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Bioshock:Darkest Depth

With nowhere else to go and this being the last place before the Frozen Fields he knew that if he was going to discover more answers then staying close to the Empire wasn’t going to help. He needed to try breaking outside of this controlled influence and from stories he knew one of the ways people did that was the sea.

Perhaps this was a bad idea or perhaps it was his only option, stepping inside a bar looking for individuals who love the ocean. Revan went to the counter and sat on a stool and considered the strange things he had been through on Coruscant. Just when he thought he had grasped the idea of it, the fact that beings not only from other worlds but different planets from the same world as well. It made him feel not only small but naive, was it possible aliens existed in his own world, did it even matter anymore?

The Omniverse was his home now in a sense, even though he’d done nothing but travel non stop searching for answers to his current existence and predicament. He’d discovered empires and kingdoms and even smaller groups fighting for freedom and power, all of them placed here by Omni the mystery figure that had brought him here to be a Prime. All for entertainment.

Revan ordered a drink and it slid over to him, it didn’t even occur to him that he had no real money to pay for it, such trivial things hadn’t affected him since everywhere he went somebody needed help or otherwise. Perhaps his goal was to escape the Omniverse, run as far away from its troubles as possible, in the end Revan doubted it truly mattered what he did. The power he held over Omnillium seemed to make him both very powerful and popular, everyone wanted a Prime on their side, to drag him into their problems that they had caused in the first place.

He finished the glass slamming it down on the table in annoyance, how many humans and other creatures suffered at the hands of those currently in charge? It was a lot like back home, people suffering and dying, all because those currently in power wanted to fight for more of it, greed, selfishness, power hungry monsters. He didn’t even want to think about the literal monsters in the Moors, the people there with no one to help.

He’d met some good Primes in his time here, bad ones too to be sure, but many good ones. They were so few however and only came together under the most dire of circumstances. Was this meant to be his fate, popping up to help people only when they were on the verge of death, on the verge of civilisations collapsing under a tide of absolute evil or perhaps just sheer negligence. 

He needed to know what the Omniverse was before these factions took hold, what were the people like in the farthest reaches, this was why he chose this verse. Revan knew that though the Empire controlled it there were other islands neutral, just out there with there own politics, beliefs, ambitions and drives. Surely they would know more than the ‘protected’ citizens of the Empire.

“Ahoy there.” Said a man in a grey bandana not too loudly as he sat beside Revan.

“You look like someone who’s seen some stuff, judging by the way you finished that drink I’d say recently.” The man said a bit louder in a joking manner.

“You might be?” Revan asked not in the mood for comedy at the moment. 

“Oscar Forten, at your service.” Oscar did his best to give Revan a large smile.

“Revan Noctis...” He had almost forgotten why he’d even come in here in the first place.

“What brings you in here Revan, you don’t seem like you’re from Coruscant, I’d guess Camelot.” He was clearly checking out Revan’s weapons.

“You don’t look like you’re from Coruscant either.” The man’s technology he had on him was far from that of the Empire and it wasn’t like that technology wasn’t available to its citizenry.

“I happen to live my life out on the Deep, in fact the only people that come in here either live on the docks or out at sea, considering you’re neither you must be here for some other reason.” Oscar wasn’t quite as silly as he looked, so Revan thought.

“If that’s the case how come you’re the only one that has worked up the courage to approach me?” Revan asked.

“I’d say they they’re scared of you, bad enough you’re an outsider but with the hood and cape you don’t really scream approachable.” Oscar said still grinning.

“So I suppose you’re the most bravest one here?” Revan asked wondering how the others would feel about that claim.

“Nope, just the most desperate, we need all the help we can get, if you’re going out into the Deep and need to get there fast we could really use the extra man power.” Oscar looked at him like he knew something.

Did this Oscar know that he was a Prime, or was he really so desperate as to need any help he could get. Either way Revan didn’t want to go out into the Deep alone, he decided then that he was both certain he wanted and needed to do this.

“I’m in.” Revan stated as Oscar pulled out a small credit chip to pay for Revan’s drink.

“What is this?” Asked an old grey bearded man in a captain’s hat.

“A new member of the crew, least temporarily.” Oscar said.

“Where is this new member of the crew planning on going?” The Captain asked.

“Captain Auron, meet Revan Noctis, Revan Noctis meet Captain Auron, Revan here wants to see what life is like outside of the Empire’s reach.” Oscar said.

