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Finster Einsatz

<From In the Desert>

The containment vessel collapsed to the ground hard as Revan and Salvel tumbled through the gate. The shock of what he had just gone through overcame him as he passed out. 

He awoke startled by coming to the sudden change in surroundings, he was in what appeared to be in a bed in some sort of building. He raised himself up causing a stir as he noticed a woman sprint off, his guess was that they would know he was awake any minute now. He considered for a moment fleeing but then he knew he was in Coruscant and here there would be nowhere to run. 

A few moments later a man accompanied by two Stormtroopers stepped into the room. He paused motioning for them to wait for him outside before stepping toward the bed. The man was dressed in a black and red uniform and wore strange looking eyewear on his head that seemed to be electronic.

“Greetings Revan Noctis, how are you feeling?” He asked as Revan wondered that himself.

“I feel fine, what about Salvel?” Revan asked noticing he had been placed in a room by himself.

“Ah yes, she is fine, she even paid you a visit a couple of times but I’m afraid she had to return to duty, without you she wouldn’t have completed her mission.”

“Then you got the mask?” Revan asked unsure what this guy wanted.

“Yes, though I doubt it will be of any use for quite some time, the Empire has little use for a desert wasteland at the moment.” He seemed to look Revan over as if searching for something.

“So am I free to leave?” Revan asked assuming the answer would be no.

“Of course, but my superiors are quite fascinated by you, you are beginning to create quite a dangerous reputation for yourself.”

“What is it you want from me?” Revan said sighing as he realised the Empire wasn’t done with him yet.

“Personally nothing, I come only to tell you that something has come up that your skills are needed for.” 

“What do you mean?” Revan asked unsure what strange lure this was.

“You see Revan, we need a Prime, kind of a spur of the moment situation.” He said remaining vague.

“Do I have a choice?” Revan asked not wanting to do anything with the Empire anymore.

“Of course, but if you do this the Empire will be forever within your debt and we will grant you whatever you wish.” 

“Why so desperate?” Revan asked sensing a trap.

“I have nothing to hide from you, come with me and everything will be revealed.” He said reaching out a hand to Revan.

“My sincerest welcome Revan Noctis, I hope you do not view the Empire as strong arming you, understand this is an emergency and containment measures have already begun to fail.” Said the hologram of one of the Empire’s top scientists.

The Imperial Dropship Transport flew over the mostly barren abandoned land below. Revan sat with four Imperial troopers in advanced black armour that had lights in some places that glowed blue. He’d learned only that they were designated Omikron. 

The hologram was then replaced by a more standard looking Imperial officer. “We’ve still had no communication from inside but we believe it’s safe to say the facility is lost, you will be deployed into the facility where you will discover the fate of the command personnel inside and eliminate any threats to the Empire and its citizens, Revan its great to have a Prime at our disposal but stay with Omikron, they’ve been trained for this kind of mission.”

“Sir, why is he even here?” The Imperial Captain asked glancing at Revan and then back at the hologram.

“We have reason to believe you’ll be needing all the power you can get, since we want to give your team maximum chance of success this is the way it must be, good luck.”

The IDT hovered down as the Imperials leapt from the ship. Revan jumped down and followed behind them as they made their way to a small side entrance. Other regular Stormtroopers stood guard at the door silently watching them as they began to cut their way through the sealed metal doorway.

“Ok troopers this is it.” Said the Captain as the door slammed down revealing the pitch black corridor inside.

“Switch to night vision, Delta take point.” The Captain ordered as the squad moved in, Revan gripped a hand on his sword cursing his inability to see in the dark as he followed them in.

Revan followed the black armoured shadow advanced recon commandos as they entered the base. Everything was dark but the troopers were fearless leading the way deeper into the facility. Revan entered into a large storage area where it appeared a temporary base of operations had been set up.

Stormtroopers were preparing weapons and equipment as well as activating various machines that looked fairly dangerous. Revan saw they were approaching another Imperial soldier. The bald man turned revealing an electronic eye that immediately trained on him.

“Who is this?” He asked.

“A Prime sir, sent to assist in the operation.” The Captain replied.

“Hmm, very well, we’ve got people trapped deeper in the base, command has issued we pull our forces back, there has been no word from science command and right now I’m assuming they are lost.”

“Orders sir?” The Captain asked.

