guards that were guarding the castle which led to the bounty on his head. Tyson needed to think this through maybe coming up with a better strategy and planning this through would be best. The demon needed a plan because killing people wouldn't solve anything maybe by challenging Lord Drux to a battle to the death could work. Would the evil cult bastard go for it?  Tyson managed to stop them from kidnapping another teenager but now it was time to save the others from this cult. 

Tyson started riding and two hours later arrived at the castle demanding to challenge the lord of the castle to battle. He gets off his horse hoping Lord Drux was here and maybe this plan will work. "LORD DRUX...YOU COME ON OUT HERE RIGHT NOW. YOU VILE PIECE OF SHIT KIDNAPPING INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR YOUR EVIL PLEASURE AND SICKNESS. I COME TO CHALLENGE TO BATTLE COME ON HERE AND FIGHT ME YOU DAMN BASTARD. I...JOHN REILLY CHALLENGE YOU"John yelled. 

The drawbridge was lowering as the cult leader appeared, Lord Drux seemed like a holy knight or something this could be trouble. He started walking with fourteen guards following the guy approaching the strange warrior. Lord Drux thought this man just wanted to end his dream of a new world may be by killing this fool could bring a new order to his cult because most of his followers started having doubts. The cult leader may as well accept John's challenge to battle and no more people will come after the sacrifices to their new order. Lord Drux started cracking his knuckles and grabbed his sword from his sheath drawing it at the stranger hoping to cut the person in half. Tyson thought this was going to work, Lord Drux believed that he was a concerned villager trying to rescue the children. "You dare come here and demand our sacrifices to the new order? It seems the village needs to be taught another lesson. I do confess you have some balls showing up here trying to rescue our slaves. I accept your challenge and this is a battle to the death" Lord Drux yelled. 

The holy knight drew his sword and tried slashing at the stranger's head off, Tyson caught the sword. Lord Drux couldn't move his sword as his guards started getting worried about the leader. He promised to deal with the stranger and continued listening to his beliefs but he couldn't handle himself against a stronger opponent at all. Lord Drux couldn't counter or move his sword the demon had him waiting for the right moment to kill him. But then again why should he kill him this felt so much promising to humiliate the bastard being as stronger than a normal human like this leader was. 

Lord Drux finally released from his sword from the stranger's grasp and tried attacking again but the demon counter viciously. Tyson attacked hard wounding the cult leader in the leg as the battle was beginning as the two warriors got ready. Lord Drux made the first move but the demon was on no mission of killing the guy had a job to do. 

It was a quick kick attack which the demon was caught off guard, Lord Drux was raising his sword to attack but his leg was completely wounded. Tyson managed to get out of the way in time attacking with his sword managed to hit the cult leader in the back very hard. Which made the bastard fall to the ground now it would be in the demon's interest to kill the jerk, Tyson wasn't going to do that. He wasn't going to fall down that dark road of his demon urges allowing them to take him over an become that evil monster sonuvabitch again. This time the demon was going to do this right waiting for Lord Drux to make his move first then counter and finally attack really hard. Lord Drux got back to his feet again demanded his lord give him the strength needed to smite down the non-believer for the glory of his cult. The cult leader tried attacking again but this time the demon managed to slice off Drux's hand dropping his greatsword. 

Tyson thought this was over and now adding some salt to Lord Drux's wounds. "You're finished Lord Drux...Your reign of terror is over. This sicko cult ends here your followers are to be disbanded. You're lost and if you are going to continue this it will surely mean your very death. I don't want that and neither to you. Now I'm taking the teens back to their parents...But seriously stop forcing your own beliefs onto others it isn't right." Tyson said.

"I will never...ever...give up" Lord Drux replied.

The cult started putting off a large knife and tried getting back to his feet the determination of this human was unbelievable. Lord Drux got to his feet and tried to stab the demon, Tyson kicks him to the ground demanding that the cult leader stops. "Now get that bullshit out of your system real quick. It's over...Leave now and never come back here." He yelled. Tyson didn't want any more blood on his hands but cult asshole was pushing his buttons, Lord Drux has failed and grabs a gun putting it to his head. He shot himself and then his followers heard the shot looking at the stranger as the followers couldn't believe it their hero was gone. Tyson thought these poor people were under the influence of the cult asshole but it was all over. "Whatever Lord Drux was feeding to your brains is over. Now leave all of you, Your lives are spared but if you try harming the villagers or their children again. You all will never see the light of day ever again NOW GO" They took one look at the guy and then they started leaving but one of them stayed behind giving the demon some information and the cell door keys. "You should leave here sir. The real lord of the castle should be coming back two days from now after an important meeting. We believed Lord Drux's will but the asshole...(sigh)...I"m sorry for we harmed anyone. Drux just really push us too far" Cult follower said.

He left...

Tyson went downstairs freeing the teenagers all of them seemed alright the rescue mission was successful. He notices one of the missing teens broke their leg like a worried person the demon helped the child up. He takes one of the wagons escorting the teenagers back to the village. Finally, He returns back to the village as the parents started rushing out of their houses thankful that the children were back home. The teenagers were just glad to be back home, Thomas thanked Tyson (a.k.a.) John Reilly for rescuing the teenagers, more importantly, rescuing his son and daughter. "The person responsible or his people won't harm your people ever again. I've made sure to that really it was a major experience for me"

Tyson thought everything was alright but then the demon thought the real lord would be coming back in two days. He shouldn't care but the demon should a dead bastard's body was in that castle and bunch of evidence. He couldn't leave the place the way it was because people might it was him who had no honor but Drux killed himself. 

