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The Disappearance

Darkness had engulfed Valvatorez just like it had taken the Prinnys' before him. There was an unsettling feeling as it had consumed him, but at the same time it did not feel dangerous to him, it was warm yet cold at the same time. It was Graduation day, and there was a promised that needed to be kept and Valvatorez always keeps his promises. Not even this darkness would stop him.

In the depths of the darkness a face began to emerge. It looked nothing like any of the Demons he had come across in the Nether-realm, but again the pressure exerted from it was on an unfathomable scale. It was far greater than Baal the Tyrant Overlord himself. The being called itself Omni and informed the Vampire of why he was brought to his world and that he would be watching him. Which was strange, but Valvatorez could not move or even speak so there was nothing to be done this time.

With his words finished, he was gone, leaving the dark shroud still all around Valvatorez. As quickly as the being had gone, the vale of darkness began to fade, bringing a whole new world to life. Before anything could be made clear, the sound of trickling water could be made out very clear and it was very close. In mere seconds, everything that was darkness was now pure light, but there was no visible source of it all. At last the source of the running water came clear as a large fountain stood before him. A simple structure made from what looked to be one large piece of stone, cut with various shapes and patterns. It was a magical sight. Now where are you?  He thought to himself as he began to look around his area. 

His eyes scoured left, right, up and down looking for the Prinnies. They had been taken only moments before him and he expected them to be here right beside him in this new world. "Dammit, where are those god dam Prinnies!" He cursed to himself. Then it occurred to him, there was also no Fenrich. Finding him would have to wait though. He was not part of the promise. Prinnies with no master was never a good thing. They need to be controlled, especially those who have not officially left Hades after completing their training. They can easily be corrupted, or worse they could start thinking for themselves. There was already a Prinny World that is complete carnage and he couldn't afford to have another one formed from those he had trained. 

It was time to start looking. Valvatorez went to unleash his powers to speed up his pursuit of the Prinnies, but he couldn't. His body felt weak, or rather restricted. The once great power he possessed in his Tyrant days was so far away from him, even more so now, as he could feel his own power restricted to that of just above the human level. It seemed the creature known as Omni had done more than just bring him to this vast white world. It was going to be a bit more difficult to find the missing Prinnies. Nonetheless a promise had to be kept. In the distance he could see some form of dots and other people walking about. It was time to investigate.

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