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Changing Character: Corporal Light to Ballad

CHARACTER NAME: Corporal Light --> Ballad


To properly understand the circumstances surrounding Ballad and his eventual arrival into the Omniverse, one must understand the world he came from, and the ones who influenced it.

That thing is 'Red Brain.' No one knows what its actual name is. Many have given it names, but 'Red Brain' is the only one to have stuck due to its sheer simplicity. It looks like a massive, red brain with metallic wires and plates stuck inside of it. This creature is the creator of Ballad's world, as a member of group of other high beings with their own distinct worlds to them within their multiverse. Red Brain's creation, however, was not motivated by altruism or the desire for life, unlike the others. Rather, it was more the result of an irrational, megalomaniacal need for control. Thus, everything about the world was designed for its pleasure and want, to match his specifications and never deviate.

This worked for a while. Then, something happened. Another species separate from Ballad's own, on a separate continent, began opposing Red Brain. In a rage, Red Brain unleashed a world-wide apocalypse of desert and snow that collapsed the ecosystem of the planet. Many species, both sentient and non-sentient, perished, and those that remained were forced to adapt to a world with unnaturally harsh climates, a world they barely understood.

For the birds, the desert became their home, and the desert is what finally wiped them out, leaving only carcasses of their cities and their history as remnants. The snow, coming in massive blizzards, and huge amounts of ice became the basis for Ballad's home continent.

The Cryopods, despite the sudden shift in temperature, manage to survive. They evolve, growing thick plant skin to absorb sunlight and maintain energy through the long winters. But is through the Wick, a solid substance within the ice that, when struck, creates a crimson flame, that the Cryopods start to thrive. The Wick allows them to cook food, obtain heat, and build weapons.

Hundreds of years later, the Cryopods have largely become a bunch of separate tribes. Interactions between them are minor and mostly revolve around trade for needed resources. Ballad's tribe was Frozen Over, named after its lake, and respected for its plentiful amounts of ice and unusually bountiful Wick supply.
But things are not as they seem.

The horrible Red Brain has not disappeared from its world. Its actions had weakened it, and it is scared. The event that sparked this fear was caused by an unknown sentient bird who, in one last act of defiance, told Red Brain that its desire for a perfect world, a world he could control forever with no resistance, was a fantasy. Because as long as there were two sentient individuals left on the planet, somebody was not going to like what Red Brain was doing and try to rebel against him.

Her death did not ease Red Brain's mind. Struck with paranoia, it began working towards efforts for the complete indoctrination of all sentient life on its planet, beginning with the Cryopods. It starts by playing on the fear and confusion of the apocalypse for the people on the continent. The sheer suddenness of the event, and the drastic alterations it left of the environment, left people considering the idea that what happened was the result of an angry god. Those that believed this formed The Wicks, a religion dedicated not only to the belief in the existence of this god, but that the flammable Wick was an intentional planting
by said God as a form of forgiveness and mercy to allow the Cryopods to try again.

The Wicks more or less became dominant, though skeptics remained. Ballad, born in the early half of the 3rd Century After the Blizzard (specifically, 04/22/3017 AB in terms of Earth dating,) was a skeptic himself, but despite the disagreements, things remained relatively peaceful, and few conflicts erupted between tribes and between people.

But it isn't until the middle of the 3rd Century, around roughly 3042, that tensions start boiling. A sect within The Wicks starts gaining more members, and the sect is becoming more fanatical and imperialistic in nature as more members embolden them. Among other things, they treat the planting of Wick not as mercy, but an acknowledgement of superiority by the angry god. They interpret the Wick as a sign of their place in the new world. They are the rightful rulers, and all must bow to them or risk displeasing their God. They are so devoted to the God that they are the closest thing to Red Brain's sense of perfection that he can get.

While there is no bloodshed, no fighting, Ballad and others can see the direction this sect is heading towards, and very quickly realizes how bad it would get if they are not kept in check. This is what inspires him to take the Wick and do something great with it. To prevent further conflict and assist his fellow Cryopods in surviving the harsh ice wastes, he invents the Gun, the Revolver, and after testing it out, starts giving it to his people to hunt and defend themselves.

