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Hysterical Dame

Guu/Shantae/Kelsie here!

I’ve been on the site for more than 8 month, both my characters are either level 4 and above, Guu alone fits the om requirement. I’m qualified for a third! >:D

CHARACTER NAME: Hysterical Dame


[Image: 5zhJPry.png]

Hysterical Dame was created to be the love interest for Problem Sleuth, imagined by the man himself! She looks practically identical to her male counterpart due to men’s long standing desire to bang female doppelgangers of themselves (the chippettes, smurfette, esc.)

Her journey begins when she’s locked in her apartment. She tries desperately to get the help of a sexy man, but he’s too busy being locked in his office. Eventually, she obtains the lipstick, which she used to chainsaw the door to her apartment. She teamed up with Nervous Broad and together they would fight the infamous Mobster Kingpin. While NB was thrown out the window, HD managed to kill him.

But unfortunately, Death didn’t keep the door to the afterlife locked, so Mobster Kingpin came back to life and knocked her out with a surprise sledgehammer to the face!

It was at this exact moment that Omni took her to the Omniverse.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: In her standard wear, she’s often seen wearing a simple white dress that reaches the knees, and a white flower hat on her head. When she’s ready for battle, she’ll wear valkyrie style armor with swirly flourishes in the chest piece with a battle skirt around the waist.

ATK: 5
DEF: 5
SPD: 1
TEC: 0

STARTING UNLOCKS (1000) Stat Upgrade I (1000)

STARTING PROFICIENCIES (1000): Physical Strength (1000)

STARTING POWERS (2400): Survival (2000), Master Acrobat (400)

Lipstick (600) Physical Strength, 4 atk
[Image: bXLCjYo.png]

A simple vial of red lipstick. When activated it turns into a chainsaw. It’s an industrial chainsaw, it’s blade reaching 22 inches in length. Activation and Deactivation takes a split second. In it’s lipstick form, it can still be used as a chainsaw. Simply draw on whatever you want to cut! The lipstick will cut as a far as the blade can reach. The blade and the lipstick forms do massive damage when hit directly, moderate damage when grazed. This weapon is heavy, so the user is limited to 2 spd when in its saw form! She can move around freely as long as she has 4 ATK or above.

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