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Scouting the Green

Emerging from the portal, Mika looked around at the area she emerged into, the place was relatively cleared, so the ether it was kept clear, or something about the portal kept the area clear, ether way she knew she needed to find things for survival, shelter, food, water, so she started out into the jungle.

Another thing she would need would be information, that alone would work to help her out to get everything else, though it meant she would need to spend most of her first day gathering that information and hopefully a sustainable source of water, and food, thankfully water would be the easier one to find, food...that would be trickier.

As she got into the trees, she managed to get up to the higher branches to get a better view and as she did that she also took out some parchment and started to make her own map, using her Clans codes, and as she traveled she tried to stay hidden though as she was trying to make a fairly accurate map and staying hidden it called for some compromise on her speed but as she didn't know what kind of dangers might be here staying hidden was the best thing to do speed while needed, she had rations that would last for a while.

As she traveled she was also looking for good trees to make a small shelter in, and noting down the position of each one as well as the location of any resources in the area that she could do "seems the place has a lot of resources, that's a good thing...I have a few possible sites I could use for shelters....just have to find a good source of water and I can narrow down which one to use..." she said to herself as she continued going branch to branch.

"Also have to get to work on retraining my body...not being able to fly...and I can't seem to focus enough chakra to open a portal..." she muttered as she started to look for a good source of water, a river preferably so that the water would be clean water, it would also allow for cleaning her body, clothing, tools, etc if she had to make a more permanent shelter in this place.

"So glad that I got all that Survival training, if it wasn't for all that I wouldn't be doing to well out her" she added more notes as she continued her search, and thankfully she started to hear the sound of rushing water.
Mika Mardara * Purchases log * ATK: 2 * DEF: 2 * SPD: 3 * TEC: 3

Getting closer to the sound of rushing water, Mika watched from the treetops as she found a rather lovely looking waterfall, and she smiled a bit at her find "Perfect running water, should keep it relatively clean, though I can't build my shelter to close to it. Last thing I need is to get flooded out if there is a heavy rain" she said as she started to assess the area. Climbing down the small cliff face to the side of the waterfall she took a look at the water to make sure it wasn't to Brackish and to check if there was maybe fish or signs of other Fauna.

Seeing quite a few tracks and the like she nodded to herself, they where all rather large, so it would seem food might not be an issue, but with animals this large predators would be just as big if not larger, so she would need to make sure that her shelter was out of reach and so she moved out of the small crevasse where the waterfall was she started to look around the surrounding trees she found a good set of them and climbed up them and started to look at the higher branches.

As she looked around and nodded a bit as she stated to weave the upper branches together using some of her wire and rope to secure it as well as bending and weaving the branches above the ones she was weaving to make a small roof for the place that she could be attaching things to like the tarp for a more secure roof and walls for the shelter she was going to make, "Okay...going to have to find some good ferns or long grass for flooring and some insulation" she noted as she continued to work, she was glad this was hopefully only going to be temporary, though if she had to improve it she at least could.
Mika Mardara * Purchases log * ATK: 2 * DEF: 2 * SPD: 3 * TEC: 3

The work on the shelter took roughly two hours, it wasn't much it was simply some branches weaved together and some tarp and wire and twine to hold everything a bit more sturdy and she looked it over and nodded as she add the the large fern leaves and bundles of long grass to use as flooring and bedding "not half bad, shouldn't be to bad to stay here for a few days if I have to, so now I have water....I have a temporary shelter...now I just have to get some food that's not what little rations I have and I will be good to go" she said with a large smile. She then slipped out of the makeshift shelter, It was time to look for food.

"Going to have to work on training my body back up again...whatever brought me here weakened me a great deal it seems" she said to herself as she headed off and started to look for things she could eat, plants animals, hell she wasn't even sure if she could eat anything around here, she had a few simple purge agents she could take if it turned out something was poisonous, but she only had a few things she could use, so she would also have to find things with the same properties. But that was a worry after the base necessities at the moment.

as she continued her search she took note of interesting plants that she might make use of later, as well as the wildlife that was around, watching what they would eat, what plants they would avoid, things she could for later, but finally she found something that would actually help with food. While meat would be a good Idea she found some large flowering plants and she watched for a time, seeing animals not fearing them so she moved in closer, the flowers smelt nice and she moved ever closer until she let her tongue flick out to try some of the nectar and she smiled, it tasted okay, but she only had the one sip before slipping her tongue back into her mouth and waited to see if there was any negative.

After a few minutes she nodded to herself as there seemed to be anything negative, and she took out a collection jar and started to collect the Nectar of the plant, "Well this seems a safe food source thankfully, I will have to find more plants like this....maybe take some clippings and grow some for myself to keep as a food source...I mean I could pollinate them myself" she said as she continued to fill the jar and looked around to see if there was more around.
Mika Mardara * Purchases log * ATK: 2 * DEF: 2 * SPD: 3 * TEC: 3

With some of the issues of food done she nodded to herself and got up "Well that is good to know, and that's all the basics dealt with, now I have to start looking for medicinal supplies, and other plants I can use" she said as she made notes on her little map on where to find these flowers and what they looked like and what area they kinda liked to grow in, so that she could find more and took notes and a sketch of them, since she didn't have any information to read she would have to make her own guidebook for all the plants and things she would need to find and the utilization of such things.

"This is going to take a lot of work...." she said as she finished her sketch a few minutes later, she wasn't going for super detailed, not yet anyway, this was just going to be a basics book for her to reference later, so with that done she put the note book away and headed off again, she wanted to see what else was around, she would also need to study what plants animals where avoiding, and then she would need to figure out why, but at least it would get her somewhere to start.

So the next thing she started to do was observe the animals in the area, she was quite aware this would take quite a bit of time, but at the moment she had very little to do for a while anyway, she didn't want to be out at night, not without understanding the way the animals around acted, some things she could connect to the way things acted back where she came from, but predators might act different and honestly with her abilities as they were she didn't want to have to fight anything if she didn't have to, so she decided to not go to far for the time being.
Mika Mardara * Purchases log * ATK: 2 * DEF: 2 * SPD: 3 * TEC: 3

In the distance an unknown but possibly familiar shape would begin to be seen as they traveled along the side or the near by river and headed in the direction of Mika as she looked around, examining animals, plants, and the like. They weren't super tall, and had rounded ears that could be noticed instantly, they looked more animalistic in their appearance but softer in the way the creatures tail resembled a large poofy ball in addition to his already appealingly cute looks.

Wearing what seemed like a white coat with a red shirt underneath they walked with little care for what was around, they were unarmed and carried a basket of flowers that was nearly filled with all manner of herbs for healing and treating illnesses. In addition it had many other things, gem stones, rocks that glowed, even a few bottles- filled with some kind of strange liquids. Whom ever this person was seemed to be accustomed to ding all this and as he drew closer he was unaware of Mika and what she was currently doing.

So much so that he even turned his back to her and began bending over near the side of the water, picking up more things as he gave a soft hum to himself, expecting to be alone but also having at least enough awareness to look around occasionally. But for Mika, he looked to be some mix of a humanoid and a weasel to some degree, even so much as sniffing the air to ensure that what he was picking up wasn't poisonous as the flowers were smelt and then placed into the basket like all the others.
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