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Awakening... again

Noragnir groaned as he opened his eyes looking around the stark space of the nexus as he shook his head slowly from side to side looking about. "Ah, this damn place again it seems here I thought I would wake up back home." The dwarf muttered as he got back to his feet brushing the dirt from his long coat, and various other bits of gear. He used this act to check out the status of his other gear finding all of his weapons, and items secured in their various pouches secured about his person. "Well that's convenient at least I still have me gear that is quite nice indeed." He grumbled softly taking a moment to settle his shades over his eyes, before lighting one of his cigars. He took a few moments to puff gently on the freshly lit cigar enjoying the rich taste of the smoke on his tongue, before exhaling it out in a cloud his gaze moving to the middle distance.

'I spent a lot of time in that strange half state as my mind floated, but just what should I do next?' He thought to himself tapping a hand on his thigh for a few moments still puffing away on the cigar. "First thing first time to get a new bike." He grumbled closing his eyes to better focus on the well of omnilium inside of him focusing it into the image of the vehicle in his mind. The summoning took five full minutes just as it had in the past, but when it was done he saw a shinning new motorcycle in front of him. The bike was an exact duplicate of the first creation of brass, and steel powered by a mixture of magic and steam. "Well, now that I have a means of transport again let's go have a look at that Camelot place hmm." He said with a broad smile as he turned the key, and kicked the start bringing the beast to life with a deep growl of beloved machinery. He took off at a what he considered a decent clip not wanting to tare through space so he didn't seem like a threat, but he had no interest in taking more time then he had to in clearing the distance to the Camelot gate. He slowed to a crawl as he reached the gate speaking softly to the guards, and letting them go through their checks, before making his way through the gate.

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