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[Open-M] Rebellion in Nippur

The seemingly planned out changes in authority had led to the throne room being nothing more than an eerily quiet place, as the tiny mage planted the pin on her black and gold robes, the new metal matching her robes much better than the silver had. Victor of course was not one to keep attention on him, as such he moved back quietly watching as the tiny witch waddled off the dais giving him the respect due one of his station. In the shadows, a pair of eyes watched Victor carefully.

The New Babylonian Magus stepped off to the side, her role, in covering for the king and those of a higher station than her over, still she wanted a lab of her own, a place to work on magicks that no one had dared to, a place to test the limits of the very etherium. Either way it was something she had to ask either Victor or the King for, whenever or wherever he was to be found.

However within the safety and peace inside the walls, trouble was stirring, a small faction of radicals had taken up arms for a cause that they felt all too strongly about, the liberation of the people of Nippur from the tyranny of the current regime. Three warriors stood out among those who felt for the cause, their charisma and veracity made them seemingly the de-facto leaders. Armed with seemingly harmless weaponry, in the form of stun weapons they began a slow march through the streets of Nippur avoiding the watchful gaze of the guards, but not entirely unseen, a young woman watched carefully, moving silently atop the buildings of the city, her purpose little more than an observer, her father would be the one to mete out punishment to the dissidents.

Back in the throne room Victor await his reports quietly, a simple signal was all he needed but so far there had been none, perhaps all was well within the walls. Perhaps.

Marching through the streets slowly became more and more pronounced, it seemed morale was high, this was good. The rebellion was on track, soon the people would be free
“What’s going on here?” A stern faced guardsman clad in the armor that Yu Kanda, had assigned the guards to have, the mighty look was interrupted as he suddenly convulsed and fell to his knees, a bright light emanating from the device one of the three held. The three instigators collapsed upon the poor guardsman in a wave of angry flesh, fists flew, kicks were thrown, and before long the guardsman was not moving, labored breathing was all that could be heard from the crumpled man.

In a flash, the bloodthirsty eyes that had been trailing the trio were gone, headed back to the palace, and more importantly to Victor, he would put a stop to this uprising before it could even reach the inner walls of the palace.

Within the antechamber of the palace Shantotto, the itty bitty mage watched, as she carefully placed her thoughts within small “chambers within her mind, she would have to evaluate them later but as things were now she figured she would have plenty of time to do so.

Val, had grown tired of watching from the sidelines, the group was gaining ground pushing and terrorizing the people in its path, there was nothing that they could do now but use the momentum to keep pushing. She of course knew what would happen, a wicked smile filled her sharp fanged grin as she carefully approached Victor from the shadows, a flicker of his eye told her he already knew she was there, of course, how could he not. There was very little the man seemed not to know. “A trio of fools march on the palace.” She whispered quietly into the blonde haired steward’s ear. He nodded in a knowing way as without another word his daughter slipped once again into the shadows. Almost on cue, a guardsman burst into the throne room, his chest heaving heavily needing breath. “Rebellion!” the man shouted between laboured breaths as she bent over, hands on his knees trying to catch his breath.

Shantotto grinned slightly, she not only had come up with the formula for a new magic to try but she was sure she could produce it almost at will given a few tries.

Victor looked around the room, seemingly deciding on who should go handle the mob, his eyes met the petite mage’s amber eyes for a split second as he gave her a nod, checking the daggers on his person her picked both up just to make sure they cleared their sheathes freely and easily before he stepped down from the raised platform of the throne and walking towards the labored guardsman.

Without a word Shantotto joined in beside the steward of the crown, her waddling gait struggled to keep up, and many in the room seemed to have a desire to burst out in laughter, still given the deadly nature of the pair of New Babylonians, it seemed like laughing would be a ticket to an early grave.

“They are pushing at the pumping station, we shall head them off there.” Victor called out, leading the way. The reported last location of the troublemakers was all he had to go off of, but his daughter was one he could trust. Not far behind him the Tarutaru mage nearly ran, keeping pace with the blonde rogue’s gait.

There it was, the pumping station and almost as if calculated, sure enough, the trouble makers were already trying to push their agenda ... violently.

“Both of you take one of the entrances, lets block their escape” Victor ordered, and without a word both Val, and Shantotto moved into position.

