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[NPC] [OPEN] Guu Sux

Daily reminder that Guu is still in Camelot prison and she still sux!
She lead a city of freaks, she got what she deserved!
Rott in prison, BITCH!
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]


Ugh, Guu. I'd be fine with her being an inhumane freak if she didn't shove it in my face! LEARN HOW TO BE NORMAL!
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Looking for a good time? Click here and learn how deep I go ^_~
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

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