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The Keeper and The Droid

In the beginning, there is only nothing, a sea of black met with a void. That is until the Maker breathes out with a single breath the gift of creation and then that vast blackness fades replacing it with a new sea, a sea of ones and zeroes until eventually forming software and programs. The brain is born, thankful for its gift of creation.

Next, to be added in unison with the brain are the frames an on these frames come circuits, wires, and various other parts that give function and power throughout its system. The body is born and it can now move, talk, see, and think. The last but important piece to be added is its shell. From there it is now protected from the very elements. The skin is now in place and the droid is complete.

“This droid, this tool, Malak is a cornerstone in our path to galactic peace and the foundations of our Empire.” 


The glow of HK’s photoreceptors was the source of light in the ocean of black that he was seemingly surrounded in. How long had he been like this or better yet wherein all of space and time was he? Running a through a cycle his data banks came up with a result of nothing and his memory core was showing a malfunction leaving the result of botched memory. What he did remember however was the sight of some factory and some glowing red blade clashing against his own rusty crimson durasteel. 

HK’s parts shuddered at the thought of the blade’s touch, its heat searing through paint and chassis. Perhaps he was still there, in the same area, of course, and merely the power to the factory had been severed. Yes, this was a most logical answer but there was one small detail that disproves the theory. If he were still in the factory he would still be able to feel his feet, perhaps the blade did more damage then he thought but then what about his photoreceptors? They would have surely switched to a vision more subtle to low light. Most interesting, his primary functions has seemed to most definitely fail, doubtful that it is a single blade could have done that much damage. No something else was afoot and now was the time to discover it.


>Incating movement functions


//Reason//- Primary motor functions are unresponsive, recommend self-repair.


A failure in the motion systems, furthermore proof that something is not equaling up as right. Before HK could continue with a full system scan his photoreceptors picked up something that approached in front him. Appearing in a white flash just inches from the droid a silhouette of something… grinning watched him.
Issuing for his vocabulator HK found that he couldn’t make a single syllable, not even a sound and oh did he just want to rip that smile from the being, it was just so tantalizing. 

Quote:“My name is Omni. This is not the world you know. This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it. The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.”

Still unable to speak HK could only listen to what this Omni had to say, it was then that out of pure horror that the droid’s right hand reached out in open palm for the being and was handed a gleaming orb of multiple colors.  

Quote:“This is Omnilium. It’s what ties the Omniverse together. Without it, you are nothing. With it, anything you desire can be yours. But you will need more than this. If you desire it enough, you will find it. You will find that using it comes naturally. Just think of what you desire most.

“You will not be alone in the Omniverse. There are others. Of course, they, too desire Omnilium. Do not fear death. For as long as you interest me, you will be reborn.

“That’s all you need to know right now. You’ll figure out the rest soon enough. I’ll be watching … and waiting.”
And it was then like someone flipping his off switch HK’s vision faded out, leaving just in its absence the sea of black.
[Image: BxUmcA2CcRwyAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png][Image: 250px-Halopedia_Era_UNSC.png]

Our plain of existence is much older than any of us know. But not them. They've been here since the beginning.

Many religions of the world refer to our world as a transient and surface-level construct, created in part or whole by a larger entity. Although, the moral compass of the higher beings, or gods, is questionable in many, if not all, cases. The world began its existence in a vacuum of thought and knowledge. Light, life, and time changed this existence to one of hunger and a desire for meaning. Meaning is relative however, and many fall prey to the very same vacuum that the darkest and earliest parts of our world remember to this day.

To live, in essence, is to hunger for purpose and meaning. To live is to crave validation and perception by the world around us.

Maybe that is why they are angry.

These thoughts and many more swam around David’s head as he began to wake from his stupor. The sheer volume of them seems to press at the boundaries of his skull, incomprehensible and innumerable voices each screaming for his undivided attention. Even as the world around him took shape, he noticed a distinct lack of...anything. The world around him was dark and unformed. It was as if someone had plunged him into an ink blackness with no sense of which direction was up. Even as David attempted to move, every cell in his body felt as it had been cast from steel, preventing him from doing much else besides swiveling his neck to try and discern the nature of his newfound surroundings. If he really strained his ears he thought she could hear something in the distance. A chiming, perhaps? Like the bells of a distant church… But perhaps that was his imagination.