The stage was set, and the pieces in place for the first shot heard in Nippur

The three secondaries had picked up the pace after knocking out the one guard and were on pace to heading back to the main base as a handheld radio was picked up by Flurry. “Puppeteer the plan has changed. But our objectives are complete. Heading over-.” Before they could finish that one of the other secondaries pushed the other out of the way as a blade sliced through their side like paper as a scream erupted from the woman.

Looking around as the three pulled out their weaponry came Victor Wolfe from the shadows pulling out one of his well known knives causing the three to sweat. On the radio’s end it began to crackle while Alice began to speak. “This is Puppeteer finish what you were saying Flurry.”

“Victor’s here. Consider us dead and start to leave. This is Flurry out see you on the other side Puppeteer.” Dropping the Radio she smashed it with her stun blade destroying the machine while Victor couldn’t help but laugh to himself.

“Oh how cute, thinking this rebellion can continue to fester. If you tell me the names of the leaders I might just let you live.” His voice was sickeningly friendly causing the trio to step backwards slightly as he continued his calm but focused pace. Wolf even in his current condition straightened up as he sized up the assassin with a set of striking eyes as he smacks the blade into the ground causing sparks to fly amongst the dusty streets of the sleeping city.

“Go swallow a bullet you snake.” Wolf said with a calm fury in his voice even as the odds against the trio looked grim. Though the only reaction beyond the chuckle from Victor was a raised eyebrow. What did these rebels think they could do? Kill him? What a joke.

Blizzard after thinking for a moment pulled his taser out aiming it towards Victor. A press of the trigger and the assassin was once again in motion easily moving past the electrified metal with the blades glinting in the pale moonlight thirsting for bloodshed

Swinging the blades he could feel it was a good blow except for when a stun blade slammed into him sending electricity running through his entire body forcing the assassin to retreat. 

Flurry pushed her advantage as she rushed the assassin firing off her taser only for a spray of water to come out of nowhere hitting her in the side as she got absolutely drenched. “Who?” As those words left the woman’s mouth she could see another person or rather prime standing nearby the assassin with a rod outstretched towards her. Narrowing her eyes the engineer looked at the woman for a few seconds before a look of realization flashed across her face.

“I didn’t think Victor needed help?” The woman said slightly mockingly. “Clearly you’re getting off your game if you need a second pair of hands to kill some secondaries.” Putting her taser away the woman smacked the blade of the stun weapon against her palm as her face grew serious.

“Puppeteer wouldn’t be pleased if we didn’t stall long enough. Wolf you’re with me. Blizzard deal with the magic user, we can’t let her control the rhythm of the battle.” Her orders were barked out as she got into a stance protecting her wounded ally. She had a feeling Blizzard would be able to hold his own for a time. All she could hope is that Alice got her full message and was starting to shift everything out of the store while burning everything else of value.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Victor got up close to strike the duo leaving the single secondary to his ally in arms. While Flurry was quick she was moving at a snail's pace compared to Victor’s movements. Even with her ally giving support it was clear they were struggling against the prime. But it wasn’t completely one sided, for the number of hits they were landing was growing forcing more and more electricity into his body. But these were nowhere as powerful or deadly as Wolfe’s blades.

Ducking underneath Flurry swung while Wolf backed her up where he could in an attempt to hit Victor once again. They both hit nothing but air but they were determined to live through this.

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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Having rushed to his daughters' report of a terrorist incident Victor had been expecting a lot more than three weaklings packing non-lethal weaponry. Whilst they fought with some level of skill and there was power behind their swings it would take them far more than being stronger than the average human to pose a threat to the lord. Victor had hoped for a challenge but instead was greeted to messages of how his targets expected to be killed and how they were merely serving as a distraction whilst their puppet master moved.

Leaping backwards after dodging another weak attempt from the girl to hit with her stun baton Victor aimed his blade at her throat, a slice no more than a centimetre away from splitting her skin before leaping backwards from their assaults. "Ha! You missed! Guess it isn't as easy when it's not into someones back you snake!" Shouted the male, still bleeding from his side.

