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Name: Bard
Spent OM: 4600
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2000): Ranged (1000), Area Defense (400), Remote control (600)
Powers (1700/8000): Super Jumping – Basic (300), Suppression (1000), Telekinesis – Basic (400)
Moves (900): Sing (900)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Consumed OM (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 0
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 5
[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."

[Image: the_bard.png]

Name: Bard

Gender: Non-Binary

Race: Human

Physical Description
The Bard has pink hair (though not much of it and always hidden under their hat) and brown eyes. They wear a green hat with a red feather on it, of which they made themselves, and they also wear a white, long-sleeved shirt with brown fingerless gloves and a small, light green cloak. Their cloak's snap is gold. Their pants are green, and they wear a pair of brown boots and a belt, both of which match their gloves.

The Bard is a kind and cheerful person who does their best to spread happiness to everyone they meet. They believe that all life is precious, and they refuse to hurt or kill any living thing.
They are very quick to try to make others feel better but In doing their best to make other people happy, the Bard often disregards and ignores the things that make themself upset or sad because they think that others don't want to hear negative things.
Character history

[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."


Life Long Skill (Suppression)
Having been singing their whole life, The bard is both a natural and a master of singing, making it near impossible to fully understand their technique despite how easy it is for them.

Sing~ (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Defense Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Telekinesis Basic, Super Jumping: Basic):
As The Bard’s beautiful voice enter’s the air, They call out to the world itself to help. Normally this leads to the assistance of animal friends, Like swarms of bugs that move obstacles for him, or birds that help them jump to higher ledges. But it can also make a spherical forcefield with a diameter of 6 feet around themselves and allies in their area, deflecting attacks.

Its takes about 3 secs to call the bird, the bird staying close until they help them up. While the bugs will move/the force field will stay up while Bard is singing and disappear immediately they stop, both have a 1 sec start up time.

The shield can reflect most non-super attacks, but loses power the longer it stays up, after one minute reflecting moves is worse than them just hitting him. If the shield is kept up for this amount of time it will leave him severely fatigued.[/align]
[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."

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