Doing his hardest...nay, his darnedest, to try and block the screaming cacophony of voices inside his brain, he pieced together the last thing he remembered.

David saw himself at his desk inside his office. A common enough sight for himself, he supposed, the location was not an uncommon one for him. He was a teacher after all. He was most likely looking over the papers he had assigned his students. An essay on Roman culture and the wars that the early Roman Empire had embarked upon. He vaguely remembered horrible grades he had been forced to give them. Really, his class wasn’t hard. If they’d just done the reading like he had told them repeatedly, they would have done marginally better. He was wearing grey slacks and a matching vest over a white button-up. One of the Teacher’s favorite outfits, due to its comfort as well as its function as formal teaching garments. His students made fun of him constantly due to his lack of “modern fashion sense”.

But that was off topic.

When he opened his eyes again to inspect his surroundings, He held back a yelp as he came face to face with a smiling entity. Hardly the first he had seen lately, but by far the creepiest by a long shot. A glowing white body, resembling that of a human, but with no facial feature to speak of (pun not intended), other than the face-splitting grin bisecting the man’s skull. Who, or what, the hell was this thing

As if the creature could read his mind, it spoke in a voice that he could not describe. 

Quote:“My name is Omni. This is not the world you know. This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it. The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.” 

Wanting desperately to ask questions, David bit back any remarks, despite his inability to voice them. If this creature wanted him to listen, then he would. He watched the now dubbed "Omni" cup his hands, the glow that seemingly emanated from his entire person coalesce into a rainbow-hued mass of energy that shifted and turned upon itself endlessly. He was easily enthralled by the beauty of such a thing.  

Quote:“This is Omnilium. It’s what ties the Omniverse together. Without it, you are nothing. With it, anything you desire can be yours. But you will need more than this. If you desire it enough, you will find it. You will find that using it comes naturally. Just think of what you desire most. 

“You will not be alone in the Omniverse. There are others. Of course, they, too desire Omnilium. Do not fear death. For as long as you interest me, you will be reborn. 

“That’s all you need to know right now. You’ll figure out the rest soon enough. I’ll be watching … and waiting.”

Not long after these words, David felt his own world, too, begin to fade into blackness. 

A warm and odd welcome, indeed.
“For the words of a vow are sacred not only among men and the angels, but among the demons as well.” 

― Howard Schwartz

The howling sands of Tatooine gnawed at HK’s joints, each step just as unpleasant as the last.  The excitement of combat was upon him, rushing through the scorching sands, he kept close behind his master and the female Jedi to face their enemies, the Sith. Though HK was only in it for the thrill of killing something, he knew there was a sense of urgency in his master. They needed to stay in one piece to gather the scattered information hidden away in the Star Maps. 

Jumping into the fray, HK-47 drew out both of his blaster pistols and opened fire upon the assaulting enemy. Several of the blaster bolts managed to cut down a Rodian bounty hunter, the fleshy meatbag dropping onto the dune’s sand with a hard thud. His master and the female Jedi leaped into the air on either side of HK, entering a different form of combat, unlike any conventional warfare. No, this combat had more finesse than firing a blaster and required better attention to details than the art of assassination.  

Landing at a crouch, the female Jedi began the heat of a duel with two Sith acolytes. Swinging her yellow double-bladed lightsaber from the right at a low arch she managed to land a vicious cutting blow into the acolyte’s lower torso, killing him in an instant. Not stopping there, she twirled her lightsaber above her head then went for another arch to her left, the saber coming for the second acolyte. The second one, however, was smarter than his friend. They managed to parry back the Jedi’s blow with both his own two crimson blades.          
On the other side of the battlefield, the master’s hooded presence landed in front of the leader of the assault. They locked lightsabers. Struggling in a test of strength, the man boldly claimed to be trained at the foot of the Dark Lord himself, Darth Malak, claiming to be the one called Darth Bandon. With a hiss of his green blade, the master pressed hard keeping the Sith apprentice’s crimson double-bladed saber at bay.  

“So you’re Malak’s apprentice. I can’t say that I am impressed.” The master said, leaning his face close to Bandon’s. “Put down your blade and I will spare you.” 

“Then you are a fool who follows the weak teachings of the Jedi. With my skills and the Dark Side, I will kill you and bring your head back to Lord Malak.” Bandon growled, gritting his teeth as he forced his own body weight down onto his blade, making the master slouch back before breaking off the saber lock. 