"God, I feel I should just keel over and die because that is the closest either of you have gotten to actually hurting me. Trust me, my little rebel friend, if I wanted you dead at this moment, I would have probably been halfway through painting that lovely wall with your blood with an art piece explaining why rebelling against your loving masters is an awful idea. But no, I have more important things I need to set into motion, and this little scrap has been mindless enough for me to actually think out the best way to do it. " With an evil smirk, the assassin reached into his robe pocket as the terroristic twosome tensed expecting a weapon that would bring an end to their lives. Instead, the lord pulled out his dataverse device and after some button pressing spoke into it. His voice was soon blasting across the radio waves as the population of Nippur listened in.

"To the loyal citizens of Nippur, it would seem that there is foul plotting afoot, a terrorist syndicate has infiltrated out perfect city and is spreading baseless lies to disrupt our very way of life, they may be bandits trying to cause disharmony and return us to the hellhole of years prior, or imperial spies looking to put us under tyrannical bootheels. Thus we ask that no one leaves their homes, instead, stay safe inside whilst we deal with this threat and the guards' patrol and check the houses to make sure that you are all safe. If you see anyone trying to leave their homes, or escape the city, or burning anything that could be evidence, consider them a terrorist sympathiser and report them to the guards. Anyone who helps in the arrest of a proven terrorist will receive a knighthood from the council of Nippur and will be able to have dinner with the high council to discuss the future of the city and their ideas! Stay safe my friends!" With a click, the dataverse device was closed, a satisfied grin on the assassin's face.

Wolf and Flurry, on the other hand, looked shocked, had they really been taken so lightly that Victor was willing to take a call and give a speech in the middle of their fight?

"Oh! Sorry about that, it's very rude to not take a "battle" seriously but I am afraid if I did then it would be over before any fun was had, so how about we add a little bonus stipulation. I now have my guards and the entire loyal population of Nippur on high alert, it is only a matter of time before we get your puppet master, through flushing them out or getting them to come quietly. If you give me their name I may just be convinced to allow them to live. No actually as a noble hero of Nippur I can do one better, I will allow them to live and go free, out of the dunes to safety where I will not pursue. But if you don't give them up, I am going to deconstruct you" Victor pointed to Wolf, a casual tone still in his voice despite the evil he was revealing.

"And I am going to have the women watch as I rip you apart down to your very essence. Now you my dear, well after all of the hard work that the loyal guards of Nippur have done it would not be fair to leave them without a little reward. And then as you lay there a broken mess of a human begging for death, I will leave you, out in the desert, broken and alone, left to whatever wild beast or violent raider gets you first. But why don't we just skip to the end of this? I can see that you are all just pawns so it is hardly worth the effort to even kill you, just tell me the names I need and I will likely forget your existence. Or the alternative"

Victor burst forward with frightening speed swinging the hilt of his dagger into the side of Wolf's face, a cloud of dust from the sandy stone rising up as his body hit the ground. Without a second thought, the assassin then ducked a stab from Flurry's stun gun, swinging an elbow into her gut causing her to keel over as Victor once again slid backwards awaiting a response. Whilst he waited he wondered how his comrade in arms was getting on.

"They did seem out of it, not even a rhyme to introduce themselves, thought they would be more "I was guided by a lass, now this mage of class, will kick your..." Well, you know how it goes." Victor mused to his victims.
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It was beyond laughable.

Shantotto could no longer hold back her laughter. “Ohohohohoh” A hearty laugh erupted from her, she had expected a fight, and yet these three “rebels” were hardly worth her time, already the hand of the king had nearly disemboweled one, blood already poured down the length of his leg. Victor clearly had a handle on the pair, leaving her with the odd man out. Not that this was a problem for the pint sized mage, she was sure this puny man could be hardly be worth more than one spell.

She began to open her mouth when the very same radio system that Victor had just used, was turned against him… at least that’s the way it was intended. The results however were even more laughable than this failed example of a fight.

“Ohohohoho, This has got to be a joke … I could end this with just a mere poke.” Her contempt was clear on her face as spoke, her stardust rod with its opalescent focus pointed directly at the last of the rebels.

“Even if this puppeteer were to appear, it would do you no good I fear.” the magus said solemnly as she started channeling a powerful burst spell.