The Captain looked Revan over noting the obvious signs and nodded. Oscar motioned Revan aboard a brown and black ship, a dark blue sail with a moon in the middle. Revan stepped down the stairs below deck and was shown to the smallest room Revan had ever been in, a small cabinet and a bed almost squished into one.

“I’ll leave you to take orders from the captain soon as you’re settled in, feel free to greet everyone you see, they’re all pretty nice, well mostly.” With that Oscar vanished.

Revan could not believe he’d agreed to be on a ship with a Sea Turtle man, a Shark man, a short Dwarf, an Orc, an Undead skeleton and even a Weasel. According to the Captain they were heading for Cinnibar island, the turtle was the navigator, the shark was the steerer, the dwarf, Orc and Undead managed the sails while the Weasel was the lookout.

“Prepare to dock.” The Captain declared as the ship rested aside and lowered its ramp onto the port dock.

Revan helped move barrels of what seemed like fish and fruit as well as some pieces of technology. He didn’t know what to expect but when he saw various small and large creatures watching him he understood that this was a very strange place.

“Don’t stare at them, they hate that.” Snarl the Orc said.

“You’d know all about that wouldn’t you.” Red the Dwarf laughed.

Revan ignored the advice and continued looking, he wondered how many species had to be on this island and just why they were all called Pokemon.

“They say they all come from the same world, apparently they had humans there but were forced to fight each other.” “Now they try to live in harmony without any fighting.” Oscar explained.

“Good for them if you ask me, the Empire does enough fighting for everyone else.” Ghost the Undead said joining the conversation.

“Mordel and Fin used to live here with some of the other non Pokemon natives, they were really nice but they don’t always get along.” Oscar said.

“Emeline visited once, she was never able to quite fit in though.” Ghost said referring to their look out.

Revan took all of this in casually learning about Captain Auron and his crew was just the experience he felt he needed, but once here at Cinnibar he needed to know more. Oscar seemed to notice this.

“The Captain isn’t in any rush and let’s us look around for a bit, we usually don’t end up with too many jobs at once since the Empire restricts so much of the trade.” Revan couldn’t wait to see in the nearby town.

The buildings were mostly quite human like though many of the Pokemon had shelters established in the bushes and even the streams had ones that looked no different to fish. Revan had to admit the island was a paradise, one that most would never get to see since you had to know about it to get here. 

“Amazing isn’t it?” Asks an unfamiliar voice.

“Yeh, I’d definitely live here if I had the choice.” Revan said looking into the water at the various Pokemon swimming.

“Why do you not have the choice?” The voice asks.

Revan turned to see a furry creature with flippers and a tail like a fish. Revan hadn’t noticed that they could actually communicate with one another.

“I’m Revan Noctis.” He said trying to be respectful.

“My name is Dewgong, you never answered my question.”

“I am too much of an adventurous spirit I suppose, it’s not my thing to stay in one place, too much to see.” Revan said.

“We Pokemon stay here cause it is a safe haven for our kind, given the choice many of us would like to leave, see the world as you do.” Dewgong said taking a drink from the stream.

“I’m sorry.” Revan said hoping he hadn’t offended the Pokemon.

“No, no need to apologise, it’s a point of perspective, but we both have our parts to play, just different ways of going about it.” Dewgong said with a smile.

Revan was about to say something else when he looked behind Dewgong into the bushes, long ears were poking out at him, they were being watched.

“Don’t mind Mimikyu, his a very shy one, even among his own kind.” Dewgong explained.

“I know what that’s like...” Revan said remaining seated by the stream.

The Pokemon stepped out from behind the bushes, he looked rather creepy with what was clearly a disguise with a crafted face on it. Two small black eyes poked out from the body of the costume, in a way it also looked quite cute.

“Greetings Mimikyu.” Revan said causing the creature to scurry back into the bush.

“Mimikyu, come out and meet the stranger.” Dewgong said.

Mimikyu poked its real eyes back out before stepping slowly out. It stood in full view for Revan to see, definitely a costume and one that looked slightly mangled at that. It made a strange noise but Revan figured it sounded friendly enough.

“Mimikyu says hello, and that he likes your robe.” Dewgong laughed as he leapt into the river.

“Well hello to you too, you have a wonderful home here.” Revan said to the Mimikyu. “Sadly I think I should go now, I only joined this crew recently and I have a lot to see, but I’ll remember this place fondly.”

Revan stood up and made his way back to the dock as sunset began to end. He knew now there was good in the Omniverse, peaceful places still far from danger where beings did live in peace, but he still needed to know what else was out there waiting in the depths, something that would guide him even further to what he sought.

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