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Switching from Ben Tennyson to James Cabuelo


CHARACTER SOURCE: Original Character

CHARACTER HISTORY: Koa the Goddess of Light is the almighty protector of Copia and ruler of the world’s government. Through people’s dreams she tells you what you should do the next day in the form of a dream. But if she directly talks to you it is considered a high honor among the people of Copia. They select few are known as “The Chosen”.  Only the chosen can have permission into the shrines past the encampments around them and gain access to the “Copian Mirror Shards”
It is said that when a chosen travels the world for these shards and puts the mirror together a great power will be bestowed upon the chosen and the world will be saved.
James was raised as an only child to his two parents Abigail and Benjamin who just prefer to be called Mom and Dad or Abby and Ben. James has been living his 17 years in peace and has learned to cook from his parents.

His parents run a bakery while James likes to do his own thing being a rice chef.
On the night of his 18th birthday he heard a voice talking directly to him. James hoped to shrug it off and go back to dreamland but suddenly his dream was cut short by the voice telling of a great darkness approaching and it was up to him to take action to save his people.  
It was true it was really Koa he could tell somehow as the figure talked to him in his dreams. Usually her messages were little hints scattered throughout the dream but this time it was really her.

So as James woke up from his dream he almost immediately told his parents who were very skeptical of him when he said he had heard Koa talk to him in his dream but as he explained the dream they looked at each-other than at James in shock.
They told James there hasn’t been a Chosen since about 200 years ago. They calmly asked him again about his dream to get the same answer. James was never known to lie, Abby and Ben both knew that.

They then told him to not make a big deal of it but to only tell the officials and priests about it when going on his journey. So as James was about to set off his parents hugged him goodbye and gave him some supplies for the road. They told him to stop by the Blacksmith’s House and get a sword for the trip.
Ben gave James some money for the sword and some extra in case he ran out of food. As James said his goodbyes He headed down the dirt road seeing the blacksmith up ahead working on some armor for a customer of his. The blacksmith’s name was John although James always teased him and called him Mr. Smith even though that wasn’t his last name.

As James headed towards him John looked up and smiled to see James’ own smiling face. He asked him if came to watch his work again like he always did.
James responded with a no and told him Koa spoke to him directly and he would need a sword for the trip to the shrines.
John was all too glad to make a sword for James but doubted young James a bit as it has been a long time since the last chosen. But the boy was never known to lie and that was a quality that set him apart from a lot of people. John had a small short sword ready for James all ready for him before he arrived.
James asked how he knew and John said his fortune for the day showed an image of him giving James a sword. James responded with a thank you and offered his money he was given but John denied it and told him to keep it for the trip.
James put it in the sheath that john made for it and he put it around his waist.

As James left Hykan behind him he set off towards the northern most shrine which was the closest from Hykan James had walked for about an hour and stopped for a snack as he sat on the grass. His parents had packed him a lot of food so he made sure not to waste it. After a few bites off his mother’s homemade bread and some water James got up and put the food away. After about 2 more hours on the dirt path he had stopped again at a nearby encampment for people making pilgrimages to the separate shrines as sleeping at the shrines gave an increased chance to be chosen by Koa. They also represented the goddess in a way so basically these shrines were holy places.
After resting up he heard that the people in this camp were all traveling to the shrines as part of a pilgrimage. James told all of them that he was a Chosen and they were very skeptical and asking for proof. James had none as dreams could only be told. The person in charge of the pilgrimage named Tom told him that only “The Chosen” can touch the sacred flame without being burned. They told him of the risk and they would gladly allow him to go with them anyways but he would have to make himself useful if he denied this challenge. James heard of the sacred flame before it was supposed to be as white as the snow and shines like a star.  James cowered for a bit but accepted this challenge hoping this dream of his wasn’t all a trick.

