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The Son of Xana

Originally, Xanatos had been a clone of William that had been created by Jeremy. The clone had been made in order to pass as the real William while the original was being used as little more than a puppet by the malicious AI known as Xana. However, before the "heroes" of the story could delete him Xana saved a copy of the code of the clone. This code was then recycled by the AI in order to create his current iteration as the son of Xana, the son of the AI who had tried numerous times to cause massive amounts of damage to humanity. The damage had included attacks via animals, satellites, nuclear power plants and many many other attacks that had been attempted. Every single attack Xana had attempted had been thwarted by the Lyoko Warriors, or as Xanatos would dub them, the 'Lyoko Losers'. They had continually ruined the attempts of his father at getting free from the world of Lyoko and conquering that pathetic planet the flesh sacks had called home. 

Yet now, something entirely different had happened to Xanatos. Unlike he had expected, he was floating in a pure black void. And then he heard a voice out of nowhere begin to speak. 

"My name is Omni." 

Okay he was most certainly not in the world of Lyoko. Of course this realization may have come when he attempted to move his right arm. It was completely non responsive. Had he been hacked? Was he somehow frozen in place? Where was he even? This place wasn't Lyoko, it wasn't Kadic... just where was he in the grand scheme of things? This question buzzed around in his head like an angry hive of bees. It seemed he'd have some investigation to do. At the mere words,  "My name is Omni"  Xanatos knew he was in for a whole world of hurt when he got strong enough. Omni was most certainly going to learn the hard way what happened when you abducted someone against their will. 

" This is not the world you know. This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it. The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.” 

At those words, Xanatos knew he had his work truly cut out for him. Every techNique he knew was likely to not work in the Omniverse to put it mildly. It was like Omni had reset him to the beginner level in a video game with an empty inventory.  Okay, he was most certainly going to stuff Omni into a meat grinder styled death trap when he got his full potential back at his disposal. When a rainbow colored orb of what was deemed by the smiling white Biped "Omnilium" was handed to him, Xanatos wanted to rip into him for even believing he was a play thing. 

All things considered, Xanatos had a lot to learn about this place. When the black faded, anb he fell from 20 feet into a fountain with a hard splash, Xanatos felt one of his arms break. There was something entirely unpleasant. It was like someone had taken a sledge hammer and applied it to his right arm. If he were to be honest, now he wanted to run Omni over with a monster truck. Abduction was one thing, but when you added assault and depowering to the mix, Xanatos wasn't amused. 

"... In a new universe with little if any information about the place. Not even a map has been provided. All my powers have been taken... argh.... away.... ouch...."  Xanatos started climbing out of the fountain, though his arm felt like someone had stabbed a million superheated needles of pain into it, at present. "Have to find out where I am, have a lot to learn.... a lot to do."

White. It was all he could see around him for what seemed like miles. Pure white that blinded and assaulted the senses as if someone had detonated a Flash Bang grenade at point blank range. One thing could be said about the individual known as Omni. The one thing was that he had no creativity whatsoever when it came to the color scheme of the Omniverse. If this was all there was, Xanatos was going to bust out the spray paint in order to make the place less of an eye sore to be inside. What he wouldn't give for a Galvanic Mechamorph even though they were fictional as they could turn into a wide range of things. Including a plasma cannon that he would use at point blank range in the face of Omni. Okay he was definitely not over being abducted and brought here against his will. Maybe a mechamorph wouldn't be the right call to use against Omni. Perhaps something along the lines of anti matter would be sufficient to teach the individual a lesson? No, that wouldn't be powerful enough. Maybe a dimensional destabilizing bomb? Just seemed cliche. How was he supposed to rid himself of the smiling white biped? Well, he couldn't simply do nothing, as he needed to regain the strength he had previously. 

Therein lied the problem. If he was to develop the power he had previously anew, he'd have to entertain Omni. And yet, it sickened him to the core of who he was at doing so. How was he supposed to balance what he didn't want to do with what he needed to do? For once, the son of Xana didn't have an answer to the problem he was faced with. It was an unwinnable situation. On the one hand, he could do nothing but would be unable to do anything. On the other, if he did what he wanted to do, Omni would only get his cheap thrills. Which was the best call here? How was he supposed to handle the biped? Ideally, he'd love to take a baseball bat to him. No, maybe a Tire Iron would be more suited to the face of Omni if he were to be honest? A molotov cocktail? Acid might be a good option. A Nail Gun aimed the neck? What he needed was to narrow down the potential ideas of what he honestly wanted to do to Omni.  Before he could do any of those things to the smiling white biped several tasks needed to be accomplished by Xanatos if he was going to stay here. 

Step one would be obviously, a base of operations. What kind was the hard part? Shacks might be good and all for beach dwellers, but he didn't see himself living in one of them. For that reason, a tenement was also out of the question. It would be too small to perform any lasting research inside. Given the environment he found himself in, Xanatos had a lot of research that he needed to do. This included that he needed to make a suit of armor for himself, or some sort of blaster. A mansion was also out of the question. Perhaps there was some sort of abandoned lab that he could take over for himself. In any case, he needed to narrow the "lair" options down until he could think of something else, namely what he was going to do to stop his stomach from complaining. Whatever Omni had done to him, he now required nourishment. 

