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Cassius Promen

CHARACTER NAME: Cassius Promen
Cassius was an awkward, quite person for most of his life. Not one for parties or clubs, he rather spend his evenings in front of his monitor and working on his rich, fictional world. His course in life would allow him to continue on this lifestyle without any problems if it weren't for the tunnel that transported him to a fantasy realm, very much similar to the one who concocted in his book.
What started off as a mission to find his way home, quickly evolved to him finding out about his role, nay, destiny to vanquish the rotten king, Moros, who was corrupting the land. This was when he went through his own hero's journey and came out victorious, changing his life and himself forever.
An average 21-year-old with nothing particularly interesting about him. He is about 177 cm tall with short brown hair. Being indoors most of his life has left his skin being quite pale. His dark brown eyes are always behind some thin rimmed glasses. His signature style is always a jacket over a plain t-shirt with some jeans and sneakers to finish the look.
[Image: flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.u1.jpg]
Basically this but with brown hair
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 4
STARTING PROFICIENCIES (1400 OM): Physical strength (1000 OM), buff proficiency (400 OM)
STARTING Powers (1800 OM): Master Acrobat - 400 OM, Enhanced Senses - 1400 OM.
Magic attunement (Fluff)
After his adventure in the land of Kelram, he had a natural talent to detect and harness the magical energy that surround him. In his home verse, the magical energy is so small that he couldn't do much with it but the omniverse was a bit more dense with energy that he could harness it to enhance his strength and speed to peak human capacity.
Hope (Requires physical strength) (600 OM)
The sword used by Cassius during his final confrontration to slay the Rotten King, Moros. A single edged falchion with a handle shaped like lion, used to be a catalyst for magic spells and itself empowered with magic, being in the omniverse seemed to have diminished its power. Now, it is mearly a normal falchion, well balanced and well crafted but lacking a bit off a punch when compared to more sizeable blades, makes up for it in speed. The only magical property left is that the user can channel magical energy through for a more powerful attack, this would require uninterrupted consentration for at least 3 seconds before thrusting or slashing it forward, dealing more substantial damage than it normally would.
I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.
Where did you find us?
I was looking through RPG fix and I came across this site and it looks interesting

Hey, it's been a couple of days since I've submitted this, I'm just wondering when it'll be reviewed. No rush, just curious.

Hello and welcome to the Omniverse! So sorry for the inconvenience and wait.

Alright down to business, so far all I can see is that in you character history could you please add when your character was brought into the Omniverse. Looking over at your moves I noticed that you're wanting the sword to do a charge attack. While reading it, it was hard to figure that out because it almost read out like you were wanting it to be a ranged attack. Could you reword it just a little bit, so that its clearer?

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