So Tom took James to the center of Hykan in their caravan along with the others hoping what James said was true. In the center of Hykan was a giant cathedral with many surrounding guards and priests.
They were stopped as they tried to enter the cathedral as only people with business are allowed in and they need a good reason. Tom told the guard that James believes he might be a chosen so they have come to test if this is true. The guard wanted to laugh but held it in as he looked at the boy as he seemed rather sure of himself. The guard was hesitant but let him in and also told the priests inside to get a bucket of ice. The priests asked why but the guard told them that some kid believes he is a chosen and wishes to prove himself. The priests of course took this seriously as they took every false alarm they could as eventually one of those that entered to prove themselves actually were a chosen.

They readied a bucket of ice water and bandages just in case. But knowing everyone that has every tried that was usually the case.
Tom told James he didn’t have to do this and still back out but James denied him as he knew he heard Koa. He went into the sacred chamber for which the Holy flame stood on its pedestal. The flame was huge and burning brightly. James closed his eyes and put both of his hands into the holy flame. The guards and priests were on edge at this point ready patch him up and send him home at any minute but James reached in farther as if it didn’t affect him and took from the center of the flame. James opened his eyes to see his hands were fine and he was holding a miniature white flame in his hands as it kept going. Everyone was in shock they knew James was a chosen now but they couldn’t believe it.

As the priests looked at his hands and noticed they were completely intact while holding a small white flame it was true they had a new chosen after 200 long years. The high priest was needed so they sounded the cathedral bell something they only did on special occasions. James was given a lantern to keep that piece of flame in as a momento of this day. James noticed as he exited the building many people were outside in some sort of gathering. In the center of the crowd was the high priest talking to them of the coming of the new chosen how he would save the world from evil.

The people were in awe from his words they barely noticed James as he sat down to hear them. As the high priest was talking he spoke only from what he heard recently that he touched the scared flame and was not even burned. James had no idea he had become so popular all of a sudden. Now the high priest was asking everyone what they thought the chosen looked like and even if it was a He. Most of the answers were pretty cool. James was the last one in the group who had not been asked what the chosen would look like. James smiled and said it would be a He about 18 with blonde hair and blue eyes, he is a great rice chef and isn’t much of a liar. They all tried to imagine that but they couldn’t think of much.

The High priest raised an eyebrow as the boy in front of him looked about 18 and had blonde hair and blue eyes. The high priest questioned out loud if James was saying he was the chosen. James gave a honest answer and that was yes. All of the people were in shock but the high priest asked him about his proof. James held up his lantern with the sacred white flame in it. Then James reached his hand into the lantern and took out the flame with his hand and held it out for everyone to see.
The High priest was shocked but then announced to everyone about the coming of the chosen being true and his journey must start right away. Lots of people were gawking at James but others were giving him handshakes and patting him on the back telling him good luck and to do his best. James put the flame away and started the path of the chosen.

As James left Tom offered to take him by caravan to the shrines which took about 3 hours each by caravan.

*Time skip to all of the shards collected*

The high priest assisted James on his Journey as they collected the Copian Mirror shards.
The chosen James and the high priest collected the shards they then pieced them together.
Forming the Copia Mirror wasn’t easy but it was worth the effort that everyone put through.
As James looked into the mirror it felt like he was looking into his soul. James then passed out as he fell into a dreamlike state before being transported to a mysterious black void.


James has short blond Spiky hair with blue eyes and a Tannish white skin tone. He also wears a gray long collared undershirt with a yellow buttoned black over-shirt. James also wears a gold buckle belt with brown pants and lastly black shoes.
He dresses this way because it’s the style around his town but also because he loves to wear this at when cooking. He often wears the undershirt without collaring it though he usually does that when cooking anyways. When it’s a nicer day he puts the over-shirt on so he looks nice for things like going out to eat or entertaining guests.

He hasn’t worn anything different except in the winter or summer but he likes these clothes because they are comfortable. James weighs 75 pounds and is four feet, five inches tall. James is often mistaken as a kid due to his young appearance and height. Due to being so short James can fit into small nooks and crannies with ease though it depends on the size of said hole.

