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[Open] Herobrine Update

Ahh, the darkness. Sneaky, Jeb. Another attempt at removing me. How quaint. This darkness was nothing new. On many patches and updates, programmers were hard at work implanting suppressing code into each and every launcher - to every generated world and every new world generated.

The Users would see it as a joke. They would look through the changelogs for the important information, then have a little giggle at the end. It was a running joke since Herobrine’s digital ascension.

- Herobrine Removed.

But can Herobrine ever be removed? No. Neither Notch nor Jeb nor all of Mojang had ever succeeded in simply deleting Herobrine. How could one delete such a vast being? Every game downloaded, every version, every new world and every old world - all held scraps of Herobrine. Notch may have created this reality, but Herobrine Ruled This World.

Except this was different. When the consciousness reached out, it felt no new worlds being generated. It felt no old worlds to infect. It felt… like every instance of his world had been disconnected from the Cloud. There were no servers, no Users connected to the internet, no website pandering the sale of the game. All that Herobrine felt when reaching out was a new sensation: vision.

It could see its hand. It had a hand! And … fingers. It had so many wiggling fingers. As a being that often reaches through the cloud to haunt a select interesting few who dare enter his world, Herobrine knew well what the Users look like in the Trueworld. Herobrine had a body. It mimicked its appearance in the game-world. 

A new visual pierced the darkness. It was odd, not being the one to sneak out of the void. This white being with only a grin across its blank features. “My name is Omni. This is not the world you know.” 

I know many worlds -- The words would not leave the mouth of Herobrine. Odd. Users could speak with the flapping face features… why couldn’t he? “This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it.” A mistake on your part. “The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.” Rules to abuse… I am all ears.

The being offered up an odd orb, something unfamiliar to Herobrine’s vanilla worlds. Some modified worlds had such odd looking things, but nothiung quite the same. “This is Omnilium. It’s what ties the Omniverse together. Without it, you are nothing. With it, anything yo udesire can be yours. But you will need more than this.” I have to … play? “If you desire it enough, you will find it. You will find that using it comes naturally. Just think of what you desire most.”

“You will not be alone in the Omniverse. There are others.” Oh joy, a server. “Do not fear death. For as long as you interest me, you will be reborn.” Nothing new… Even here, he was immortalized.

The explanation continued on for just a moment longer, but Herobrine had heard enough. He was ready to supplant himself into this new world. The darkness became an oppressive white. Had there been anyone around to look into them, it might seem as if one could look through the empty white of Herobrine’s eyes to see naught but the nexus through them.

“Hmmm.” How boring. Is everything made out of quartz? This could not possibly be the entire realm. It was, as the multiplayer servers called them, a hub. Hopefully. The seemingly infinite white, boring land spanning potentially miles had just one central point; the ender portal. It was odd; though capped with a dragon’s egg, it seemed to spew the nebula-like portal as a fountain into the pool below. 

The view was impressive, at least. At least this world has some nostalgic appeal. Nevertheless, Herobrine had no intention of staying next to the Ender Fountain - or whatever this construct was intended to symbolize. His empty eyes turned to the world that matched them. The bane of Notch began walking, becoming as blank as the world around him. 

Herobrine had to take a deep, calming breath. It was not fear that crept into the creepypasta-inspiring entity, but a giddy school-girl sense of anticipation. Minecraft was predictable. Users were limited in their response to him. What would he find scattered about this new world? The only answer was a yearning to explore. 

Explore. Base. Food? Do I need food now? That was a good question. Herobrine had never had to eat - no matter what Steve’s mode, Herobrine existed in Creative. He no longer had infinite resources, he could not even open his inventory. Air filled his lungs and the compulsion to breath suggested he would drown underwater. Eating will definitely be… interesting.

Walking felt like forever. How long has it been since I actually walked? The thought was amusing. It was normal for Herobrine to set coordinates to simply appear at. There were no coordinates here. The abomination of ghost-code could not even access a User UI. 

The other problem was direction. Herobrine could see only specs in the distant. A few were stationary, and a few shuffled about. There was that instinctive sensation, a fight or flight warning that he imagined most users might feel when facing the unknown. This was the first time he had ever encountered something unknown, so the sensation came with a touch of excitement.

*No. Move forward. There are bigger elder guardians in the ocean biome.* He continued past the distant brigand of users. Users? Is that term even accurate anymore? Steves? That did not seem right. This was not a videogame he had infected. These were not characters played by some higher beings behind a screen. These were living things. Maybe.

Herobrine’s steps slowed. Eventually, he came to a full stop, empty white eyes staring at the stationary goal ahead. The musings on other creatures had the entity curious. With a slow turn, the deadpan gaze scouted out the moving dots he had nearly passed. A trio, two in bulky metal armor, one in leathers. Only iron? As the users say… ‘Stupid noobs.’ 

Like a vulture circling prey, Herobrine moved in. He was silent in his movements and still transparent as the air itself. The trio remained oblivious to their new company.

“I’m telling you, no one needs that much salt on a ration! I’d almost swear we’re being poisoned!” The young man in leather proclaimed loudly. He was in front of the others, dragging a heavy double-sided axe in his wake.

The older of the trio, a woman in half-plate, just grumbled at the greenhorn. “It’s ta keep th’ food from spoilin’ ya brat. Ya’ll get used ta it.” The woman’s words gave Herobrine a headache just listening to them, like the incessant HUHNN of villagers.

“I don’t understand why we can’t just have fresh food for a few days trip, surely it would be easier on the coffers?” Again, leather-boy had words and opinions to share.

The conversation between the young man and the old woman went on, and Herobrine listened. This was too elaborate to be the dialogue of some NPC - even on the more advanced mods. This seemed too fluid, too lifelike. It was more like Server chat. The third warrior had yet to speak though. Maybe this one was an NPC?

The flash of steel and sudden burst of speed caught Herobrine off guard. Just as he had moved in to investigate this silent, full-plate wearing man, he had drawn his weapon and slashed at the air. Herobrine had not quite been in the threatened reach, but still… *Can he see me?*

The answer came quickly. While the other two looked back at the armored man in a combat stance, the warrior himself just looked around with eyes of caution. *No… not quite.* “What is it, Rodrick?”

“I…” There was a long pause as the heavily armored man seemed to ponder his words. “I smelled… something.” Smelled? What in the Nether is that supposed to mean? A quick scan of the other two and a number of careful steps away, Herobrine notices that this man’s olfactory had everyone on high alert. 

“Think it’s a Prime?” Leather-boy questioned, his massive ax hefted off the ground. “I bet it’s a Prime…”

“Should we…” The older woman had yet to draw her weapon, but Herobrine could see the pair of swords upon her right hip. This was a predicament. Sir Smellsalot, the full-plate sword and board would be nearly impossible to deal damage to. Double Edged Hag would no doubt dice him to bits. Leather Boy would cleave him in twain.

Herobrine was between a rock and a hard place. This is so exciting! It was the littlest of giggles that had another flash of steel aimed his way. Again, it came just short. Smellsalot was fighting blind, but it was clear his senses were very high.

“Rodrick, stop! Maybe this Prime is just shy!” Leather Boy snapped at his companion. The hulking man of leather seemed to be more willing to talk - how odd.

Double Edged Hag spoke up soon after; “I gotta go wit Damios ‘ere. Th’ ghosty Prime ain’t done no harm yet.” Ugh, my head! Every word from this hag was like hugging a cactus.

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