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Avenge of the Misfits

On a clear summer day, deep in the Verse known as Camelot lies the town of Aster Redact. It is a humble town, boasting a handful of two-story buildings and the finest Inn in the area. With a small river running through the center of Redact, the Aster River if you will, running into the lovely Redact lake, this cozy town has no shortage of crystal clear and refreshing water. Now while the Aster lake lies to the north, to the east, bordering directly on the town itself, is the mighty Verdant forest, spreading as far as the eye can see. To the west is a grand flatland with a good dozen farms leading off into the distance.

It is in this humble town of Redact that the outlaw Marisa has fled to. Her totally loyal and not paid for mercenary, Taloc, stands guard not far away. They know that a pair of Avengers are hot on their tail, Moon Knight and Marcus, and they are set to arrive shortly, much to the villager's dismay. With the loyal mercenary's urging, the townsfolk have headed south for safety, saying they will return tomorrow to do the townsfolk things that they do.

Hopefully, the town remains...

The rules of this mock battle are simple. 
No SP usage
1000 word limit per post
2 posts each, alternating between teams and writers
72 hours between posts (room for extensions if need be)

Coin flip will decide the first team... Heads for Avengers, Tails for Misfits

HEADS! Avengers go first. Moon Knight or Marcus... Your move.
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

Quote: Change of plans having me go first instead of the avengers so here we go.
Marisa was laying on one of the roofs mulling about as her special rocket launcher was laying right next to her just begging to be used. Nearby she could hear the bad men coming as they clearly weren’t pleased by their tones with having to go on a long chase after what should have been an easy take down but Kirisame always seemed to slip through their fingers at the last moment.

It wasn’t like Marisa had lost allies as well Nitori had been one of the first casualties of this chase, and it hit the black and white mage harder than she would have expected. Leaning forward the witch picked the launcher up before aiming at the duo. Once she locked onto the duo she pulled the trigger letting her rockets greet the duo with an explosive hello from their favorite runaway villain.

The rockets sailed towards the duo only for the avengers to roll out of the way as the rockets exploded behind them to look at the roof with a simply grinning magician on it who leapt off the roof before going further into the town putting her ‘big gun’ away and readying her broomstick and her mini-Hakkero for that bit of extra firepower. Taloc was somewhere doing his own thing but she didn’t pay him to sit around and look pretty so he’d be on them fairly soon she guessed.

Not that long after, the men of the hour showed up in the city center to the sight of the witch in the center of the village minding her own business. Looking over Marisa frowned slightly before masking it with a completely fake and oversized smile as she prepared to mount an offensive. “I may be a lady flying over the fence but.” Sliding her hat onto her head she bounced into the air before finishing her sentence with an ominous tone. “I’m going to make you regret ever stepping into a witches backyard.”

Then she let her magic burst out of the proverbial door that was holding it back as she fired upon the duo keeping them busy for Taloc’s big reveal for the duo. Marisa grabbed a smoke grenade pulling it’s pin and tossing it towards the duo before prepping her mini-Hakkero as the magical furnace started to crackle and roar with magical energy as she flashed a toothy grin as the mini-spark burst through the smoke screen with a straight line as the smoke was pushed away.

When everything was said and done she couldn’t see the duo anywhere so she’d shook her head in disappointment thinking they had either died in the laser beam or ran away from the fight like cowards. “Some heroes they were.”

Turning around and beginning to walk away the witch was oblivious to the incoming foot as Moon Knight slammed into the woman with impunity as she crashed into the ground. As the fist of Khonshu picked up the witch she grinned even in the face of her assailant. “Nitori and Alice were demons in their own right yet their only crime was being my friend… friends to the end.”

She felt the fist slammed into her chest as she shut up for only a second seeing Taloc readying an arrow on one of the roofs. “But you know what? You’ve never phased me.” feeling her magic rumble she’d feel her body shift as she teleported away from the grip Moon Knight held on her clothing. Only to feel an arrow sink into his back causing pain to flare up around the wound.

Firing some more danmaku got the Avenger to keep his eyes on the main target as she started to run off. “Assholes over here!” After cursing to the two men tossed an explosive vial for good measure to get them after her as she started to lead them away from the town.

Marcus muttered an oath as the cyborg chased after the witch who was quickly pulling away towards the forest. "the damned witch is running away again." At least hiding in the forest could give her time to recover and the chance for blind siding the duo. Dropping her hat to the side, she ran into the forest, blonde hair fluttering behind her. Running further and further into the forest until she was sure she had a few seconds at least to prepare what she needed.

