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[Open] Spoka lights

The white-clad soldiers of Coruscant patrolled the access points to the events, prohibiting anyone inebriated or on rebellion watchlists from entering the several blocks where the event took place. Within the festival streets, cautious parents and military spouses donned white vests, protecting the children from those who may have slipped through the checkpoints and reassuring those who got lost or scared. Coruscant's fall festival had never lost its roots as a community event, even now that it had grown so large it catered to all tiers instead of the neighbourhood that started it.

The third tier, where the majority of the festivities were held, was a constant throng of people. Parents followed their children from one distraction to another or sat around small bonfires sipping mulled wine or cider. Gleeful children in facepaint and costumes ran wild, chasing each other from stand to stand collecting trinkets and treats in true Halloween fashion. Giant pumpkins hollowed out and mounted on wheels like carriages ferried around families on tours of the decorated streets, dropping them off in a park where a fake pumpkin two stories tall was being used to cook a delightful smelling vegetable soup.

Banquets were set up in apartment lobbies, with queues of attendees stretching down sidewalks. Stores from throughout all of Coruscant competed against family recipes in contests of pie baking and chili cooking, jam preserving and cake decorating. Between face painters and fortune tellers sat little food stalls serving sweets and savoury dishes that could be eaten while walking, everything from candied apples and spun sugar to meat pies and fried chicken. Stands selling hot drinks stood on every corner, despite the temperate weather typical of Coruscant's atmosphere.

A haunted house was set up for the little ones at the center of the festivities, each child given a small ghost-like lantern before sent through dimly lit rooms of ghosts and goblins, draculas and dragons. Gold Cross volunteers walked alongside them to aid the least hardy of the young ones, each one dressed up with glowing accessories to make them easier to find. Below them, in the fifth tier Gold Cross field office, a second haunted house had been constructed for the more daring adults and youths. This too, was chaperoned by more of the Gold Cross and protected by the stormtroopers not occupied with routine patrols, the festivities above, or the drunk and disorderlies that found their way down from the celebrations between.

Even the entertainment district of tier four had joined in, with macabre themed decorations in clubs and skimpy costumes to attract a whole different kind of attention. Many of the bars were packed full of young adults looking for liquid courage to face the terrors set up on the tier below or a distraction from their regular lives to enjoy the vast array of parties surrounding them.
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

A kid donning a cute little outfit of his favorite primes, Jak was walking around cutely. He was so fascinated with the prime that he had hoped Stormtroopers in Couruscant didn't confuse him for the real man. He had begged for the real effects and everything as he held his blue bag. "Yay! Halloween! I love this time of year."

Stormtroopers smiled at times looking at the kids hoping around. A few kids had donned prime appearances that weren't in trouble with the law on and off.

As the shy boy was walking, Auburn looked around as some kids began to tease him on the choice of outfit he decided to wear.

"Ugh, you picked that prime? Don't ya know he got in trouble multiple times here in Courscant? "

Auburn grunted "At least he fought hard."
[Image: oNAS6Nu.png]

[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

The tall Prime found his bearings eventually, and with some kind efforts, he was told he'd have to take the elevator down to Tier 4 if he wanted to reach his destination. This had been more work than you'd imagine, as most people were alarmed first by his size, secondly by the bright red collar around his heavily branded neck. Several people even avoided him because of it.

"Excuse me!" Dust cheered, having lost count how many tries he's made at this point. "May I have a moment of your time?" he directed his question to a woman in a thicker coat with a child pulling her around.

She was not having it, she tried to avoid eye contact with the contractor. But her child recognized him?!

"Dust!" he cried out, leaving his mother's iron-clad grip to race to the massive man's knees. "Wow! Is it you!?" his eyes lit up as he smiled up at Hokori. The missing tooth only added to the boy's charm.

"Y-You know me?" the prime asked.

"Yeah! You were so cool in Dante's Abyss!" he praised, then turned to his mother. "He's the wolfman I was talking about, mum! You should have seen how he ripped that guy's throat out!" the young child's excitement was infectious, but his mother didn't look happy to hear about her son watching gore-filled entertainment.