“Very well. If violence is what you seek then you shall have it.”

The master brought the blade in an underhanded strike that, with a twirl of his crimson double blade, Bandon deflected before being forced onto the defensive against a series up and down swings, slashed from his opponent.   

Angered by the Jedi’s aggressive stance, Bandon pursued swinging an arch to the Jedi Knight’s left then to his right before sweeping his blade under the Jedi’s feet. Jumping over both blades the Jedi swung down hard for Bandon’s bald head resulting in both of them locking there sabers once more. Leaning in close the master elbowed the Sith apprentice’s face and followed it with a backhand. Grunting in pain Bandon stumbled back giving HK’s master just enough time leap over and aid the female Jedi.   

Keeping his distance from the Jedi and there duel, HK kept the last of the bounty hunters on the defensive. Blasters raised the two human bounty hunters charged after HK-47 foolishly the idiots chose to combat a hunter-killer droid up close. Aiming both his blasters HK repeatedly opened fire on the men, blaster bolts burning into their chests until they finally collapsed onto their backs, black smoke rising from their wounds.

Dropping beside the female Jedi both her and the master like one soul brought their blades down hard in an overhead swing casing the last acolyte to intersect both his blades, blocking the attack. Pushing hard against the both Jedi’s blades the sith fledgling broke the saber lock causing the female Jedi to spin back away, twirling her double-blade. His defense not broken the master returned an upward swing that the sith had no choice but to block with both sabers. Unaware of the other Jedi’s return, she slipped her blade past his guard, stabbing him through the abdomen. The acolyte fell dead within seconds of the blow.

Not enough time for a breather, Darth Bandon leaped for the Jedi, again in unison they stuck both sides of the Sith Apprentice's double-blade. Their lightsabers hissing and crackling as they made contact. Bandon let out a large as he looked into the faces of both Jedi as he soaked in the thrill of battle. Today was going to be a good day, all by himself he would kill a Jedi and return Bastila as a gift for his master. With a  wave of his hand, the Jedi was caught off guard, surprised by a sudden blast of force energy. Both the master and Bastila flew back tumbling across the sandy ground.

Taking note to jump in HK-47 released a volley of blaster bolts at the sith, which simply spun around deflecting the bolts until a single one flew back tearing into the droid’s chest piece, blinding him with a white flash.    


Like waking from a nightmare HK’s photoreceptors flicked on its dull orange light. Slowly bringing himself up off of the alabaster white ground, the droid began to search for what he had just witnessed in his memory core but to his luck found nothing. To be more exact for a moment it almost felt like as if… he had a memory wipe. No that wasn’t it, he had some function of memory even if it was just the factory and the red lightsaber. It was almost as if he had been dreaming but then again HK-47 was by far a droid and a droid dreaming was next to the impossible.

Taking a few steps, HK took in his surroundings, he was clearly not in a factory. Where he was looked more like a nexus, a nexus of white. Just simply white, nothing, minus some specks in the distance but that could just something going with his photoreceptors. Perhaps this was where all bad droids go when they’re scrapped?
Turning around HK discovered that himself or someone else had discarded him as scrap near a water fountain. Why a water fountain nobody would know. Upon further search, he learned that he was not the only one to be discarded.

Laying face first on the white ground was human and by the looks of it, the man had been out cold for quite some time. Walking over to the unconscious human HK kneeled over the man’s body checking his vitals. Yes, he was alive and considerably healthy.

"HK-47 Personal Log: Date unknown, year unknown, time unknown, It appears that I found an unconscious meatbag, peculiar it is to me that this is the first thing I find in this white hellscape. I shall attempt to awaken it.” HK spoke to himself before reaching over lifting the man off the ground with one mechanical arm and tossing him into the fountain. Splashing into the water air bubbles began foaming at the surface of the fountain's water.      

"Pealing Query: Oooh meatbag, oooh meatbag, are you still alive? Your life and information are most valuable to me."
[Image: BxUmcA2CcRwyAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png][Image: 250px-Halopedia_Era_UNSC.png]

“What...is this place?”

David had seen a lot of things lately that had questioned his beliefs. He had seen monsters ripped straight out of the pages of storybooks, he had witnessed dead men walk among the living. This however, was a first.

And that thought sent a thrill of fear down his spine.