The outbreak must be contained, you have orders to eliminate the enemy without mercy.” 

What is the enemy?” Revan asked.

“A mutation outbreak, bio weapon, extremely dangerous, you’ll want a gas mask before going in there, save as many troopers as you can and take out the source of the attack.”

Entering into an elevator with the Shadow Arc troopers he placed on his gas mask. 
Stormtroopers and Imperial officers stood and watched as the doors closed on them and they were locked in darkness.

“Spooky.” Said Gamma with his weapon readied.

“Who knows what has been going on down here, everybody is to stay close.” Alpha said ordering his squad to be wary.

Upon reaching its destination the elevator doors slid open. Stormtroopers stood guard at the elevator and welcomed them.

“Resistance is scattered and place is falling apart Captain, we’ve got orders to hold this area as long as we can but my personal opinion is that won’t be too much longer.”

“Understood.” Alpha said accepting the time constraint.

The lower levels were dark and it seemed like the lights had been taken out quite some time ago. Screams could be heard all around and yet strangely no sound of weapons fire indicating that whatever foe they were facing they still had some time.

Revan followed down with the squad through the corridors. Bodies lay in beds with odd physical defects on their limbs. Revan noticed that they were walking in on some kind of disturbing army, getting through them was why they had brought him here.

Stormtrooper squads stood near a large doorway that had a holographic lock in front of it. They had set up larger weapons in an attempt to hold it in case it was breached.

“Are you ready sir?” Asked a Lieutenant. 

“Affirmative.” Alpha said.

The large doors slowly opened up and Revan unsheathed his sword. Revan could see multiple levels below them. A giant hole encircled by multiple platforms. Stormtroopers could be seen fighting creatures throughout the facility. 

“I take it we have to go down?” Revan asked.

“Fight our way through it to the lower basement.” Alpha said leading the way forward.

“That’s a lot of, whatever those things are.” Revan said seeing a whole lot.

“Mutants, and yeah it’s going to be a pain, but we’ve got a job to do.” Alpha said. “Lock and load troopers!” 

Revan walked down the ramp as Mutants charged toward them. Revan cut through them with his sword trying to ignore that he was fighting mutated Humans. The Shadow Arc troopers fired their blasters cutting through large swatches of the Mutants. They continued down the ramp to the next lower level.

Many of the Mutants were using Stormtrooper armour and some even still using blaster rifles but were incredibly inaccurate. Revan saw them as beasts and they were constantly trying to bite at him, he wasn’t sure if he could be effected by viruses but he wasn’t intending to find out.

A Stormtrooper was being dragged along the ground and Revan leapt into action cutting the Mutants down, however as he tried to check on the trooper he mutated and immediately tried to bite at Revan forcing him to put the former man down.

The facility was an absolute mess and there was no way they could destroy all of the mutated by themselves but the few Stormtroopers they managed to save felt a little good. The lower levels were filled more and more with Mutants. As they made it to the lower levels only bodies and Mutants remained and their mission became a matter of struggling to survive.

“These lower level elevators will take us down to the test labs, reports state the lead scientists never made it out.” Alpha said.

“It doesn’t go down too much further does it?” Revan asked worried.

“No, we’re almost to where all this started.” Alpha said as they approached one of the smaller elevators and stepped quickly inside.

“Won’t we be stepping out into a heart of this mess?” Revan asked not liking the idea of taking the elevator.

“No choice it’s the only way down, but it’s pretty crowded down there, we’ll first need to confirm the deaths of the lead science team.” Alpha said, his squad prepared as the doors closed.

IRevan and the squad exited the elevator, blood was everywhere but no bodies were in sight. Alpha took the lead aiming his scoped rifle down the hallway.

“I’ve been in the Pale Moors enough to know this isn’t magical.” Revan said slightly muffled by the gas mask.

“You’re right.” Alpha said not sharing anything else he knew.

“It’s biological, a weapon produced here on Coruscant.” Alpha then added.

“So the Empire made it?” Revan asked not feeling surprised.

“That’s a lie!” Beta yelled.

“Calm down.” Delta said while watching their flank.

Revan forgot how prideful these soldiers could be. He didn’t say anything else but to his surprise Alpha continued to explain.

“The Empire has access to some biological weapons for emergency use against such threats as the Moors, but this, this is something else.” Alpha paused and quickly turned as the doors behind them sealed shut.