Untying her apron she set it on the ground before grabbing what she’d need. Her flasks, smoke grenades and before she stood up and left she saw out of the corner of her eye a single photo showing her and her two friends standing in front of her former business before it had been raided by the Avengers and destroyed in the crossfire.

Marisa was smiling with an oversized smile like usual while she had her arms around Nitori and Alice as they gave a begrudging smile towards the doll that had taken the picture but Marisa knew they enjoyed it as much as her even if they weren’t prone to showing it like her. Some might call the picture bad, adequate, or alright but she considered it perfect so she grabbed it and hid it in her clothing.

She now could only wait as she was sick and tired of running and running away from those that had ruined everything she had built. Whether she survived for another day or died in this fight was to be seen but one thing was for certain she wasn’t running anymore.

Quote:word count 922/1000 ala wordcounter.net Marcus or MK it’s your turn.
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Somehow Moon Knight had caught wind of not one criminal but two of them. There was always a reason as to why the Avengers had a chase on their hands and today was no exception. He had to keep his eyes open, in case their “missing”  teammate was lurking. It was followed by a instant smoke grenade and Marcus cursed as the mini-spark caused the Avenger leader and the terminator to split apart temporarily.

As soon as the smoke cleared and the mini-spark left scrape marks where the “heroes” should of been.  The terminator resisted the urge to call out their foes trying to make Moon Knight and him less of a target.

“Get up, Moon Knight. You have a lot more fight in you.”

For a moment, Marcus found himself back in the machine wars, post Apocalyptic Los Angeles and not the town of Redacted.  The outlaw witch and the faceless assassin were just two more obstacles in the terminator’s way.

He used his ears, his advanced machinery helped the fact that he could in fact hear footsteps coming up, while the witch tried to sneak away again. That was their plan. This had to end.

But he’d wait until said assassin showed his face again.




There he was. Just as taloc was going to stab the man, the terminator grabbed him “What, done already?!” The terminator squeezed hard on Taloc’s knife arm, with a extremely painful burning sensation to the man. “How you like me now?! Huh?! You want more?!  COME ON”

Today, Marcus had been wound up a little too tight and he would decide to take it out on the “criminals.” It had felt good to break the habit of killing others that plagued him while he was with the Avengers at times. But what felt so wrong had felt good for just that moment.

The terminator clearly had a pissed look in his eyes and he wasn’t about to hide it.  One misstep and everything he’d prevented himself from doing was coming back.

He had almost stabbed a guy in the leg over a man about to hurt Blair that day. He didn’t stop completely, he lifted the screaming Taloc over his head and shoved him in the mud, making him eat dirt.

Fire burned in the terminators eyes as he hated to see Moon Knight down like that. “GET UP, Moon Knight.” And nothing would stop the provoked terminator’s rage.

Judgement Day or not, the killer in Marcus was back and the beast inside threatened to get out and rip apart any living thing that dared get in his way. In this case, targets such as Marisa and Taloc.

Moon Knight pushed himself up “Don’t fight sloppy, Marcus. Focus.”

Annoyance crossed the terminator’s mind as he stopped, giving the witch valuable time to focus as Taloc tried to worm his way out from under Marcus’s boot.

Distance wasn’t a friend as Marcus figured out, the more the two split, the more the two could use their strengths against them. If they could bring the fight to them, there was more ways to pummel the two close up.

Time to fight fire with fire. The terminator turned to MK and nodded watching for Taloc’s “stealthed” shadow before stealthing himself.

He’d go after the witch while MK dealt with Taloc.

She was frankly starting to get on his nerves.

He took aim with the laser sight, trying to get a clear sight of the witch as he got closer to the target.

As the red laser matched right to the witch’s forehead, he let loose a barrage of lead toward Marisa while she tried to play the hiding game of cat and mouse.

Meanwhile Taloc and Moon Knight were ripping at each other, stealth vs toughness.

“Show yourself, Taloc.” He growled.

The people of Redacted were scared to find out what would happen if either party won after pure chaos in the city.

Purely, were the Avengers heroes or vigilantes in all of this?  Usually there was more chaos to the heroes fighting style.  Sadly, today was like every other day. Marisa and Taloc were on a “criminal” list in Camelot and were to be taken down by any means possible.