It was someone else pretending to be a lord but leaving the castle a complete mess, Tyson couldn't take that risk at all. He headed back to the castle this was the first and only time the demon was going to do this for anyone. Being the one thing any demon hates cleaning up one's mess but everything happening now the demon was going to do this. Taking some cleaning supplies from the village, Tyson heads back into the castle chamber and sadly cleans up the blood. He started scrubbing making sure the blood comes off making sure not to leave the mess now to the dead body. Placing the body and body parts into the bag hoping to find a nice burial place but finally, the castle was completely clean. It took three hours, even more, to clean an entire castle before the servants return back as the demon managed to clean up making very neat. He placed the dead body of Lord Drux upon his horse hoping no one was looking still no one would be back in two days which was good. "Alright, Everything is clean and no blood anywhere. I hate fucking cleaning castles but in a situation like this, a demon doesn't need to start drawing attention. Ok, The smell of blood...Wait, I should make one more check to make sure nothing else is left behind" He thought.

Checking the place, Tyson made a quick search but everything was hopefully back in order. But this place did belong to someone else and the demon was a trespasser and still, it didn't feel right. It may have been cold feet but a lot was on the demon's mind...Tyson thought maybe settling down and forming a family may be living here and regaining something that he lost in life. "Huh...What's that?"

Tyson started hearing the servants returning back and that meant trouble as the demon rushed out the window getting onto his horse and started heading off.

It was too close but the demon managed to escape the castle as the servants returned from the local bar, Tyson thought it was safe. But as the demon was about to leave the demon notices a guy having trouble with a deadly wolf. A lot of stuff was happening in the world, Tyson thought minding his own business would mean something but the demon couldn't ignore help. What to do about the wolf? Either killing the fucking mutt or finding a non-killable way to deal with the situation either damn way the demon was going to deal with it. "Hey Bitch, You want to dance? You dance with me. Come On" He yelled. The wolf was drooling and growling just wondering to attack first the poor man or the stranger the creature starting charging at the stranger. Tyson grabbed a huge tree branch and smacking the wolf hard in the face yelling to the poor man to run away which the guy does. He was afraid to get out as the wolf was hit again hard with the large tree branch, Tyson was waiting for the creature to get back up and he'll attack again. The wolf was getting up in a daze and started focusing his attention back into the demon and tried attacking again, Tyson smacked the wolf hard with the branch. Noticing that the wolf was unconscious which was enough the bastard creature wasn't going to get his meal tonight, he needed a drink. 

The local bar didn't sound that bad it wouldn't hurt to get a drink from there, Tyson started riding over to the undisclosed bar seeing some people coming out. He stops thinking what if someone managed to see maybe hiding his appearance a little better getting a hood over his head and started putting on a mask. Getting some ragged clothing, Tyson thought his identity was covered well enough and if people started questioning him. He could always fall back onto his fake identity nobody knew who he was which was pretty good, John Reilly will have to do for now. 

He heads into the bar as some people started looking at him and went about their business. Tyson took a deep breath thinking the coast was clear heading over the bar stool and sitting down as the bartender wanted to know what he wanted. "Orange Juice, Please my good sir" Tyson answered. The bartender thought this man was trying to stay away from the booze as the dude started fixing him an orange juice as a few people started looking at him. Then three of them started standing up started to approach the demon, Tyson didn't expect this to happen but wondering what was going. "Hey, Leave him alone Terry...This is just a homeless man just wanting something to drink." Bartender yelled.

The bastard throws a glass cup in the bartender's face hitting hard. "Shut the fuck up. I do what I want and whenever I want so you just a powder and just get to work. Remember, I own you bitch remember that"Terry yelled. Tyson didn't like that one bit as the bastard thug with horrible bad breath turned his attention the demon just waited. The bastard thug started cracking his knuckles and started to make his attention clear to the demon. "Now, After being so rudely interrupted. I believe you idiot forgot to pay the bar tax blackface now pay up or else muthafucka. Or things are going to get real nasty here for ya." Thug viciously said. Those would be the last words the bastard thug was ever going to say ever again, Tyson vowed to shut the fool up forever in the worse way. Nobody calls him it was beyond worse than the n-word but a bar tax seriously more importantly that the bartender's job. He takes a sip of his orange juice and looks at the thug in a most violent mood. "Now, I'm enjoying this orange juice. But you and your men have till the count of ten to get out of my face. Your education needs improving and I'll gladly improve it for you outside. But I'm giving you and your friends a choice to leave me alone if you don't? We can discuss this more about the tax outside" Tyson replied. 

They started pulling out and weapons and signaling for the stranger to come outside, Tyson was getting angry. He didn't show it but like a calm gentleman, the demon got up from the bar stool and started walking outside. As the three thugs started following him, Tyson thought how the hell was he going to do this without violence and killing. One of the thugs started whipping out a chain the fool manages to wrap a lasso on the demon. Tyson managed to grab the chain and forcing the thug to lose control falling to the ground. "Alright, Time for the main event" Thug yelled.

The guy got his knife out and started charging, Tyson ducks and uppercuts him in the face. Quickly grabs his face slamming it into the rock as the fool was sound asleep enough force would have killed him. But the demon heard some snoring his buddies started backing away thinking the homeless man killed their boss. "You take your friend and get the hell out of here. Your personal bar tax is over better yet terminated and your boy doesn't run things around here anymore. Bar tax my ass...Get gone or get dead" Tyson yelled. The two jerks managed to pick up their friend and started calling for their horses and started riding away. The demon heads back into the bar as the bartender couldn't believe it that gang been hassling him for months and the homeless man takes care of them. Tyson sits back at the bar stool and continues sipping his orange juice as the bartender was amazed by him. "W...wh...What's your name stranger? I've never seen a homeless man do that. What they call you?" Bartender questioned. 

Tyson looked at the bartender the poor man been through enough already. "John...John Reilly"Tyson answered.

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