"Pizza? No, too greasy." complained Xanatos until he looked himself over in a mirror made out of Omnilium. Okay, that was the last bloody straw. Omni had stripped him of his clothing as well. Clothes he had spent a long time perfecting, in fact. But an idea dawned on him. Omni had said "Omnilium could make anything he could imagine" right? And it was the only resource he had? So, using the resources you had in order to allow yourself to survive wasn't wrong, right? And if it was, Xanatos didn't frankly care. He needed clothes, and he needed them ASAnow. With that in mind he took the orb out of his pocket. From there, he began to use it to shape the outfit he wanted. A simple dark gray outfit with red circuitry lines on it. Not the most flashy outfit, nor was it anywhere near what he had worn in the past. It would have to do until he regained the strength he previously had. When he did regain the full potential he had previously had, he was going to begin planning a long overdue funeral that most in the Omniverse had likely schemed of. The funeral of Omni, to be precise would be something he definitely wanted to achieve. His reasons were different from most others. It was simply that he didn't like being nude. 

One thing was definitely certain. Whatever reset button Omni had found and used on him, Xanatos was going to break it somehow. Perhaps with a baseball bat. Maybe with a mallet, or a sledge hammer. In any case, this was not going to happen to him again. Thus he needed to deal with all of his problems before they got..... what was the word. Ah yes, worse. Oh wait, it was too late for that. His problems had compounded hundreds of fold by the fact he didn't remember how to do anything, and had no resources. Yes, when he had a place of his own he'd make a punching bag. One that would have the face of Omni on it. While it would not serve much of a practical purpose, it would help him vent. In short, it would relieve his pent up hatred and aggression he felt towards the white biped as a stop gap measure. Maybe that would allow him to focus on things he actually needed to get done. Like finding a lair for himself in the Omniverse.

A lair had many options that it could be, if someone was hunting for the ideal place. For most mad scientists, an evil lair would be somewhere underground. Some of them would have it in the middle of a volcano. Now there was something Xanatos would not do under any circumstance, namely put his lair in the midst of an active or dormant volcano. There were many reasons why doing so would be the height of stupidity if you asked Xanatos. The Volcano could erupt was one of the most common reasons why he wouldn't do so. Of course, there was the matter of not dying in a fiery eruption. Obviously a Volcano was not a smart place to put a base of operations. But where would he choose to visit first in the Omniverse? It wasn't like anyone had given him a map of the place after all. Omni was really selfish, because he hadn't given the perspective "entertainment" any information on the Omniverse other than giving them Omnilium and telling them how to use it. Likely any maps that were made with the use of the substance would only have the information of the creator of the maps. Due to this, it would be a waste to make a map because Xanatos had never been in the Omniverse before, and thus didn't know much about the place at all. 

"How did the humans do it again?" asked Xanatos who was now wearing a set of black and red sun glasses.  "Ah, I remember now." He looked at the various gates. "Eenie, Meanie, Minie Moe, Catch a Tiger... no that's stupid." growled the son of Xana as he looked at the various gates. The one with the white armored individuals looked to be the most promising. The armor they wore was clearly the work of science, and advanced technologies to put it mildly. Irritated that he'd yet to find a place he could call home, the son of Xana started thinking of things he would do to Omni when he finally got ahold of him. A bear trap was one of the things he'd use on the kidnapper. Maybe he could set some home alone style traps up and use those on Omni as well because he didn't like the guy, in the slightest. 

Obviously though, he had his reasons. 

Bringing someone to a place they had no information on was one of those reasons. As he started trekking towards the gate of Coruscant, Xanatois was muttering under his breath about Omni. Yeah, he definitely wasn't over being abducted yet. It would take him a while to adapt to being abducted by the smiling white biped. If he ever got over it, that is. What would he make first with Omnilium? Maybe a blaster? Maybe a blade? Some sort of armor? All were excellent ideas, but he wasn't sure which would serve his purposes the most. It was a toss up. Should he flip a coin in order to make up his mind on that?

Upon finally arriving at the gate to the Omniverse that led to a world from Star Wars, Xanatos approached one of the armored individuals who happened to be there. 

"Hello there,"  said the Storm Trooper. "Headed to Coruscant?" 

"Why yes, yes I am." stated Xanatos. 

"Before you go any further, we will have to register you. Don't worry, it won't take long." said the Storm Trooper as they looked Xanatos over.  "You don't have any weapons, or powers do you?" asked the Storm Trooper to Xanatos, just to be on the safe side. Allowing an armed and dangerous Prime into Coruscant would probably cost that Stormtrooper his job. Once he had kicked Xanatos in the gonads, he allowed the son of Xana who was limping and in a bad state psychologically to proceed through the gate.

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