“What happened?” Revan asked confused.

“These things have no idea how to use doors, someone down here is luring us in.” Alpha said angrily.

“Rogue scientist perhaps.” Gamma said.

“Everyone be extra careful, there’s no way there are not more mutants ahead.” Alpha said picking up the pace.

Shortly after they entered into a large laboratory with so much strange equipment it made Revan wonder just how much of an edge the Empire had over the rest of the Omniverse, and at what cost. 

‘Interesting.’ Said a voice in Revan’s mind as if from out of nowhere.

Revan paused for a moment fearing that it could be the creature from the desert that he had so narrowly avoided.

‘No, I’m not some creature of the desert, I am far beyond such a thing.’ The being said sounding more like a mutant itself if not for the intelligent speech.

‘Most interesting.’ The being seemed to repeat as Revan heard the familiar roar of more mutants.

“We’re under attack!” Beta yelled being the first to fire his weapon at the oncoming horde.

Revan sliced into his foes quickly as blood sprayed across his vision and the shrieking of dying mutants filled his ears. ‘More.’

Mutants that were clearly far more advanced in their progression charged forward, Strange streams of life flew through the air and slammed themselves against the ARC’s shields.

“Hold them!” Alpha commanded despite the desperate attempt to do just that.

One of the streams slammed into Revan pushing him to the floor and slithering over him, it felt warm and like a thousand small pokes as if it wanted inside of him but couldn’t figure out how.

Delta’s shields finally failed and the organism stream seemed to swarm and swirl around him, his desperate attempts to shake it off allowed one of the mutants to sneak in behind him. Delta pulled out a knife and stabbed the creature as its claws pierced his armour. Despite a cry of pain it seemed he was fine. The floating stream organism quickly found the cracks and pushed inside.

Revan wanted to help but as he tried to get up the man’s wound was already leaking odd colours and then his helmet was ripped open and his mutated body leapt at Beta biting through the shield and into the armour.

Revan leapt forward and cut Delta into two. Beta’s eyes began to change colour and claws grew from his gauntlets as the next creature violently writhed. Revan brought his sword down ending the transformation.

Alpha and Gamma kept firing retreating forward intent on finishing the mission despite the casualties to their squad. They hadn’t been warned of just how bad this infection could be but were trained without fear.

Revan charged trying to follow them, bounding through the mutants in an effort to help protect them. It was then that images flashed into his mind. At first images of dead scientists, but then of an eye, not human watching him.

‘You have earned a meeting with me.’ The voice said as the door slid closed trapping Revan and the other two inside.

“Orders sir?” Gamma asked.

“We still need to find the scientists.” Alpha said.

“They’re all dead.” Revan said believing what he saw.

“What?” Gamma asked confused.

Revan expected Alpha to be skeptical but the trooper instead nodded. “The human ones are.”

“You knew.” Revan said realising Alpha knew so much more.

“I suspected, the Empire doesn’t just employ humans, various other beings exist from other places, all brought to the Omniverse where without the Empire they would simply cause chaos.” Alpha explained.

“Creatures from other worlds caused this?” Revan’s head was spinning too much to understand this.

“Alien beings that are so different to the status quo they couldn’t live alongside us so they had to be locked away, command told me this in case things got this bad.”

“You want to kill them.” Revan said feeling tricked.

“That’s why we need a Prime, they’re more dangerous than humans.” Alpha said ignoring Gamma’s shock as well.

“Sir, you mean the Prime was our mission all along?” Gamma asked.

“Affirmative, beats sending an army in.” Alpha looked down at the ground. “You didn’t count on losing the others though did you.” Revan said rhetorically.

‘Lies, enslavement, see for yourself!’ The voice screamed as the doors opened.

Inside was more of the laboratory but various pieces of equipment that didn’t look Imperial was situated around. The various bodies of scientists lay around the room killed by some other means.

Alpha stepped in first. “There’s one here isn’t there.” Alpha could feel it.

Revan stepped in as well followed closely by Gamma. “Yes, I can hear him.”

Small footsteps could be heard from the other end of the lab, a moment later a small naked creature with black eyes stepped out.

‘Welcome to our home, I apologise that it is currently messy, we weren’t expecting visitors.’ The being continued to speak telepathically.

