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Finster Einsatz

<From In the Desert>

The containment vessel collapsed to the ground hard as Revan and Salvel tumbled through the gate. The shock of what he had just gone through overcame him as he passed out. 

He awoke startled by coming to the sudden change in surroundings, he was in what appeared to be in a bed in some sort of building. He raised himself up causing a stir as he noticed a woman sprint off, his guess was that they would know he was awake any minute now. He considered for a moment fleeing but then he knew he was in Coruscant and here there would be nowhere to run. 

A few moments later a man accompanied by two Stormtroopers stepped into the room. He paused motioning for them to wait for him outside before stepping toward the bed. The man was dressed in a black and red uniform and wore strange looking eyewear on his head that seemed to be electronic.

“Greetings Revan Noctis, how are you feeling?” He asked as Revan wondered that himself.

“I feel fine, what about Salvel?” Revan asked noticing he had been placed in a room by himself.

“Ah yes, she is fine, she even paid you a visit a couple of times but I’m afraid she had to return to duty, without you she wouldn’t have completed her mission.”

“Then you got the mask?” Revan asked unsure what this guy wanted.

“Yes, though I doubt it will be of any use for quite some time, the Empire has little use for a desert wasteland at the moment.” He seemed to look Revan over as if searching for something.

“So am I free to leave?” Revan asked assuming the answer would be no.

“Of course, but my superiors are quite fascinated by you, you are beginning to create quite a dangerous reputation for yourself.”

“What is it you want from me?” Revan said sighing as he realised the Empire wasn’t done with him yet.

“Personally nothing, I come only to tell you that something has come up that your skills are needed for.” 

“What do you mean?” Revan asked unsure what strange lure this was.

“You see Revan, we need a Prime, kind of a spur of the moment situation.” He said remaining vague.

“Do I have a choice?” Revan asked not wanting to do anything with the Empire anymore.

“Of course, but if you do this the Empire will be forever within your debt and we will grant you whatever you wish.” 

“Why so desperate?” Revan asked sensing a trap.

“I have nothing to hide from you, come with me and everything will be revealed.” He said reaching out a hand to Revan.

“My sincerest welcome Revan Noctis, I hope you do not view the Empire as strong arming you, understand this is an emergency and containment measures have already begun to fail.” Said the hologram of one of the Empire’s top scientists.

The Imperial Dropship Transport flew over the mostly barren abandoned land below. Revan sat with four Imperial troopers in advanced black armour that had lights in some places that glowed blue. He’d learned only that they were designated Omikron. 

The hologram was then replaced by a more standard looking Imperial officer. “We’ve still had no communication from inside but we believe it’s safe to say the facility is lost, you will be deployed into the facility where you will discover the fate of the command personnel inside and eliminate any threats to the Empire and its citizens, Revan its great to have a Prime at our disposal but stay with Omikron, they’ve been trained for this kind of mission.”

“Sir, why is he even here?” The Imperial Captain asked glancing at Revan and then back at the hologram.

“We have reason to believe you’ll be needing all the power you can get, since we want to give your team maximum chance of success this is the way it must be, good luck.”

The IDT hovered down as the Imperials leapt from the ship. Revan jumped down and followed behind them as they made their way to a small side entrance. Other regular Stormtroopers stood guard at the door silently watching them as they began to cut their way through the sealed metal doorway.

“Ok troopers this is it.” Said the Captain as the door slammed down revealing the pitch black corridor inside.

“Switch to night vision, Delta take point.” The Captain ordered as the squad moved in, Revan gripped a hand on his sword cursing his inability to see in the dark as he followed them in.

Revan followed the black armoured shadow advanced recon commandos as they entered the base. Everything was dark but the troopers were fearless leading the way deeper into the facility. Revan entered into a large storage area where it appeared a temporary base of operations had been set up.

Stormtroopers were preparing weapons and equipment as well as activating various machines that looked fairly dangerous. Revan saw they were approaching another Imperial soldier. The bald man turned revealing an electronic eye that immediately trained on him.

“Who is this?” He asked.

“A Prime sir, sent to assist in the operation.” The Captain replied.

“Hmm, very well, we’ve got people trapped deeper in the base, command has issued we pull our forces back, there has been no word from science command and right now I’m assuming they are lost.”

“Orders sir?” The Captain asked.

The outbreak must be contained, you have orders to eliminate the enemy without mercy.” 

What is the enemy?” Revan asked.

“A mutation outbreak, bio weapon, extremely dangerous, you’ll want a gas mask before going in there, save as many troopers as you can and take out the source of the attack.”

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