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[Question] Restarting / Kickstarting My Character

Several others have restarted their character arcs from the beginning, Stuart Gillman-Street being one example.  However, I have a few questions when getting down to do this kind of thing.

1) Do I just sell all my abilities, or base the new stuff off my total earned OM?  

2) Will I be working with my current 10000-so OM, or will that be reduced to 7500 like if I had switched characters?

3) Will the posts I have made thus far be archived?
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I would have to look up the rules again for this kind of thing, but based on everything I know, if we do reset you like we would if you switched characters then your 10,033.24 OM would be cut down to roughly 7,500. At that point you would just recreate Jams the way you see fit with that limitation, and then move on like he's never been here. Again, I would have to refresh myself on these rules, but I had something else to say.

Not every Prime handles death the same way, so if you want to say your character died and then came back through the fountain, he can keep all this things and OM and just have a simple case of amnesia. Obvious problems with that is that there will be secondaries that remember him as the everything he did would have happened. So depending on your preference, this could be another option in your personal story. This could be a way to restart a whole new line of ideas, or the character could simply be so used to what they've been doing this whole time, they still end up in the same place. Idk, I thought it was cool.

Either way, answer to the 3: Posts made in the past do not get archieved so they would still be there.

I'll be back when I've had a chance to refresh myself.
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That's definitely an interesting idea, dying and getting amnesia again.  Heaven knows Jams already had it when I started, so it may work out.  Of course, the only prime who really knew Jams is gone now, so there's really only one person left.  I won't be able to tap into the full potential of that idea, but it should work very well as a restart.  I think I'll try exploring that idea for a bit for now, thanks Dust!
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