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3


Ranged Proficiency – 1000 OM

Healing – 3000 OM


Basic Super Jumping – 300 OM
Allows the user to jump up to 10 metres high.


Koa's Blessing: (Healing) (Ranged Proficiency): James places a hand in front of his body to heal a target from far away. This move takes 3 seconds to initiate and requires focus in order to heal the target properly. The healing process has particles of light in gold and white color surround the body of the user and that of the target before converging onto the body of the target injury thus making it heal over time. The user can move during the process but only very little otherwise it will lose focus when trying to keep the healing process going during the process. If James heals Health points with this move it will cost Stamina points to properly heal the targets health.

300 OM

Koa's Armory: (Ranged Proficiency): James summons a total of four rapier shaped swords that are 15 inches long and 2.5 centimeters wide. The summoned swords are completely white in color and are only as durable as the original make of the sword metal. They are currently as strong as steel and are all summoned in the air as they float above the user. The user then fires them off as they are as fast as an arrow and hit about as hard as a steel sword would normally do to the target which is moderately strong. The swords are summoned instantly and require aim to be properly fired at a target. This move can be used during movement and can travel up to 12 meters before they fall to the ground or break apart. The swords can be fired as fast as 3 seconds apart from being summoned. The user can fire the swords multiple at a time before summoning another set. Firing fewer at a time increases the accuracy of when they are fired while firing more decreases the firing accuracy.
The user does not need to concentrate on keeping the swords on so to speak and can just keep firing them. Takes about two seconds to summon more after the first round of swords have been used. The user has to use up all four swords before being able to summon another set of them. Each new set of swords after is the same amount but costs extra stamina for each new set summoned.

300 OM.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct. Yes

Where did you find us? Been here before.

Sorry for the wait!

History: It's okay, but for an original character, it's a tad lite! I'd suggest beefing it up a bit more. Also, it's not 100% clear when he was taken. It's suggested he was taken during the battle with Harnoch, but it's kind of vague.

Koa's Blessing: Please re-read the rules on Healing and Regeneration as a lot of the stuff in this move is already included with the power and already has set rules to it! It's kind of an unnecessary move.
Though, seriously, read up on those rules if you're going to be healing!

Koa's Armory: Needs a set range. "Travel until they hit something" could mean it could fly endlessly if nothing was in its way.
How rapidly can he fire the swords? Can he fire multiple at a time? Does firing more than one at the same time effect accuracy?
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

I believe I fixed all the issues presented, thank you.

History: Okay, thing about the history. It should end with when he gets taken. You should really save the reaction to omni and stuff like that for your first post. Also I want it very very clear when he was taken. As it's written, I'm not really sure the exact moment it happened. Was it while he was dreaming?

As for the moves...

Koa's Blessing: If you’re wanting to heal HP with this move, you’ll need to spend SP in the process. While you can heal cuts and scrapes with healing that’s mostly fluff. If you’re looking to heal HP, I’d suggest writing in that this move eats up SP just for clarity. I don’t think it’s a requirement since it’s the rules, but it might help out whoever has to write your character.

Koa’s Armory:
Quote:Takes about two seconds to summon more after the first round of swords have been used.

Do you have to use up all four swords before you can summon more like this line implies? If so, could you make it a bit more clear?
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Okay I believe I fixed the problems presented again.


Name: James Cabuelo
Spent OM: 4900
Proficiencies (1000): Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers (3300/8000): Healing (3000), Basic Super Jumping (300)
Moves (600): Koa’s Blessing (300) Koa’s Armory (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (0):
Base Stats: 
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3

I do not have the powers to adjust your OM, so please hold off on posting in character until another staff member tackles that! However you can set up your Roster in the meantime!

Copy and paste the above in the first post of your roster than use subsequent posts to present more information about your character!

Congrats and we’ll get someone on your Om situation soon!
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Looks like you're good to go as well! Have fun posting! <3
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

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