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just curious

Is it possible for omniverse characters to tell when other omniverse characters they've met get deleted from the omniverse?
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Nope, not at all.

Though them going MIA and you having not seen/ heard about them for a while would give you a hint that they are gone.

But, to answer the question, no, you wouldn't be able tell through some kind of 'sixth sense' sort of deal that someone has disappeared from the Omniverse.

what about their secondaries? they would be left behind or they would all vanish too?
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Inherently, Secondaries are not dependent on the Prime to live in this sense. If Dust summons a Secondary and then dies, the secondary doesn't automatically drop dead with him.

So if a Player leaves/quits/goes MIA/etc, the Prime and Secondaries attached to them don't just go poof in a puff of green smoke. I suggest if the writer is still willing to talk to you over discord and such, to get their input on how to write around the situation. I don't recommend just killing off characters because that writer could decide to come back, but that is their choice if they want that to happen. Of course, the Prime would come back at the fountain if this were so when they do come back.

If they are unavailable or otherwise unwilling to speak to you about it, just be respectful about how you write them out of the scene if you are waiting for responses or similar. And if the character's not in a scene, then they do just vanish into the background at that point.

Example being when Harlan Higgs decided to leave the site, Ash's goal was still to go see him. So I wrote her going to T5 anyways and interacting with his NPCs - with his permission of course - to close that chapter up for the character.
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