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I'm outta here!

Those Avengers guys were pretty cool and all but Ben felt that all the rules and restrictions of how to be a hero kind of threw him off his usual loop. It was sad really he really had started to like them at first but Ben left at a good time if anything. He passed by a girl with long purple hair on his way out before smiling and waving goodbye to the Avengers. Ben never did like playing with others anyway but if he was to become a professional hero like that again it would be with the Avengers once he made a name for himself. To be fair he was already equipped to solve any kind of problem using the Omnitrix. But of course his power had to regrow after coming here to the Omniverse. Most of the alien forms he had were gone and all that was left was Heatblast.

Ben would pace out of the mansion without saying so much as a word to the Avengers. He needed it this way though as he needed his full power back or at the very least his original 10 aliens back in his arsenal before he could properly help people to his fullest. As he paced out of the mansion and into the city some people took notice of him but paid him no mind. Others whispered about him being part of the Avengers but another confirmed that was not true. He was just a start up recruit they were willing to take in. The rumors of course spread about the boy with the strange powers eventually that he was either kicked out of the Avengers or the like.

Ben would not care about this turn of events as he approached the gate of the city and would make his way back to the nexus. This was of course where he first met Casshern and begun his journey in the first place. "I need to be strong on my own before I can call myself a hero for real!" Ben would state as he exited Coruscant.

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