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Switch Form: Koal to David Mephala

Name: David Mephala aka. The Keeper of the Eye

Source: Original


David Mephala has lived an extraordinarily ordinary life, never really stepping out of his comfort zone. A teacher by trade, and something of a self-styled expert on occult history and religion. A hobby, more than anything, in truth. 

He strides through life, craving for more than what he has, never really seeming content with the lack of adventure, a void of purpose. Even so, as the old adage says:

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance presents itself to David in the form of an academic chance to study an ancient relic of a Babylonian civilization. He leaps at the chance, undeniably, and is flown to Rome to inspect it while it is under the care of the Vatican Priests. He finds himself enamored with the object-an obsidian relief of what looked like something akin to a dragon with seven heads-and studies is with a passion he had never known before.

It came time to leave the artifact far sooner than he would have liked, and with difficulty, he went home. And that was the end of it.

Or it should have been, at the very least.

The figurine haunted David’s dreams for months on ends, inspiring visions of death, pestilence, and war. Nothing less than the world itself burning to ash underneath a wave of incredibly unprejudiced degeneration of life. Nothing helped. He drank himself into oblivion, saw doctors, consulted therapists. None of them had any answers, but at least the bottle helped him forget for a little while.

The answer to his questions, and subsequently his problems, came to him on a lazy and especially painful Saturday night. Awoken from the nightmares he had become so used to, he found himself face to face with a shadowy mass, white eyes staring back at him from the ever-shifting form of its’ body.

All he remembered from the night after that moment was pain.

David awoke the next day, he felt better than he ever had, a brand burned into his skin on the back of his hand. He had never known peace since that day. He saw things in every shadow and around every corner. Things found him and spoke to him.

Herald. That was what they would call him.

It was shortly after this discovery that one of these things led him astray, and he found himself engulfed by an opalescent light, the Omniverse becoming his new home.

Physical Appearance:

An unremarkable man in appearance, David Mephala could be considered average in most aspects. Standing at 5’11”, he has a thin build. His hair and eyes are a dark shade of brown. His clothing usually consists 


Two Stat Boost (3000) (TEC) (STR)

Starting Proficiencies: Physical (1000) Ranged (1000)

Starting Powers: Foresight (1500) Master Acrobat (400)

Starting Moves:

Anamnesis: Req. Physical (600)

A masterfully crafted silver blade, Anamnesis is a relic linked to The Eye, and accordingly, its Keeper. It acts as a physical conduit and focus for the powers and abilities granted by the brand and affects each reincarnation of its wielder differently. In David’s case, Anamnesis lends him the memories of battle and the experience that came with them.

The blade itself is long and slender, more akin to an estoc than a long-sword, lying just over four and a half feet. Along with the hilt, the entire length of the weapon is five and a half feet. It naturally has the moveset of a sword of its model and can be used in conjunction with powers and abilities that David possesses, and summoned on the fly is not already within his possession.

The truly special ability of Anamnesis is that it can “queue” up an attack beforehand, provided that David spends the required time focusing and visualizing the action that her wishes the spectral version of the blade to take. The focus time required for such an action is five to ten
seconds, and this can be interrupted by an opponent . Upon a successful hit after the focus period, a spectral version of the blade follows closely behind (almost immediately), attempting to strike the opponent in the same position. An opponent with a modicum of speed or skill could dodge or block the secondary strike, and should the strike hit, it does approximately half the damage a hit with the physical blade would have done.

Total spent OM: 7500 out of my available 8500
“For the words of a vow are sacred not only among men and the angels, but among the demons as well.” 

― Howard Schwartz

Approved, you've been here long enough and done a good bit of switches, I'll take it into your hands to make add this Here. Someone else will handle your log.  

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