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Spent OM: 5300
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2400): Physical (1000), Ranged (1000), Buff (400)
Powers (800/8000): Growth (800)
Moves (1500): Baseball Bat (600), Mega Mushroom (300), Blossom Ball (600)
Super Moves (600): Mushroom Extract #1: Super Mushroom (600)
Transformations (0): N/A
Assists (0): N/A
Items: N/A
Artefacts: N/A
Bases: N/A
Unlocks (0); N/A
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 2


Baseball Bat (600, Requires Physical Strength, Ranged): This bat, made with a wooden exterior and a metallic interior, and with a length of 4 feet, is the weapon that Daisy mainly uses on the battlefield. While it may not be as swift as the average weapon, it makes up for it in sheer crushing power, and seems to always be around Daisy's side when not in use. Besides that, the only other notable thing about the bat is that when Daisy uses her Mega Mushroom onto herself, her bat will similarly grow in size to be slightly shorter than Daisy at 48 Meters.

Mega Mushroom (300, Requires Growth, Buff): Daisy pulls out a Mega Mushroom from her bag and ingests it, causing herself to grow up to 50 meters tall while also giving her a wider reach equivalent to her growth. This newfound size and reach can last for up to 10 seconds, and requires Daisy to wait 3 seconds before she can create another one, with her using quite a bit of stamina in making it. While she does need to focus on making the Mega Mushroom, she does not need to focus for when she is under the effects of the Mega Mushroom itself. Lastly, while Daisy is using the Mega Mushroom, her Baseball Bat grows to a similar size to where she can use it while she is giant, but she is locked to simple swinging due to most of her energy being used for the growth.

Blossom Ball (600 OM, Requires Ranged): Daisy holds back her baseball bat and charges up energy into it, before swinging it at full force, causing a ball of energy around 3 feet in diameter to fly out to hit the opponent, leaving a trail of petals. In order for Daisy to be capable of using this move, she must be stationary, though not necessarily on the ground in order to use this move. The minimum time it can take for Daisy to charge her bat would have to be a second, though she has the option to charge up her energy for up to 30 seconds at maximum, the results of which would be very powerful and energy consuming. Once fired, the Blossom Ball will travel as fast as a arrow, and will continue moving until it hits a object, or until it moves beyond it's 50 foot range, at which point it falls to the ground and turns into a harmless puff of petals.

Tier 1 Super Utility - Mushroom Extract #1: Super Mushroom (600, Requires Ranged, Buff, Growth): Daisy pulls out a soda can from her bag labeled with a Super Mushroom on it, before giving it to a ally to drink. The drink only takes a single second and a little concentration to create, and upon consumption of the drink, the user will end up growing up to double their height, while also gaining the added benefit of raising their ATK and SPD by 1 for the length of a round, before the drink runs out of their systems and they turn back to normal.

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