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[Open] A Dwarf and a Tavern

Noragnir sighed as he finally got out of the chaos of the gate the engine of his bike growling almost happily as it devoured the miles of the open roads of the verse. He took a deep breath enjoying the sweet taste of fresh air, and the feel of the wind through his hair far more than the time he had been exploring the depths of Coruscant. The air there had been recycled stale even a fact that had gotten worse the lower he had gone into the massive city verse whereas here he knew it would stay fresh no matter where the road took him. he passed a few places that were some kind of military encampments, but judging from the security at the gate that was hardly a surprise to him, and few people seemed inclined to stop him for the time being. 'That is likely because I am an unknown here after all I'm still fairly new to this world or worlds as it were.' He thought to himself as he entered the first larger village he had come upon in the land.

The dwarf had already begun slowing when he had noticed the increase of traffic on the roads that had likely meant he was nearing a village, and upon entering the village he slowed to a near crawl. He got a few looks as he passed some of the people milling about taking note of craftsmen you would expect in a verse like this one. "Seems the technology in the villages matches the Verse as a whole as I saw there." He muttered taking note of what could only have been a tavern and rolled to a stop next to it with a smile. He had been riding for a few hours now, and it was growing late a good brew would do much to raise his worn spirits as he killed the engine. He slipped from the bike pocketing the ignition key as he went double-checking his gear as he made his way inside the building.

The new prime immediately felt eyes on him as he entered taking off his shades, and sliding them into a pouch in his vest frowning as he looked around.' I wonder if it's my race I only see humans in here, but surely not.' He thought to himself knocking dust from his coat as he made his way further in his emerald eyes scanning the tavern slowly until it landed on the bartender. "Three pints that back table." He grumbled ignoring looks as he put a single large gold coin on the counter. He had created it of course but that wasn't something they needed to know, and he hopped the flash of the metal would get looks off him. He watched as the man bit the coin and then nodded taking a few moments to fill the pints, and sending them to the table. Noragnir settled in himself a moment later taking a moment to ease the Ravenger a bit in his holster should he have to pull it, before taking a long pull from the first of the three tankards."Ah, nothing better then a drink to cut the dust from your throat."

Noragnir yawned shifting in his seat as he glanced around the room at the various looks that had faded for the most part after a short time. The dwarf could tell that this group was one that appeared to be none too friendly with the non-human races, but at least they weren't overly hostile to them. "That would have gotten messy rather quickly if it was the case." The dwarf muttered as he pulled out a cigar taking a moment to light it with a soft sigh enjoying the taste of the rough tobacco on his tongue. This was not the first time he was marveled by how perfectly the energy of this place could recreate something from his homeland. "There is so much I still don't understand about this world he questions is just what am I going to do about that lack of knowledge." He grumbled as he finished off his drink, and sat up with a sigh as he made his way outside of the tavern, and stepped back onto his waiting bike. "Perhaps I shall head to one of the other realms, and find something interesting to do."

Noragnir shifted the burning cigar in his mouth as he handled the controls of his bike moving at a rather quick pace through the main roads of the Verse. He had been traveling for a few days through the twisting roads since leaving that tavern with the initial thoughts of returning to that verse that was a massive city. He had changed his mind after overhearing whispers of the capital of this land, and something that may have been about a floating city. An idea was forming in his head about what to do in this verse something that he was wanting to create, and he was perfectly aware that he would need both allies, and funds to even just imagine the base of the idea forming in that mind of his. He lacked knowledge of this place most of all he had fragments of what the being that had brought him here had said, but that was not nearly enough.

The dwarf was hungering for knowledge of the history of this place, and what drove it was obvious it could not at all be like his lands. There would have to be more than one political force given the sheer power of what he had already seen in this verse of powerful beings. He was also aware that his weapons appeared far weaker then they had been when he had made the most recent versions of them. He needed to find the reason why, and then secure a place to tinker with them further. he was sure he would need new things as well like the device he now carried with him that allowed him to talk to others, and connect to some weird verse of words. "So many questions to answer and so few answers I can't remember the last time I was so charged." He growled around the stub of his cigar his shade covered eyes taking in the growing form of Minas Tirith in the distance. "I bet I will find my answers there, and if needed that other city I heard about should answer some of my questions after all magic is the core of all my gear."

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