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[Open-M] A magus returns

Howling winds, the sound of sands blowing over itself tumbling in a constant pitter patter. It reminded the short woman of rain more so than anything else with the constant feel of pressure on the back of her robes. Nippur was a mere hours walk away, the sandstone colored walls were barely visible in the distance, the shiny lapiz colored stones embedded into the sturdy walls like mosaic tiles had been partially stripped away, taken as spoils of battle perhaps?

Regardless of where the shiny stones had gone, the mighty walls surrounding the king's city stood strong, Imposing and powerful.

*waddle waddle waddle* it was a sight, even now having come in sixteenth place overall in her first appearance in Dante's abyss there were many who were still going to mock her for her iconic walk, of course now she could find no reason not to incinerate those that mocked her. Her's was a mission on the behest of the king himself. None had seen him since he was killed by the one clad in red pajamas called Deadpool.

Alice Magatroid walked through the city with her dolls floating near her in an unassuming position. The dollmaker had that obnoxious kappa and Marisa out of her hair for a while allowing her to work on a fully autonomous doll. Having visited Dalaran to learn more about making them autonomous hadn't been very successful since that sort of stuff was more for the dead. Minding her own business the magician didn't even see the NB member before the two bumped into each other by pure accident.

Looking at the small yokai-esk creature on the ground sitting Alice blinked a few times before fretting. "Oh I'm sorry there miss, here let me help you up." And soon enough Alice was pulling the small creature up. 

"Once again I'm really sorry about that. My name is Alice what is your name miss?" Alice was nothing but courteous after all.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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