Dust's shoulders tensed up and he flailed his hands in her direction with a reddened face.

"N-Not that I encourage any of th-that. I just... Ya know... Was trying to survive." he frantically explained to her.

"Oh but that wasn't the best part! I saw you and that other guy moving together like a pack! Me and my friend Sam tried to do that, and... Well, we didn't do it nearly as good... And I kept falling. But I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Strong! Fast! And... Wow! You are so tall! You are like a bajillion stories big!"

This brought laughter to the two adults.

"I don't think a bajillion stories... But close." Dust squatted to the ground to be close to his size. "But if you want to be big and strong you gotta eat right, exercise, and sleep well. Ok?" he lied. He didn't like to, but he knew that's how the boy would be healthy. And if he could use his influence to do a good thing, then it was almost worth the white lie.

"You must have done a lot of those things to get this big!" the child reached up and touched his hero's arm. "It feels like solid steel, mum." Hoshi-kun laughed and flexed a little so the boy could feel it move. "It's alive!" he pulled away even if he was still fascinated by it! "Wait? You still have your collar on?" he asked, reaching over and grabbing that too.

"Jason... It is impolite to just grab onto someone's things." his mother warned.

"He's alright." Dust smiled up at her, then looked down at the boy. "Can you read what it says?" he had to be like ten years or so.

"Um... There are a lot of big words on this one." he was handling the Coruscant tag. "But I know this symbol. It's for the Empire." he sounds excited. "Does that mean you are working for us?"

"Of course it does." Dust explained, with a smile. But he wasn't sure. He hasn't thought about the consequences of being the Empire's plaything until now. Surely... If they collared him they mean to keep him. But they were allowing him to go see the Avengers. So they can't be cruel, right? Nothing like the Russians. "If I am around, you don't have to be afraid of anything. I will keep you safe," he promised.

"I believe you!" Jason explained, and then went back to the tags. "Oh. This one says your name." he then turned it over in his hands. "And that... You like head pats." he readout with a laugh. "Is that true? Can I pat your head?"

Internally he glared at Allen, clearly, the scientist meant for this to happen... Outwardly though, he couldn't bring himself to break the boy's heart. Also, it was all in good humor. Allen wouldn't have done this with malice intent, that was more Yoi's thing.

"Of course," he submitted sweetly. The boy brightened and started to climb up on Hokori so he could reach his hair. The boy then began by ruffling up his long locks, then gently patting them down. Petting The Dying Star like a dog. Happy as he could be.

He must have given the parent a look that was just pathetic enough that she felt she had to pay him back though. After a bit more conversing, she'd been the one to tell him he needed to go down. She was kind enough to also give him instructions on where to find the grand elevator that would take him to any tier he requested via a button. With a wave goodbye to them both, he headed in the directions she'd told him. Following the instructions step by step so as not to get lost, he arrived just in time to catch it before going down.

Inside were numerous people and as customary elevator etiquette, he inched his way into the back given how tall he was. As soon as he was close, his sense of smell picked up the scent of cinnamon, sugar, spices, and all manner of sweets. By the time he reached the back corner, he swore someone snuck a bakery in on it. However, apparently his pace had been too slow for the machine they collectively agreed to ride on, and it began its descend abruptly. This threw him off just enough that his balance went a bit wonky and the towering Lychanthrope fell forward.

Thankfully he wasn't far from the wall, secondly though that he also had good reactions for the time being. His hands slap the sides of the lift as he caught himself from crashing into a smaller fox girl hiding in the corner with stacks and stacks of boxes. His shadow eclipsed the light from reaching her body, but his face made up the radiation of heat that may or may not be there as he accidentally ended up pinning her somewhat against the back steel-colored wall.

"G-Gomen'nasai okusama," he sputtered out, only turning brighter red when he realized he was speaking Japanese instinctively. "S-Sorry! I just lost my footing." he fretted. "Are you okay?" he asked, ignoring the sound of tags clinking together and the strong scent of cookies wafting from her and her boxes.
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"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

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