Shoving the fear deep down, he released a breath he hadn’t known he was holding, throwing his gaze around the immediate area around him. A silvery-grey haze permeated the air, yet he knew that it didn’t change much, somehow. The land was white, almost painfully so, and featureless. Nothing stood out at all. The world was nothing but a flat expanse of white, stretching out for a long time. If he focused really hard, David fancied he could see some vague shapes in the distance, but he couldn’t be sure. Too much room for error for him to put stock in such a hope.

“Hmm, yes, I suppose it would be bland, wouldn’t it?”

Jerking violently and letting out a (totally) manly shriek, David whipped his head around to look at the figure who had just given him a surprise. He was almost relieved to see a (somewhat) familiar figure. Lilith, in all her non-distinguishable and demonic glory, drifted next to him, a vague impression of a smile present on the ever-shifting black expanse that was her entire body.

“Jesus, Lilith, you scared me.” David managed to choke out, his voice a little rough from the volume of his fright.

“I have told you time and time again not to utter the name of that imbecile around me, you foolish mortal.” She hissed back, and he felt an air of annoyance surround her. David recalled that a similar air often surrounded the ancient Keeper. He felt fortunate to have her guidance in this new land, however. Snapping back to his senses momentarily, he responded to his predecessor.

“Apologies. What, exactly, are you doing here?” 

“Ah, yes. That. I need you to wake up, please. Else you are likely to drown before you have a chance to get yourself killed in a more spectacular way.” Her voice was indifferent, and the sheer force of her apathy made him delay on the content of her warning.

His eyes widened a moment before-

“Relieved Statement: Ah! You have awoken at last, Master. I was worried i would have to dispose of another corpse.” A static voice cracked across his brain as he opened his eyes and hacked out what felt like both of his lungs as he cleared the water from them.

“Introductory Greeting: I am HK-47, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Master.”

David could barely choke out his response.

“For the words of a vow are sacred not only among men and the angels, but among the demons as well.” 

― Howard Schwartz

The man blinked taking a series of small steps before exiting out of the small fountain getting close to HK. Water excessively dribbled from his grey suit, his stance being somewhat disoriented or thoroughly confused. HK-47 didn’t really blame him, to be honest, if he was as such a meatbag, he’d probably have the same cycles of uncertainty as he did but after all, he was a droid and things such as that in a droid were unheard of. Besides even if he wanted to express emotions his programming wouldn’t allow him.

“Um… Who are you again?” The man asked as he brought both hands in an attempt to ring out some of the water from his suit. 

“Answer: Why master, I am HK-47.” Master… He hated the word, hated that his programming forced him to accept that in any situation where his previous master, either being terminated or lost, meant that he needed to find and acquire a new one. If only he was free of said programming then could perform his assassination protocols at any leisure that he desired.  

“HK-47... You’re a what- a robot? Some sort of machine? AI, perhaps?”He asked brushing his right hand across his forehead then down his cheek. HK leaned in closer to the man tilting his domed head.  

“Correction: A droid but yes a robot is close enough,” HK answered him, the meatbag’s questions were getting them close to nowhere. They were indeed in a barren white landscape with no idea how and where they got there. 

“Fascinating.” Was the guy’s only response.

“Query: Master if I may ask, do you recollect any information about how we got here or what this white landscape is?” HK asked in an attempt that maybe he had the answers to what was going on. 

“Mm.” The man replied, looking down at the white ground for a moment, he rested his right thumb and index finger on his chin and then looked back up at the droid. “No, I haven’t the slightest a clue.” 

HK’s attempt had failed and they were still getting nowhere.

“Statment: Very well master it appears that we are going to have to find the answers to our questions. As you were taking the time to think I have charted out that several objects far into the distance if you’ll follow me we should be close to one by an hour.” HK said turning around to walk in the direction of the objects he scanned.

‘Wait! What makes you think that I’ll follow you and why do you keep calling me master?” The man asked stopping the droid in its tracks.

HK-47 slightly turned back to face the man. “Answer: Because if you do not then there is no guarantee of your survival and I simply call you master because of my programming, after all, what’s a droid without a master.”

“Well, in that case, I’m David- David Mephala and I guess we’ll be pretty much sticking together for a while?” David asked cocking an eyebrow and raising his hand to shake HK’s metallic one. The droid simply looked at his appendage then tilted his head back up to face David.

“Statment: Ah yes your name has been noted into my memory banks and as for your question yes a long while, master.”
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