The forests provided the stealthed Marcus enough hiding room to become the predator where Marisa played the prey. The forests of Redacted would become a burned mess of charred trees if this fight went on longer than usual. The trees had marks of mini-spark charred trees and gun bullet holes.

The forest looked more like Skynet had completely missed it during its purge of the “Omniverse” that day.  The shop the witch kept was full of stolen goods that belonged to the Avengers in question and the two weren’t going to leave without those goods back in their possession. What exactly were these stolen goods these two wanted the most of the Avengers? Since the Tohru played hardball, it was up to Marcus and Moon Knight to serve it back to them..

Would anybody even leave from this fight without injuries? Depends. Or was it too chaotic to tell.

Back to the fight at hand..

Marisa kept trying to “smoke” the terminator out by means of mini-sparking trees in order to find out certain paths the terminator had taken. Marcus had taken the attempts while keeping quiet and shooting at Marisa when he could.

… “NOW”

A red light once again landed on Marisa’s head while she loaded up her mini-spark in her hand. This time, however a hole in the tree forced Marcus to take a diving roll toward another tree before he too would have a “hole”

Marcus thought to himself “Damn, that was way too close.”

He thought he smelled another whiff of burning mini-spark coming near. He wasn’t about to let Marisa get off another shot.  He would use his sense of smell to track the witch whenever she was about to let off another mini-spark.

Quote:1000/1000 words
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

This, this was getting annoying as the forest around them was looking more and more like a battlefield from The Great War. She couldn’t get a clear shot on the terminator but he couldn’t aim at her as well with her moving around constantly. So she decided to switch it up pocketing her Hakkero and letting the danmaku do it’s work wearing Marcus down while she began to turn this into a battle of attrition.

Bounding forward towards the Terminator, the witch prepared to get into a close and up brawl with the mechanical man. Feinting to the right side she slammed into him as the shotgun fired into thin air missing her. Sliding her foot back she in one swift motion began to punch and kick him with a flurry of blows.

Going for a roundhouse she could feel a blow to the gut return the love and care she was showing as she stumbled back. Marcus started to reload his shotgun as the cyborg walked forward slowly as he ignored the danmaku slamming into his body with impunity. “I’m going to kill you, and there's nothing that you can do to stop me.” His voice was low with a growl full of anger.
“Nothing? Cause I'm not stuck in here with you. Rather you’re stuck in this forest with me.” Growing deathly silent she stared at her hunter with a neutral expression as he raised up his shotgun fully expecting whatever bullshit she was about to throw his way. What he wasn’t prepared for was her disappearing only to reappear behind him wrapping her arms around him ever so lovingly before suplexing him into the ground with that infuriating grin plastered on her face.

A grunt of pain and anger could be heard from Marcus as he dropped his Ithaca 37 as she swapped the suplexed man for the gun. Scrambling up from his uncomfortable position he could see her sitting on a tree branch looking the shotgun over trying to figure out it worked. “You outsiders and your odd technology.”

Looking towards Marcus she aimed at him as she landed onto the ground. “Now, let’s see how this borrowed item does against you.”

Once, twice, thrice she fired off at Marcus mostly missing her shots besides her first one which landed fairly square in his chest. A look of disappointment was drawn on her face as she shook her head tossing the gun aside like a used toy. "Needs more firepower."

Her voice was neutral as she slowly looked around for the metal man as she had lost complete track of him. Knowing her luck he was probably about to blind side her when she let down her guard but until then she had some time. Using said time she reloaded her rocket launcher, and listened into her thoughts as she could sense a very specific voice getting restless. "Come on Marisa, just let me out I'll be helpful remember the last time you let me out! IT, was quite fun was it not old friend?" Hanako-san was begging as was usual to show up and drown someone.

Sighing the black-and-white witch stopped before speaking out loud. "If that will make you happy then fine. You'll get to be let out and play with the person hunting us down." A yell of happiness could be heard as the ghost was making the witch regret agreeing to this.

"When do I get to go out and play with them?" The voice in her head asked and would get a fun answer from Kirisame as she responded in kind.

"When I say so, It makes it more fun when you show up out of nowhere. So let me take the lead and you'll get your fun my little toilet ghost." And with that Marisa tuned out the final word of the seven school mysteries. Looking around she saw the destruction the two of them caused not even adding the silence that could be heard.

