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Name: Sloan
Spent OM: 7100
Proficiencies (2200): Ranged proficiency (1000), Area attack proficiency (600), Ranged materialise proficiency (600) 
Powers (3000/8000): Insight (1600), Enhanced senses (Basic, 1400) 
Moves (900): Lava burst (300), Chaotic blast (300), Magma pulse (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (0):
Unlocks (1000): stat upgrade 1
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 3
[Image: GjEgoS1.jpg]
Directive one: Protect humanity! Directive two: Obey Jack at all costs. Directive three: Dance!
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NAME: Sloan


Sloan’s early life was relatively uneventful. He lived a simple life in the lower ranks of his magical college, training to be a sorcerer. Through a combination of a mediocre affinity for magic and poor work ethic, he seemed destined to fade into obscurity. However, while on an expedition in some arcane ruins, the amateur mage happened to come across Mercifax, a once great demon who most believed to be dead. The demon, now little more than a spirit, offered the sorcerer a deal; a mutual exchange of power that would benefit them both. Sloan accepted eagerly, binding the pair and granting the mage the ability to steal and consume the magic of others. Before he could achieve much with his new powers, however, he was whisked away to the Omniverse.

Sloan is a tall, thin man, standing at 6’, though he has a tendency to hunch over, making him appear a bit shorter. He has dark, shoulder length hair, which is typically tied back, as well as dark eyes and ashen skin. He rarely shows his face, or any of his skin at all, instead preferring to cover himself grey robes and an iron mask. Other than a pair of singed, clawed gauntlets, he wears no other armour.

Sloan: Sloan is something of a simple, greedy man. He loves magic and has little regard for the lives of other mages, instead preferring to harvest it from others. He has a particular love for magma-themed magic, considering it superior to all other types. He has little regard for what others think of him so long as it doesn't put him in any danger, which extends to his willingness to converse with his familiar and best friend Mercifax in the middle of a crowd of people despite the crazed appearance it gives him. Sloan will also do almost anything if it means getting something for free out of it, or at least something he perceives as free.

Mercifax: A former demonlord and Sloan's familiar, Mercifax is a being consumed by delusions of grandeur. He acts to guide Sloan towards greater and greater acts of magic and, occasionally, dangerous situations if he can get something out of it. Despite this, he considers Sloan his best friend and will often address him in friendly terms such as 'buddy' and 'pal'. Though only Sloan can see and hear him, Mercifax will regularly talk to those around them, expecting his pact-mate to relay the message, which he will sometimes do. The demon is also far more knowledgeable in human culture than Sloan, being his sole source of information on modern technology.

POWERS (3000): 
Insight (1600): His contract with Mercifax has granted Sloan the ability to read the latent magical energy of others, allowing him to learn their arsenals before they reveal them.

Enhanced senses (Basic, 1400): In the same vein, Sloan can sense the latent magic in those nearby, even if they aren't aware of their own power. 

MOVES (900): 
Lava burst; (300) (Requires ranged, ranged materialise, area attack):
Sloan raises his hand and clenches his fist, channeling magical energy through himself as he does so. After a few seconds, a burst of lava will erupt from the ground up to ten metres away. The burst is a metre wide and four metres tall, dealing above average damage at the cost of a moderate energy drain. Once the burst has occurred, it will naturally fall back to the ground, cooling extremely quickly.

Chaotic blast; (300) (Requires ranged):
Sloan raises his arm, pointing his palm at an opponent. After a moment, a bolt of red energy will shoot from his hand, dealing average damage to any enemy it hits for a moderate energy cost.

Magma pulse (300) (Requires area attack)

Sloan claps his hands together twice, sending a spray of sparks off his gauntlets as runes ignite on their surface. He then slams both hands on the ground, causing magma to explode out from his body, dealing significant damage to anyone within two metres. Sloan himself takes a modest amount of damage and loses a moderate amount of energy when casting.
[Image: GjEgoS1.jpg]
Directive one: Protect humanity! Directive two: Obey Jack at all costs. Directive three: Dance!
Amber Veritz Wrote:Please let me change it to the condom.

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