As Ballad predicted, tensions seemed to lessen. Everyone is quite aware as to how powerful it is, as shown by Ballad, who once used it to singlehandedly kill a pack of Lykers, the most prominent predator in the ice wastes and what was once a constant threat to the Cryopods. Beasts that required entire hunting parties to take down being felled by one person with one weapon was all people needed to keep in line. The concept was clear to Ballad: if people have equally powerful weapons, then no one will use them as everyone's mutual deaths were ensured.

But a series of developments occurred that Ballad did not anticipate. Trading began. Other tribes wanted this new weapon, so Ballad needed to make more. But he needed people to help him make more weapons.

Long story short, the invention of the gun led to a continent wide revolution of sorts centered around industry and manufacturing. For Ballad, what became a way to defend his people soon became a highly lucrative business, and one that his people were more than happy to invest in, for a price.

Regular revolvers were no good now. With more people trading, more people being made, people living longer, people wanted bigger and better guns to take down bigger game. So he made bigger and better guns. As the guns got bigger and better, the guns became more dangerous. Despite the improvement of life, there are still more people, and more of them are clumping together in Frozen Over, and the sect is only growing larger.

The tensions that once seemed to be gone only flare up again, and only get worse over time.

Ballad doesn't notice, nor even care. The success has gotten to him, blinded him from his original goal to the point that he cannot see why everyone is trying to buy bigger, better guns from him.

Civil war seems inevitable.

Then, one day, in Frozen Over, the Sect launches a terrorist attack on a Church within the city, killing a hundred Cryopods. The terrorist used a gun-bomb, Ballad's invention, and toppled the building onto himself and the hundred others. This is what sparks the Civil War, with the Sect on the main offensive to take over the entire continent.

Ballad was there to see the attack happen. It is there he realizes his mistake and culpability in the slaughter. In his distress and guilt, he flees and hides away in the countryside, too grief-filled to fight.

A few months later, he is transported to the Omniverse, to what he hopes to be a better place.


Name: Ballad

Age: Roughly 50 years old.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 180 ibs

Skin: Green, like that of a healthy leaf.

Eyes: Yellow. They glow when experiencing intense emotions.

Hair: None on any part of his body.

Clothing Description:

Head: Wears a dark green trapper's hat on his head to shield it from the cold. He also wears a long, red-colored scarf wrapped around his face that covers his mouth and muffles his voice a bit.

Torso: Wears a dark green long coat made of thick, green fur. Underneath is a thick, white-colored sweater for additional warmth.

Arms: Dark green fur gloves cover his hands.

Legs: Dark green fur pants and boots cover his legs and feet. A round set of netting is tied to the bottom of his boots, most likely for walking on snow.


ATK: 4.

Ballad's armaments are rather powerful, both due to his extensive knowledge of them, extensive experience with them, as well as his sheer raw strength. His pickaxe is sharp, capable of piercing the strongest of ice from his home planet, and that power has translated to the omniverse. His firearms are also fairly powerful, with the inclusion of a grenade inside his of Revolver only increasing his offensive power.

DEF: 2

Ballad's skin, made primarily of plant matter meant to absorb sunlight in his ice-age continent, also has the distinction of being tougher than most skin. This does not make him invulnerable, however, so he isn't really much of a tank.

SPD: 1

Carrying all of his weapons already slows him down a bit. Ballad is more based around offense and technique than he is around pure speed. It is rather average and healthy, though, so he can at least keep pace with most people.

TEC: 3

Given the general harshness of his home environment, he must be skilled enough at fighting and combat to survive. He is a general crackshot with his guns, and can generally hold his own in both ranged and melee combat.


Physical Strength – 1000 OM: Survival in the ice wastes requires a large amount of strength, especially when contending with the more threatening predators of the waste. Plus, hacking apart ice for the Wick is not always an easy task. Thus, it makes sense for Ballad to be able to at least mildly proficient in the art of strength and hand-to-hand combat.

Ranged Proficiency – 1000 OM: Ballad is the pioneer of ranged gun combat in his world, so it only makes sense he is by far the most proficient in that art.

Area Attack Proficiency – 600 OM: While most of his moves have nothing to do with area damage, his Tier 1 Super Attack move, the Revolver Bomb, is very much an explosion worthy of this proficiency.




