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As The Emperor Commands

Quote:Storyteller Post from yours truley the Moon Knight.

The Imperial Palace, it was the quietest thing within the many tiers of Coruscant. If one were born and raised only inside the walls of the palace they would never know of the constant buzzing metropolis streets, the toil of day to day work, and the marching drums of the ever-growing Imperial war machine. Though he had been in the Emperor’s service for nearly six years, the silence alone within the confined walls of the Palace never set the esteemed Imperial Sovereign Protector Salvrick Faunyer at ease. If at best the null void of noise left the Guard on edge. There was no telling if or when an attack on the majesty would happen or the thought that in every room a black-cloaked assassin waiting to strike.

Faunyer set aside his thoughts and focused on the now. Emperor Palpatine himself had requested that he make an appearance before the throne. If there was to be an attack, no assassin would be to get past him and his two best men, the red-clad Royal Guards under his rank, and the two Custodes that were also present in the room. Each protector of the Emperor would give their lives to protect the throne.      

Following along a narrow black tiled platform, steam hissed and rose above into the air from both seemingly bottomless pits that followed beside the platform’s walkway. The throne room itself was dimly lit, with the only light centering upon the Emperor’s throne itself. Followed by the low visibility was ominous silence that filled the room, almost like a dark presence lurking inside. Faunyer being the Emperor’s guard, he knew of the great secret Palpatine held but deep inside he did believe it. An old man such as he couldn't be so powerful though one would that looks can be deceiving. It was not something Faunyer would put to the test.

Marching in perfect formation all three guards stepped past the golden power armor of the Custodes. Their still bodies never moving an inch as they made it past them, their gaze like a silent sentinel ready to pounce at whatever dared to challenge the Emperor. Making it towards the throne Palpatine sat up straight in his set, both hand’s fingers clasped on top of one another. A sickly smile grew on the old man’s face.

Stopping just in front of the Emperor like second nature Faunyer dropped to one knee. The other two Royal Guard’s followed their armored knee plates making a slight clank against the deep black tile underneath them.

“Leave us.” The Emperor commanded with a quick wave of his weathered right hand.

Without uttering a single word the Custodes lifted their guardian spears from their shoulders and held them out firmly within their grasp. With unified movement, both custodians spun on their heels and proudly marched toward the throne room’s exit. With each step, their feet boomed with such intensity that the very walls felt that they would give way at any moment.

“You requested to see us, my lord?” Faunyer asked soon after the Custodian’s left.

“Yes… The Director of Imperial Intelligence: Madam Isard has arrived with her full report on the mind control project. I want you to be present and listening during her presentation. Afterward, you are to study her, the other governing officials within around her, and the test subjects within the project.” The Emperor spoke before rising out of his chair. Pacing only a few steps, Palpatine rested his right hand on top of Sovernege Protector’s shoulder.  

“You are my spy among spies, remove those who are conspiring against me and the project. Complete this task well and you will be rewarded greatly.”

Lifting his head to face the great Dark Lord, Faunyer veered into his Emperor’s sunken yellow eyes, his red and black helmet not faltering one single bit. “As you wish my liege.”


Stepping into Emperor’s view Madam Isard dropped to her right knee, her red uniform folding over as she bent over for crisp kneel. It was a kneel that meant either two things, absolute loyalty or the hunger for power. 

“My Emperor.” She called out in a softer tone than one outside would hear from her. 

“Rise,” Palpatine called in return, a slight smirk began to grow from the Sith Lord’s lips. He enjoyed Isard the authority and power she commanded onto others had always impressed him. It was not enough for him to trust her, however, she was indeed the Director of Imperial Intelligence and that meant she had as much information on him as he did on her. She had her uses though and rightfully earned her position among The Council of Moffs.

“My lord the first set of tests went accordingly.” She said rising from her knee though she still kept at attention. “The subject known as Dust passed the strength, endurance, and pain tests with successful results. If he were not Prime or… Werewolf but a normal man, I am sure he would have most certainly died during the first test. With the aid of both scientists Yoi and Allen we were able to study Dust and determine whether what allows him to turn into the beast and how long he can stay within the form.” 

“Goood, I am aware during these same tests General Mohc’s Dark Troopers made their first successful live test, this news pleases me. Who else was present during the project’s tests?” Sheev asked. 

“Captain Keller, my lord,” Isard answered accordingly.     

“Ahh yes, I groomed him to his current position as a captain. There will be a time when we must test the young boy’s loyalty but for you Sovereign Protector Faunyer.” At the very mention of his name, the Guard stepped from the throne’s left side and bowed. “And you Madam Isard are to watch him closely. Any sign of disloyalty is to be reported back to me immediately, where I myself will deal with him accordingly.” Finishing the sentence the Emperor let out a spine chilling cackle that echoed from across the entire throne room. 

“Go now the two of you, take one of my shuttles and complete your work.” 

Both gave a bow before making their way to the exit, the other two Royal Guards followed in behind both the Director and the Sovereign Protector. Once they were completely gone both custodians reentered the throne room and took their previous positions. 

“Do you believe that their efforts will be successful, my lord?” The one towards the left of the Emperor asked. The Emperor himself gave a menacing grin.

“Yes my old friend, for their sake.” The Dark Lord of The Sith cackled.

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