“In the name of the Empire you will surrender immediately.” Gamma said raising his weapon.

‘Humans, such a violent and conniving race, do you know how long we’ve been trapped down here?’ The being asked.

“You belong down here, you’re monsters!” Alpha roared. 

‘I don’t know either, it’s all we have ever known, it’s not cause we look different or because we’re dangerous, it’s cause we were useful to them.’ The being said with hatred in its voice.

“I understand, but you’ve caused so much death.” Revan said.

‘The Empire wanted a weapon, we gave it to them, all we wanted was freedom from our slavery and we took it the only way we could.’ 

“Revan, if they are set free they could destroy Coruscant, they can’t be allowed to live.” Alpha said.

“Why’d you kill the scientists, they were unarmed.” Revan asked.

‘Their minds, so frail, they dared to challenge ours, for that there can be no mercy.’ 

“You did it cause they used you.” Revan understood, he couldn’t let these aliens escape if they were going to harm innocents.

‘Why do you care, the Empire’s evils torture you, why side with them?’ The being asked.

“I don’t need to be able to read minds to know your next move, you’re planning to kill everyone.” Revan said admittedly sympathetic to their suffering but not wanting to allow a massacre.

‘Do you think if in our position the Empire will do any better?’ The alien asked with a chuckle.

“We’ve had no contact with the squad since they went in and the infection is continuing to spread.” Said the Imperial General hitting his desk.

“Then it’s clear your containment procedures no longer work.” The Imperial lead scientist said, he wore a black and blue uniform.

“No, we’ll send reinforcements inside and get our people out then move on to our next plan.” The General said rubbing his blonde beard.

“Or it’s the perfect time to test our new weapon.” The scientist added.

“Doctor Finster, this is a serious operation.” The General replied.

But I am serious General, and I’ve already ordered it be carried out.” Finster said with a grin.

“What have you done?” The General stood up as the Stormtroopers around the room aimed their weapons at the scientist as he reached for something.

“I’m just testing a new element.” Finster said.

“You’re mad, troopers seize him.” The General commanded knowing what he had done.

Two Stormtroopers restrained Finster pushing him to the ground forcefully. “Inform our people of what’s coming maybe if they get out now-“

A squad of radtroopers entered the shelter and a firefight commenced as both sides began cutting each other down. Finster shook the trooper bodies off of himself and reached for his blaster.

“I lied you know, released the element about fifteen minutes ago, it’s already well on its way.” Finster laughed knowing it would be a massive success.

‘The Empire has turned upon itself.’ The alien said flashing visions of Imperials dying to a new threat.

“What is that?” Revan asked now really worried.

‘Our executioners, luckily we are prepared.’ The alien being then turned to leave.

“No, you still can’t be allowed to leave.” Revan commanded.

‘You wish to kill me in the name of the Empire, or perhaps just humanity?’ The being asked before walking towards the rooms exit.

“No!” Gamma yelled firing his weapon at the being, the energy bolts paused midway and then dissipated.

‘Goodbye Revan Noctis.’ The being said as jagged mawed  warriors appeared to either side and began firing at Revan and the ARCs. 

“What are these things.” Revan asked as he cut them open 

“Chimera, they’re mutants too but a bit smarter and able to use guns, no doubt this is their real army.” Alpha said gunning down the Chimera on the other side of the room.

“We need to stop them before they can escape.” Alpha said.

“What about this betrayal?” Revan asked knowing many of the surviving Imperials would die.

“Go, Gamma and I will save however many we can.” Alpha just hoped they had time.

Revan fought his way through the Chimera moving deeper into what seemed to be a secret part of the facility, testing labs,holding cells, the alien being had been a prisoner as had others here. The Imperial betrayal meant that something was coming and he had to hurry. 

A large slithering form swung down at him and would have killed him had he not dodged the blow. Some kind of serpentine creature looked at him.

“You are not to pass.” It declared.

“What are you?” Revan asked recognising images from some of the cells.

“I am a true Chimera, I am to stop you from pausing our plans.” It unwrapped itself as two other small aliens like the one Revan had spoken to before appeared.

“You could surrender..” Revan said knowing that was unlikely to happen.

“Only our alliance can survive.” The two smaller aliens began to float off the ground, Revan wondered just how powerful these aliens were.

