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My Music

When Rping on other sites or writing stories I always played tunes or songs that I made on a little site called soundtrap. I just wanted to share a little of what I made (maybe find someone else who enjoys music as much as me I dunno) so uhh...here's two I have made: 

https://www.soundtrap.com/play/Q2iAuMG6R...nce-night/  (song of loss but faint hope)


https://www.soundtrap.com/play/nLdg8GBwT...onal-loop/ (Just made it to make myself feel happy)

I can do requests too if anyone wants. Alright and feedback is appreciated
Tempest: I Think by far the best thing anyone has said to me is that: 
Quote:You should dream as if you were Immortal, but live as if you'll die today.

I just wish I could remember who told me it.

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