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Alt Character's Dataverse Uplink

Quick question, would it be a conflict of interest if Roxy uses Ambrosia's Dataverse Uplink?

What if she like, did a job for them first in exchange for a one time use?
[Image: ka5ugxl.png]

Anonymous Gunner, Tally
Last I checked, coruscant has public use dataverse terminals... Don't quote me on that though, haven't been there personally

I don’t think those are uplinks though
Like, the terminals are just for like, browsing the internet

Anonymous Gunner, Tally
I don't honestly know
But to answer your question, it would be highly frowned upon to have Roxy use one of your other character's utilities
But... What do you intend to do in the dataverse?

Go on adventures there and probably eventually set up a base

Anonymous Gunner, Tally
No... As much as I want to just say go for it, or even do a quick poll from other staff to verify, we can't start a precedent. Things gained on one character can not be used as another.
Last I checked that's written clearly in the rules

Oh, well, like, even if I earn it with Ambrosia? It kind of sucks that like, literally anyone could go through Ambrosia's dataverse uplink if they made a deal with the town's leadership, but I'm kind of screwed out of it.
[Image: eQwqRg7.png]
[Image: wkr7ABB.png]

Well, if I can't go through Ambrosia, are there other cities I can do jobs for in trade for temporary dataverse uplink?

I mean, Guu's the only active player with a Dataverse uplink, but that doesn't mean there aren't any NPCs that have them! Maybe we can arrange something...
[Image: ka5ugxl.png]

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