The remaining man looked cocky as he leveled his stun gun at the petite mage, the prongs of the electrodes ready to shoot forth and overload her nervous system with debilitating voltages of electricity. Even still the midget mage stood stoically, as the taser fired at her a bolt of her own lightning descended from the clouds upon the foolish and quite delusional man.

Shantotto convulsed as the prongs dug into her robes, piercing her flesh and juicing the poor tarutaru with an intense pain, despite this she stood tall, channeling her attention on the task at hand.

Before her the man slumped to the ground, the area around him shattered into chunks of stone and earth. Surprisingly the man moved, slowly but still clearly alive. It was almost as if his convictions were keeping the man alive through sheer force of will. Smoke emanated off the man and his now charred clothes.

Not far away Victor looked on at the downed man, almost impressed by the raw destructive power wrought by the two and a half foot tall woman. “Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you.” Victor chided out, his voice sounded like he was ready to tell a joke but the ire in his eyes spoke volumes, it was clear that the rogue not amused having his radio transmission system toyed with.

His joking was cut short by a pair of electrodes flying by his chest, dodging it was not a problem but now Victors anger had a target, not only did these bumbling buffoons have the audacity to try and ransack Nippur but they were brazen enough to dare and broadcast their misguided notion of a message across his airways!

Kas-662.2 stood up straight and looked in the direction of the faint noises of combat coming from further in the city. Still tuned to the frequency of the hijacked radio, Victor’s warning went unnoticed to him while Alice’s message was heard crystal clear. And if their message was correct then by the Omnissiah Kas’s time in Nippur was going to be dull. He continued walking towards the sounds of battle, iron tipped fingers idly tapping against one another. Soon, Kas heard the sparks of blessed electricity and the quiet whisper of moving daggers. He turned a corner and found 4 and a half people locked in a brutal melee. He recognised Victor, of course, and the uniform weapons of 3 of the combatants meant that the remaining one would be fighting alongside Victor. Kas’s hands briefly shook, awakening the machine spirits so as to begin participating in the battle. Only the midget had appeared to notice him so far, or at least acknowledge his presence enough to make eye contact with him. Or maybe she was looking at the burning buildings behind him and couldn’t reach her neck high enough. Regardless, Kas pulled his hand back to punch one of the Rebels in their skull but stopped before releasing the punch. It’d probably be a better idea to burn them and punch, to weaken the skin and char the bones. Holding a pinky in the direction of Wolf, holy flame snaked out of a hole in his knuckle. Before it could reach Wolf’s head though, he was tackled out of the way by Victor. Victor turned to Kas and eyed him angrily. “I distinctly said no burning evidence. Do you really think that these whelps-” Victor paused to parry an incoming attack from Wolf “-aren’t? You’re lucky I haven’t killed you yet but you’re here now so you may as well help.”

“My apologies noble Victor, but I thought you needed the help seeing as some foul magic has shortened your ally and replaced their weapon with a stick!”

At this, Shantotto let out a spell that swept away the rebel she was fighting and turned to him. “You ignoramus, you utter fool. I am a mage of battle and war and this is no mere tool.”

Kas bent his head towards her in acknowledgment of Shantotto’s statement before walking over to Flurry, who had somehow ended up on the floor earlier. Flurry noticed Kas drawing his fist back, getting ready to punch. Flurry held out his weapon in a futile gesture to stop the attack but managed to brush Kas’s hand, electricity arching into his metal bones and activating the remaining 4 digital weapons. Flurry and Kas let out screams of pain, but Kas’s screams were mixed with ones of happiness, for the motive force was flowing through his veins and armaments. Kept moving by its weight, Kas’s fists slammed into Flurry’s shoulder and sent them back onto the ground where they would hopefully remain for a while. Kas walked over to Blizzard, who was beginning to get up but was soaking wet. They got up and rushed towards Shantotto, who was still distracted staring at Kas. He stuck out his index finger at them, forcing Flurry to hit the dirt in order to not get scorched. As they hit the dirt, lightning came down from the sky and hit them. Surely it was a sign of His pleasure in Kas striking down these rebels. The mage was looking rather tired though, but the poor thing was running on their last reserves of energy after the wave trick. Victor looked as if he could go all day however. He was constantly attacking Wolf and never needing to defend from an attack, just slicing through whatever weak defence was offered up to him and making neat incisions in Wolf’s flesh.
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