The silence was beginning to unnerve the witch almost causing her to fly out of the area if it wasn't for Marcus pushing her into the ground with her hands behind her back. "So that's where you were. I was wondering where you went. I was getting slightly worried you ran off to help deal with Taloc."

Chuckling the Terminator shook his head as he finally had his prey where he wanted it. "Sadly for you that's where you'd wish I was." Grabbing the back of the witches head he slammed it into the ground with a glee that would have worried him if it wasn't for the distress Marisa had caused him over the chase.

Marisa began to have a fit of childish laughing as she ignored the pain while the urban legend was affecting her attitude. A maniac grin formed on her face ripping herself from Marcus's grasp with fair ease, along with facing him afterwards with an unfocused yet focused look; while she looked absolutely pissed off as her mind replayed the murder of her innocent friends over and over as her rage bubbled and risked boiling over the proverbial pot.

Readying her broomstick Marisa Kirisame pointed it at the cyborg with a glare before rushing towards him as she prepared to give him a face to face meeting with Hanako-san the not so friendly toilet ghost.

Quote:A Few things. Word count 895. Since MK has dropped out, Taloc has also dropped out making this a 1v1 while also turning this into a 3 post fight and SP usage is allowed now. Using Lovely! Ms. Hanako of the toilet. Aka my T-2 Super Offensive.(Coin toss was already done since Marcus is also using a super offensive in which both supers go off and hit the other Ala Taloc flipped for it and it can be found on Discord. It's now Marcus's turn.
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Marcus muttered “What the hell was going on?” This witch was really losing it, she was talking to herself. The last time he fought off a pest this magical, he was in DA 2017. He was a terminator, Marisa was a witch.

Marcus laughed “Sorry, there’s no such thing as magic rainbows where I come from, but then there’s THIS.”

The terminator frowned as hands from a porta-potty grabbed him, with some foreign language on it. It didn’t last long though as the terminator let out a mighty blast from his 90 Watt Phased Plasma Heavy Rifle. As the toliet arms pulled at the terminator, his attack would either hit, or leave a devastating blow to Marisa or the land near her. Anything near her would feel the burning even if she did transport.              

Anything connected to the toilet and Marisa herself would be a world of hurt.  She had severely underestimated what the terminator could do when he wasn’t holding back.

This was for all the Avengers who Marisa stole from carelessly.

The energy shot from the 90 Watt plasma gun had hit, leaving a devastating wreck in its wake.

Marisa would be lying on the ground, literally feeling excruciating pain.

How she was able to crawl while feeling the worst pain of her life was another story.

Marcus growled “Stay down!, I ORDER you to stay down.”

Apparently, the witch didn’t listen.

“Fucking witch…”

The witches laugher was getting more annoying by the second.

He gritted his teeth. The place looked much more worse for wear than when he first stepped into Redacted.

Marcus released, Marisa was laughing in his face.

“Coward, afraid to fight?”

Marcus stood there, a blank look on his face and frowned “Calling me out? Pathetic. I’ve heard better lines from Skynet and that’s horrible.”

He knew better than let the rage get the best of him, sure it was tempting. But the second he let himself go, the witch would take advantage.

The Omniverse was a truly strange place. Every day in the Avengers, he still had to get used to the fact that magic existed and it came from nowhere at times. His head hurt just to think of it.  These people running away felt like a simpler, more scary time.

In fact, he had wondered if he was in fact weak for being a hero in a villain's skin. Right? He was a terminator made to kill, a monster in most other’s books outside the Omniverse.

People screamed when they saw him, it gave him reasons to not trust anyone around him. But when he pushed himself enough, he had changed for the better. Forced himself to be kind in a Omniversal prison.

Well Marisa would regret her decision now.

She had her chance.

She had her chance to run while she could. He could only allow himself to give so many chances.

He forced himself to recall every little detail of what made him tick.  The seconds and hours ticked by in his head like a clock that never shut up.  The drips of the deadly concoction that killed his human self.  The screaming, it wouldn’t stop.

He held his head.  It was time.

He’d strongarm the witch from her broom.

He’d tear her down.

He’d make her fear him.

The terminator didn’t care anymore, he slowly stalked his way toward the laughing witch who didn’t seem to care he was coming for her.

“If you want to defeat me so bad, DO IT”


Slowly, his speed was that of a train about to go off the tracks. The terminator’s speed increased second by second as he disappeared from view, his stealth activated.

After he ran, he slammed a fist into Marisa’s stomach, knocking her off her broomstick. Something was promptly wrong with this picture, he lifted the frowning Marisa up and placed both hands on the witches throat and began to squeeze.

