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Name: Atelos
Spent OM: 10700
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Area Defense (400 OM), Homing (600)
Powers (5000/8000): Survival (2000), Burst Movement (800), Advanced Regeneration (2200)
Moves (2100): Boiling Blood (300), Spartan Shield (900), Spartan Spear (600), Spartan Xiphos(300)
Super Moves (600): Hades Reinforcement (T1 Defense - 600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 4
SPD: 2
TEC: 2
[Image: 300-4.jpg]

Born and raised by a family of Ancient Sparta. However, his village was known as heretics by the others…His village had mastered the arts of pyromancy and enchanting., Atelos was known as the softy of his village and could never bring himself to harm those around him. By the time he was 8 he had lost every fight during his child sparring sessions and has suffered innumerable amounts of wounds from the people he spends time with every day. He could not bring himself to harm the family that has been so kind to him. In order to make sure Atelos could contribute to their war-like society, his family gave him a spiked glove with a slight enchantment of fire. He had learned to master this weapon and his community did not fear his lack of contribution.

But when he was 17, a neighboring Spartan village had invaded his village and had kidnapped Atelos in order to learn his villages secrets. Yet as he was being taken to their prison he broke free and subdued his captors. He fought for his life, not holding back like he had done for all of those years in training but he finally let out his inner warrior. He finally escaped and ran to his home village in Sparta only to find it in ashes, absolutely quiet and lifeless. Devastated, he shambled back to the pile of ashes and bones that he used to call home. The only remnants was his fathers gleaming, bronze shield with a similar enchantment as his gloves had. In agony Atelos screamed and mourned for his home. Atelos let out his rage letting out a inferno around him.

The last warrior from his once plentiful society, he took his father's shield and his gloves and left his home town permanently, carrying his only piece of home on him. He roamed all of Greece seeking vengeance for what the village had done to his people. He had made it his life's responsibility to seek justice for their actions. He had traveled all across that land until he had returned to the same village that had taken him. He breathed a sigh of relief. His life goal was to be complete…Or so he thought…

The Omni then took him, where limitless possibilities await.
[Image: 300-4.jpg]

Survival- Atelos' hardy spartan training in addition to Hades influence over death in the realm leaves the warrior to be very hardy. These two combinied make the difficult to kill Spartan, difficult to maim as well.

Burst Movement - Atelos' spartan training has the contribution to this power. Over the course of his training he has built his physique and speed. He has learned to run extremely fast in short time spans and uses this to his combat advantage

Advanced Regeneration -Hades, the god of Death, has a great influence over the Spartan's physical body. The result has made the Spartan's blood thick, black, and viscous. When the Spartan is injured, black tendril like members band together to form a spiderweb like function stemming from the wound. This can help fix more minor issues but if the Spartan is severely injured these tendrils take shape and form of whatever member of the Spartan's body is missing.

Spartan Shield
A bronze shield with lots of the standard reinforcement. Can easily be used to bash enemy and to block. Slight pyromancy enchantment where in which case flames can be emitted to defend the user versus attack. The flames are variably more passive and serve mainly to defend. The flames can extend to an extra 3 feet in all directions. Additionally, Atelos can toss the shield much like Captain America and it homes onto its target. The shield however does not return and he has to get it himself.

Boiling Blood
Hades has enough control of the Spartan to directly influence his body. When the Spartan is cut, his blood appears as black and sticky as tar would be. However, his blood is boiling hot and steams as it pours out of his wounds. Atelos can take advantage of this and can throw his blood on his opponents to burn them.

Spartan Spear
Atelos brings down his hand and fire begins to collect in his hand. After about two seconds a bronze spear materializes out of the fire and into his hand. The Spear is about seven feet in length and has a sharp tip on both ends. Atelos can use this in melee combat and can also throw the spear as a ranged weapon.

Spartan Xiphos
This is the Spartan's secondary weapon after his renowned spear has become useless in close combat. The Xiphos is a shortsword that has a leaf-shaped blade and is about a foot in length. The blade is made out of bronze and is double-edged.

[Image: 51tw2RMuY%2BL._SY355_.jpg]

Hades Reinforcement T1 Super Defense
A white mist covers Atelos' shield and Atelos concentrates on reinforcing his shields strength with his flames, he must be completely immobile while taking the damage. Blocking any Tier One Super Move.
[Image: 300-4.jpg]

Atelos is loyal and will do anything to save or help a friend out, even if it costs his own life. He values friendship, loyalty and honesty above all else in the world.Atelos is also very vengeful and will hunt one down if they had wronged him in some way. He often lets his own emotions get the better of him and will be easily hot headed and carried away. He is not very fast in todays age and will be very slow in communication and technology and will often refer to thing that are more current to his times.

Hades is the Daemon that lives inside of Atelos' head and will take ANY opportunity to come out and play. He is often characterized as a "Hyena" and he loves to laugh and likes to play. However, he is very fast and will adapt to any situation quickly and will always pester to keep Atelos down. He is very cocky and arrogant and will take his time in killing his enemies, enjoying every second of it.
[Image: 300-4.jpg]

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