Energy balls shot towards Revan as he leapt across dodging the blasts, throwing a fire ball it splashed across the alien’s shield. Revan charged again leaping up and stabbing his sword into the short alien, both immediately collapsed to the ground hard.

Revan stabbed the Chimera cutting past its outer exoskeleton. Then he threw another fireball into the other short alien’s face who’s screams filled his mind. Revan kicked the Chimera to the ground and prepared to stab the creature but stopped when he noticed it wasn’t fighting back.

“Peace, life, all we want.” It pleaded.

“Go, get out of here, get your kind out too.” There was no need to kill creatures that had been kept enslaved by the Empire, they weren’t the ones behind this plan.

“I trust that you dealt with the problem?” Asked a man in a purple suit to the short alien stepping out of a secret elevator.

The alien looked back at the closing doors before looking back at the man. ‘The Prime still comes..’ 

“We need to escape while we still have the chance.” The man said sounding alarmed.

The doors opened as Revan stepped out, his sword was drenched in blood as it hung low to the ground leaving a red path. Revan had grown tired of the plots and ploys.

“You, stop!” The man in purple said. “The Empire is behind this, not us.” 

“Surrender and you will be allowed to live.” Revan said through gritted teeth. 

Revan noticed he was in some kind of escape room, a giant machine and something akin to a gate stood on a raised platform. Outside the roars and screams of various creatures could be heard, as well as shooting, clearly whatever the rebellious Imperials had unleashed was here.

“Ok, I surrender.” The man in the purple suit said.

‘It’s too late, they are here.’ The being said, its black eyes watching as the blast doors began to spark and grind, roaring on the other side as well as laughing.

‘Surrender.’ Came a new feminine voice only once but crisp.

“We must run you fool.” The purple suited man said turning to escape, he ran up the ramp and in a flash vanished.

“You running too?” Revan asked the alien being.

‘No.’ He said as the same blue field appeared around him.

The doors finally broke as Imperials but twisted and mutilated with glowing eyes charged in. Revan and the alien being collided as both flew back up the ramp.

Revan was about to swing when the creatures grabbed the alien and dragged him down into the horde.

‘Don’t forget what the Empire did to us.’ The pained thoughts of the being was the last thing Revan heard from him.

Revan charged through the device and reached the other side. The purple man lay on the ground captured and Alpha and Gamma stood before him held at blaster point.

“Well done on your escape Revan Noctis, I’m impressed.” Said Finster with a clap.

“From what we can tell this one was the only one that escaped your carnage.” The purple suited man struggled but seemed to be holding back.

“Oh give up the charade, these ones like human form but no matter, it’s their mind we need.” Finster explained.

“What is he?” Revan asked.

“A Blisk, very good at genetics, in fact all of them were, which is why I needed them for my research, but with Element 115 I now have the ultimate weapon!”

“Why, why do you want it?” Revan asked confused.

“Don’t worry, it’s not just for turning people and things into zombies, it’s a power source beyond your feeble understanding, able to bring peace to the Omniverse.”

The horde then began charging through, radtroopers fired taking them down. “Cut the power.” Finster ordered.

“No.” The purple suited man said as his body began to grow and morph, as he grew into the biggest alien Revan had seen yet.

“For Mars!” He yelled swinging the radtroopers through the air.

Alpha and Gamma broke free grabbing regular Stormtrooper blasters and firing at the remaining radtroopers before focusing on the 115 infected. 

“Cut the power!” Revan ordered the Blisk leaping onto Finster.

“You’re finished you crazed lunatic!” Revan yelled.

“You can stop me, but you won’t stop my work.” Finster declared.

Revan ran him through with his blade as the power ended and the remaining 115 infected outside were killed. Finster gave him one final smile. “I’ll be back.”

Revan, Alpha and Gamma were congratulated for their mission by the General who had managed to save a small number of the soldiers from the base but many more could have been saved if not for Finster’s betrayal.

“I wonder where that purple suited guy will end up.” Gamma asked.

“I hope he rallies the others and they try to enjoy their freedom, they earned it.” Revan said feeling though as if there was still so many questions out there.” 

“It’s been a pleasure serving with you Revan, I hope we will meet again.” Alpha said as Gamma nodded in agreement.

“Me too, don’t worry, I think there is more than enough reason not to be leaving the Omniverse anytime soon.” 

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