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Catacombs of Nippur

I am looking to introduce a DnD style Dungeon for players to experience. I've been working out the details regarding what all it would entail and as of right now the goal is to get approval for the formation of 3 new +2 -1 stat artifacts, (deets to come if this ever gets approved)

Now to get to the juicy stuff

The goal of this dungeon is to provide people a chance to collaborate, and make new acquaintances in the OV Ideally this dungeon would be approved as an official quest to allow players to earn some extra bonus OM.

Each participant gets a 500 word per post limit normal post with a 1000 word per post limit on bosses
Stats act as stats do in DnD, and add to all saving throws, damage calculations and so on.
each time a player or group enters an area,It will be described in some detail based on the collective Tec of the players involved.

Items like power pills and +1 buffs will be issued to players for kills and from chests. (these items will disintegrate upon completion of the dungeon or player death)

I will perform the role of DM on my Shantotto character as she will be participating.

Due to my limitations in time available i will make an opening of 9 slots available to players. However in the event a player misses 2 posts he/she will be forcibly removed from the dungeon and a slot will become available for another person to enter.

Each player is given 48 hours to write a post, There are no exceptions and no extensions.
Upon completion of the dungeon all players will be teleported to random locations so plan accordingly. Also, while the name of the dungeon says Nippur, the actual dungeon is not part of nippur and as such can not be used to undermine the New Babylon faction or bypass base defenses. The base and this dungeon are 100% separate

The story:

Due to the conflict in Nippur with the small rebellion, a hole has been blasted open by Shantotto leading to an underground chasm leading to a network of catacombs and caves far beneath the New Babylonian city, what terrors await, what treasures are to be discovered, join the Magus on a quest to unravel the mysteries of these long lost tombs.

Current players:

Players in reserve:

That's going to be a hard no on the artifacts.
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

Unfortunately, we cannot - with a good conscious - approve of an artefact that rearranges stats, much less three. Even if it was just for the duration of the event, it makes very little sense why you would need +2 to anything for an exploration pitch.

Now to the juicy part indeed.

I don't fully understand the background to this pitch. You would like to play Dungeons and Dragons? With dice? On a site that doesn't support any kind of dice rolling mechanism? Why? Forgive me if I completely miss the point of all this, but I don't see how adding randomization to a story-driven RP is going to add anything to the experience. Especially since the staff has always stated that this is not a game, it is a story.

Problems with dice roles go beyond possibly missing the spirit of the site, but it does open up a lot of questions of trust. Not implying that we cannot trust any one person or a few. Who is going to run this? How will dice be determined? How will dice be confirmed? How are you going to be able to run this in a way that is mainstream enough to be considered better than just running a game with friends on a more accurate platform? (Roll20 comes to mind.) And if that's the case, why not just write the encounter you want to happen instead of relying on 1's to dictate the hardships of the story? Stories that you can flavor items like the pills or other things that you might have in mind to fit the D&D settings?

In short this sounds like an idea that would be better resolved by playing an Omniverse themed game of D&D and would need to be drastically simplified in order to fit the overall ideas of the site.

That said, I think Dust could be a cool BDF, but Rose is also like... In the verse.

Probably should also move the location, since there's so much heat on Nippur already.
[Image: source.gif]
"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

mainly im looking at it as an experiment and giving people an option to try something new that hasent been done on the OV before, as for who would be running the dice, im more than willing to shoulder the role. as it's my idea and theres nothing i would gain from lying about dice rolls i dont see a problem, in the event that there is enough intrest in this quest and it would be detrimental for me to control the dice a Storyteller can handle the dice. but as i said i dont think there would be anyone who would have an issue with me doing the rolls.

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