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[NPC] Cyber Cowboy Comeback

The couch was on fire.

The dancing carnivorous conflagration consumed the crusty coffee colored cushions, the compacted cotton center, as well as the carefully constructed coils caringly contained within the core. The captivating carnage came close to cutting Jakob's concentration, which could cause costly chaos in his constantly crazy cranium, consequently, the childish chap cared not for this crap. Coping with catastrophes was cake compared to reconfiguring his rigger control console to combine code and component for a new companion's CPU.

Jakob's body baked beside the brimstone's blaze. Bright burning rim light brimmed on his blood-red bicep from behind, boldly the boy's back blatantly became a barricade between the beaming brown bale and buckets of bolts bot. The broken boy was beyond the simple blank base of business beknownst absolutely as the beacon of beginnings - besides the observed blessings beheld by basic beings beautifully bond of bynames such as rebirth. Being a big brother, Jakob's habitually burdened by abrasive baby sister misbehaving, because of this his behavior of being absorbed in biotics became more than bluffing.

As the intense flames took its time tickling the threads of the token from his tragic term, the timid tyke typed and tinkered thoughtfully. Thickheadedness tuned out the temptation of transpiercing the tiny intricate trinket trapped against his trousers with his tools. Textured interwoven treasures typically are tossed to the tides of time, traversing the trashed intoxicated thoughts, never to be thought of again. Turnt, though, the item tackled this man's tamed intellect with thunderous traction. Titanic was the trauma that the rigger tried to tribute it to the earlier event. Still, theatrics thrown to the side, the intended transient tactics twisted and tainted the thrashed fibers with the thrilling technique that imprinted itself on his mind.

Quietly his mind inquired about the acquaintances he acquired through cliques over the quickly liquidating quests. Squabbling with quick-witted quips coming from a far more inquisitive individual, a queen coquetting with him in an antique basque that had him quaking, and the ever-present quey that he questioned several times on why without acquittal that he was equally grateful for and scarred for.

Vividly their visages vanish in the volumes of visions vaguely often on the verge of vaporizing. Vacant like a vega was the vessel's vault, Volkov's valor was valuable but not victimless - very likely the villain of this venture - his vices were nothing to vaunt about. Variations to vanquish this evil are vast and venomous but not validated. While the individual does not lack violence and he vandalized his own virtues, he has values. By no means is the vicious vigorous vigilante a varnished and tuned violin, but he is vulnerable.

Limited by the lackluster imitation of the Matrix, the local lunatic lassoed a look. Lethargically the lanky loser lad listlessly lurked online. A little lazy and longing for fellowship, the lively lovable lug landed on a channel of communication. Electricity passed between phalanges and meaning, the luxuries of a long lost home lasting just long enough. Lithium lingered before languishing and leaving the legend lacking energy. Just before leaving, a notification in lemon-yellow showed the lemming was looping around to his location. Lustrous illuminated his nearly lucid mind, linking him with the lively lesson learned today.

"Oh," Jakob said. As if he finally noticed the burning furniture beside him. "Okay." he added, vanquishing any hope that he had. Then the Russian ruffian went back to running programs.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

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