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Destined to Die, Meant to Live for something more

“Some wounds never heal. They just stop bleeding.”
― Nitya Prakash

I’ve been having the same occuring dreams like a movie set playing in my head. I used to believe that doing the same things over and over would lead to insanity, yet here I am staring out the window set, once again, the cold sense of dread washing over my false skin Skynet had somehow cleverly thought up for me.

I’d often been asked what I think about while laying on a hard, cold slab I call a bed at certain hours of the night next to artifacts of value of the team leader. “Do Terminators actually dream of something more than what’s going on in the Omniverse, or being the next tin man?

I never was that little red haired girl named Dorothy travelling along in her red sparkling boots, excited to be with Kyle, the courage of the group and Star, the brains of the group.

That’s all in the past, all I know are these four walls.

Those four walls often felt like they were going to collapse on me.

I still can’t believe it. I refuse to believe it.

So they said I could do good for the world. Maybe I did.

Maybe I didn’t.

Only real men have emotions. My emotions died with my real body years ago.

Am I actually myself or am I collectively dead inside?

I stepped outside of the mansion, letting the rain drip on my head as I remembered the night before.

Was there hope for me someday?

The only way to fight back was to go inside my own head and fight back in the Hellscape I called my head.
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