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Warrior of 3 Armies

Miranda let loose a labored sigh, her crimson gaze fixating on the slim suit of armor following her.

 “For something with impressive programming, you weren’t smart enough to read the fine print of my contract.”  Her words were cold and bold, but there was no way for her to know the extent and complexity the AI dwelling within her armor. Still, she couldn’t fault that logic. The easiest thing to do in her situation was to simply leave, but like the many layers of Coruscant, there was more to the dilemma than what was on the surface. Many of the chains that held her here was simply below the surface. “The Empire still owns you. Considering you are a valuable military asset bound to me, to leave is to commit theft on a grand scale.”
Miranda placed a gloved hand on her hip as she looked out of the elevator window. Buildings of incomprehensible scale sprawled in every direction. It was amazing how a single government could control such an expanse to the extent that it does. This was what she was banking on. Theoretically, just descending a few levels might provide a little security from the prying eyes of the Imperials, but keep herself enough within arm’s reach to not trip their alarms.

 As the elevator reached the 4th level, she could already see the difference. The doors opened, and the two exited onto the durasteel walkway branching off into every direction. The pristine nature of the upper level had already began to degrade, however slightly, just a few levels down. 

 “Commentary: Military presence here is noticeable”, rang the suit of armor as they walked along their path, weaving through the occasional crowds of civilians gathering outside shops and commercial establishments. Her eye weaved to and fro, looking for something, anything that would pop out to her. Despite its curiosity, her armor understood this much and helped her search. Its hand would grasp her shoulder, halting her. “Report: Look to your left, to the far walkway.”

 Sure enough. There it was, a strangely out of place mansion with the letter A plastered over it's gate to designate the Avengers organization, a particular group Miranda had only heard of a couple times prior. Curiously, she felt drawn to the building. “Well. I’ve nothing else better to do. We could check it out.” The two made their way over. Like most buildings in Coruscant, the mansion itself appeared much bigger in scale the closer she approached than from a distance. To compliment the clean exterior of the architecture, statues of what appeared to be members of the organization lined the walkway to the mansion. As Miranda and her armor walked through the gate, she was better able to observe the statues: A man in peak condition bravely brandishing only a shield, a smaller, human-like rabbit creature, an even smaller child with a peaceful demeanor about it, and a demon-like figure with a gauntlet that alluded to its immense strength.

 "Commentary: They do not appear to be of Imperial Origin", Her Armor chimed curiously, its glowing red gaze scanning the figures.

 "Primes. Maybe. Those of us are often drawn to one another.", She answered mildly, approaching the giant doors to the mansion. Memories synchronized and validated her statement. She remembered Zack and Luigi, the first two she met in the land of fire. She remembered Drake and Desmond. She remember the gathering of primes that sought out to conquer the dragon tyrant, Volvagia, spearheaded by the godlike figure of Nealaphh and then the Blades. They were all gone now, or so she thought. The cyborg woman hadn't seen any of them for sometime. Perhaps they moved on. Whatever the case may be, the one thing they all had in common was that they all left her behind. Frost sighed and entered the mansion.

 "Welcome visitor to the home of the Avengers! Our members are currently in a meeting, but if you are willing to wait, please remain here in the foyer until such a time can be allowed for a meeting to be arranged. If anything is needed, please use the kiosk on the eastern side of the foyer, and I will do my best to accommodate. Thank you, and have a wonderful day", announced a voice over the PA system the moment she walked in, halting the duo in their tracks. Miranda bit her lip in mild annoyance and turned the suit of armor that had followed her all this way. "We'll wait here for now. Hopefully they don't take too long."
"I've been here before, used to this kind of war. Crossfire grind through the sand. The orders were easy: 'It's kill or be killed'. Blood on both sides will be spilled."
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