“You think THIS IS ALL ONE BIG JOKE, do you?”

His attacks became more cruel and more devastating as he squeezed her neck, he slammed her on the ground, stepping on her.

“Come on, I SAID FIGHT ME!”

“Or was I not speaking clearly enough for you?!”


The odd silence was bothering him, something was about to go wrong really fast if he didn’t think of something now.

It didn’t give him a good feeling at all.

What was fear to a terminator anyway, a fearless killing machine with emotions?

He hated being human sometimes, all the emotions that came with just being himself sometimes.

He lifted her up again, as she started to laugh

“What, you afraid of me?”

“I fear nobody.” The terminator cursed.

Marisa shrugged, covered in mud and dirt “Well then, tough guy, show me.”

Marcus cursed “How the hell was the woman still breathing after all the onslaught he had given her.”

“Well, surprise surprise. Here I thought I wouldn’t get a good fight out of my opponent.”

He raised a eyebrow and then smacked his fists again.

Quote:808/1000 words

[Marcus is using T2 Super - 90 Watt Plasma Rifle while the the toliet attack hits him at the same time.]
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Pain, that was what she felt all over but would she show it? No she’d hide it and use this to her advantage. If he didn’t want magic tricks she’d give him the wakeup of the century. Giving a mocking look she spoke as if this fight was all one big joke and Marcus was the punch line. “Clearly someone is punching over his weight class.”

Bursting into motion she bodied the terminator then she started to have her way with him out of pure physical strength in such a small body. The witch bounded away as she felt a fist grazed by her side.

Sweat was running down her body as she spun on her heel and started to run back in to begin a series of hit and runs.  A foot slamming into his back, a fist hitting his side, if there was one thing she learned defenses only hold up so well until the cracks start to show and Marcus’s defenses were definitely starting to wear thin as was his patience for such shenanigans from Marisa.

It all came to a head when Kirisame was going to knee the man’s gut that his hand gripped onto the knee, done with everything this woman had done. Grinning with cruel intentions he pulled her towards him as he slammed his fist into her gut causing her to let out a gasp that she didn’t think she had.

Lifting the witch into the air he tossed her like a ragdoll into a nearby tree as it cracked and shuddered from the impact. A cry ripped itself from her lips as she collapsed onto the ground with a broken look.

Tears fell to the ground as she willed her broken and shattered body up through pain and agony. It was a miracle that she was still able to move on two legs. “Where was all that bark i heard before asshole?!” Walking over briskly the terminator kicked a leg off the ground causing her to fall to the ground again with a cry.

“Not too high and mighty now are ya?” Another kick to the side and pain erupted as she laid on the ground biding her time to strike. She was cornered and close to death but she was taking him with her if she was going out.

Slowly moving her hand to her clothing she began to fish for a smoke grenade while she prepared to teleport away. Marcus was walking around her akin to a predator with its prey. “Come on say something! Do something. Anything!” 

Another blow to her side could be felt as she finally grasped her smoke bomb and a weak but vibrant smile formed on her face as she closed her eyes as her finger wrapped itself around the pin. Marcus having lost his patience with the lack of reactions from Marisa placed his shotgun’s barrel on the back of the witches head. “Any last words thief?”

Nothing came out of the witches mouth as she pulled the pin and tossed it into the air, letting the white smoke filled the surrounding area. Meanwhile a portal formed underneath the witch allowing her to drop before closing it behind her. She was faceup now as she could hear the loud cursing of the terminator as he began to hunt for the witch who had escaped his grasp once again.

Her mind was racing as she tried to get it under control. She needed a plan to survive and recover. Step one would be regrouping with Taloc most likely and if he was taken down she could quite possibly hold out in Coruscant in the lower tiers. But right now she just had to escape Marus’s grasp.

With that silent thought she started to limp for her broomstick so she can use the broom as a stabilizer. Reaching the area where she left a few minutes ago she could see Marcus walking around looking for her. Grabbing a flask she prepared to toss it in the opposite direction of the broomstick. It flew through the air spinning as it crashed into the ground kicking up dirt, dust and leaves as a loud sound could be heard. And she began to run for the broomstick hand outreached with her fingers splayed open. Then her bad leg decided to give out just as she closed her fingers around the bamboo handle and a yell as she crashed into the ground.

Quote:word count 742/1000
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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