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[NPC] Leaving the city.

Alice had heard those words and muttered an oath as she picked up her radio only for the situation to turn worse as victor's call was made out but she only had to press a single button as the radio station was hijacked to let her speak. Coughing into the mic she started to speak. "Yes, hello people of Nippur. This is Puppeteer speaking to you directly from your inept rulers radio waves. The Rebellion isn't phased by his threats against us. Victor doesn't care about any of you. What has he done to improve the lives of the people beyond a simple radio station?"

She'd go silent for a few seconds before she would continue. "No, really he hasn't. The farms? Built by the people. What about the economy? He hasn't done anything but potentially cause a economic collapse with his strike against the Oligarchs killing them save for a couple. I don't expect you to agree with our stance or even help us but we have no interest in continuing to wallow in the shackles of an inept government who is headed by a womanizing, rat who'd kill Gilgamesh if it meant he'd keep his position in the city. Let me ask you all this?! WHERE WAS VICTOR WHEN HIS HELP COULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL THESE PAST FEW MONTHS?! HIDING THAT'S WHAT!"

"At least Marisa Kirisame actually wants the city to thrive. She has done nothing but help the city, spending time at the hospital to help people, and she came here to help YOU by even going so far as to steal from the Empire themselves for Nippur. She's likely dealing with the consequences right now for such actions but the supplies are here ready to be used. And personally i'd rather have Marisa be running the city than an inept government of guards. So, tell me people of Nippur. Are you going to let this one chance to change the city for the better be taken away and destroyed by this asshole who only wants the power and not the responsibilities? Or are you going to rise up to the challenge and demand for change? I know what me and my group has decided, tonight we begin. We will give another radio speech as soon as possible."

Pressing the button again she ended the radio hijacking smiling, before picking up the rebellions radio and calling everyone. "people of the rebellion we stay the course. Marco take your group of turncoats and keep the guards busy. tell some of the others to open the gatehouse. Everyone else we are leaving the city Stage coach and the other commanders help me with taking anything with us we can and burning the rest in the basement. Puppeteer out, once again we begin our motions."

Whatever happened now would change the city forever as Victor had just tried to force her hands and she would go along with it. She hadn't had much fun since she had come here and was somewhat itching for a fight.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Alice started to walk towards her stack of Dolls and began to activate them one by one. Hours and days of work activated as they floated onto nearly invisible strings attaching themselves except for one single doll. "Shanghai, go find those three and should they fall keep our dear banisher and his group of tasty people busy with your friends." While not built for combat Shanghai and her many sisters were small enough that combat was indeed annoying to deal with. Standing up with a group of four others the dolls would nod and would walk out of the house an objective in mind.

Alice chuckled at their desire to follow her will before busting open the crates of guns and explosives as Stagecoach and his men approached Kirisame's magic shop. "Alice, we're here. Let's raise hell." The puppeteer nodded as she opened the door leaving it open.

"You go ahead. Take whatever you need or want but I'm burning anything of value. They can't get their hands on information or the materials." Alice said as she grabbed a lighter and a container of gunpowder she was originally going to stuff her dolls with giving them that explosive edge. Setting the container down she grabbed the latch and pulled grunting with effort as it opened with ease. Dropping the latch she proceeded to slide down the ladder flicking the light on showing the "bunker" and went to work burning papers, plans, and maps with the help of her dolls helping where they can.

The seconds would tick into minutes causing the witch strife. How, how could everything go so wrong so quickly? Machinery crackled and broke down in the heat as the papers fueled the fire. And in the desert this had the chance to cause the old wooden building to go down in flames and potentially cause the city to start to burn. And well if this is what Victor wanted, then hell he'd enjoy his fire.

Climbing out of the basement she could feel the intense heat coming from below her as the dolls were carrying up burning material while also breaking down the wood box and anything else that could be burnt. Once the fire was sufficiently raging she then grabbed the materials as well as the radio hijacker, deciding to leave. Slamming the door open she took to the air with her dolls carrying the important items on her way towards the bulk of the rebellion forces.

Quote:Marisa's base can now be seen burning up as a plume of smoke can likely be seen from all across Nippur (and depending on if the houses have burnable material around the base a city fire will begin to happen). As well as depending on the location of the fight Alice can just be seen floating towards the Gatehouse with stuff in tow (to either raise it or blow it up not sure which one I wanna do yet.)

Also note the Shanghai dolls won't interact directly with the fight they'll merely observe then leave once it's over (or try too.).
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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