Revolver (Ranged Proficiency) -
300 OM
A small, grey metal revolving handgun that looks, all things considered, rather rudimentary and hand-crafted. Its handle consists of a red fur wrapped haphazardly around the handle. Holds six bullets in a single revolving chamber. A single hammer lies on the back of the gun for the thumb to press down to fire the gun. When fired, instead of simply expelling smoke out of the barrel, it noticeably sparks from the chamber and barrel for a second before releasing crimson colored smoke from the barrel. This fluff detail does not detract sight. Despite its rather simple design, it is not to be underestimated. It is quick to draw from its holster, but requires the hammer to be pulled back to be fired, resulting in a firing speed of roughly one bullet per second. Can be used in conjunction with other weapons for roughly the same damage, if at the cost of less focus to accuracy and firing speed. Its range is fairly good, although even Ballad cannot bulls-eye targets with the Revolver from any unreasonable distance. This move can do a fair amount of damage, being moderately powerful.

Repeating Revolver Rifle (Ranged Proficiency) -
300 OM
A large, rifle-length gun of grey metal and green wood. Like his Revolver, it looks very rudimentary and hand-crafted. It consists of a green wooden handle with a red fur wrapped around it. A single revolving chamber that can hold four bullets connects to a single, large hammer on the back of the gun. The barrel is long and massive to be able to fire the unusually-large bullets. To fire the gun, the hammer must be pulled back to allow the wick inside the bullets be impacted when the trigger is pulled. Like the Revolver, when fired, crimson sparks and smoke are expelled from the chamber and barrel that is purely fluff and does not impact sight. While it used to be relatively fast weapon, due to omni-physical balances, the hammer is weightier, resulting in the firing speed being rather slow, typically several seconds. The range and damage, however, are fantastic, with the weapon being able to deal extremely powerful damage from rather far distances. Those who have seen the weapon in action tend to note the massive holes successful shots leave behind. The weapon, however, is not a fire and forget weapon, as due to its sheer power, it requires a moment or two of concentration in order to actually aim. Requires two hands to use, and thus cannot be used in conjunction with other weapons.  

Pickaxe (Physical Strength Proficiency) -
600 OM
A large, long weapon of roughly fifteen feet, consisting of, like the other weapons, rudimentary and hand-crafted green wood with white fur wrapped around a long metal bar sharpened on both ends. It is often used by the Miners of Ballad's society, but has also recently found usage as a potent melee weapon. It's rather slow, similar to that of a large war axe getting swung around, but it is excellent for defense and it is an absolute power house if it hits. It can be used in conjunction with the Revolver at the cost of lowered damage and swinging speed.

Revolver Bomb (Area Attack Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency) -- Tier 1 Attack Super Move - 600 OM
One of the main gimmicks related to Ballad's gun business back on his home-world, and the primary crux of his ideological arguments in regards to much of the same thing, comes in the form of an explosive device of the volatile wick placed within the Revolver. The concept was enough to both ensure massive riches for him and, at least at the time, what he believed was the relieving of tensions through mutually-assured destruction. This was due to an intentional demonstration of the weapon that struck fear into his society.

That power has transferred into the Omniverse. The move looks similar to the Revolver, with the noticeable addition of a small, stone button on the underside of the gun that, when pressed, suddenly causes the entire to glow a bright orange. The weapon becomes hot to the touch as the fuse within the gun travels to the massive wick deposit inside the gun. After a few seconds, the weapon explodes into crimson, sending small shrapnel fragments everywhere. It is an extraordinarily powerful move.

OM Spent: 4400

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct. YES.

C&C Thread

New to OV? Need a question answered? Want a C&C of your work? Send a PM to me!


[Image: qyz-0Cg6.jpg]

Approved! Please add what's been made below into here all moves from now on will be approved from here and of course, your Purchase log has been updated. Someone will reset your OM and change your name momentarily. We're glad that you're coming back and we hope you have a pleasent time rejoining the community. 

P.S Glad to see Ballad is making a come back.  

Name: Ballad
Spent OM: 4400
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency 
Powers: (0/8000) 
Moves (1200)
Super Moves (600): Revolver Bomb, Tier 1 Attack Super Move 
Transformations (0): 
Assists (0):
Base Stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2 
SPD: 1
TEC: 3

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