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Rose...poor Rose

I stood by the table waiting for my date. Then she walked through the door and my breathing stopped for a second or two. Rose Williams in all her beauty walked in. There were some things that drew her apart from others. Her emerald green reptile like eyes. scales that peeked from her sleeveless purple dress. I pulled her chair out for her and she giggled a bit. "A gentleman now are we?"

"I try love." I respond to her as I sit down as well. This seemed to be a flash back of my first date with Rose when we officially started getting serious. We chatted, flirted, and had a wonderful time. We ordered expensive food, steaks even used a fake ID to get some wine (It was not good to us so we ordered root beer instead.)  I pay the bill and take my girlfriend's hand as we walk back to the truck i owned. We drove back to Haven with little traffic. I open the door for Rose, her curly ginger hair hid the little horns she was developing. I tease her with a little horn tug and she giggles. I open the door for her and she enters. I start to follow but I hand stops me. I turn and see Onmi's grinning face. He wags his other finger like I was a naughty child. I try too shake him off to follow Rose but I cannot shake off the god of the omniverse. 
"Rose! Rose?! ROSE?!" I scream as she turns and stands in the doorway, her face somber. I slip out of the dream realm back into the harsh reality of the Omniverse.
Tempest: I Think by far the best thing anyone has said to me is that: 
Quote:You should dream as if you were Immortal, but live as if you'll die today.

I just wish I could remember who told me it.

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