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Trees to Meet You


“Ow, my head…”

Jams went to pick himself up from the ground.  As he got up on all fours, he felt the soft grass cradling his fingers, a gentle autumnal breeze flowing by.  Trees encircled him from every direction.  Trees to the left.  Trees to the right.  Clouds above, floating in an ocean of sky blue air, obscured by bright green leaves.  It was nice.

“So, where do I go from here?  Hmm…”  This world was probably pretty big.  After all, there’s an entire forest here!  And there were other dots on the horizon, probably also portals.  It’d be a bit silly for Jams to be the only person in the world, right?  There are probably other people, or even other civilizations!  There was a dirt path leading into the woods, which he had just noticed as he was contemplating.  Jams was getting excited just thinking about it!

Oh… but wait, this place is pretty big.  I might get lost!  Forests are twisty and turney after all.  Getting lost is a real possibility, and then what would he do?  He might starve, or meet a grisly death.

Jams then laughed for a bit, looking up to the sky.  “Oh wait, I can just create whatever food I want!  And it’s not like standing around will make me any more safe, I’m still just in the forest.  Better just go, see what I find, and hope it’s good!”

His bicycle was a bit dusty from the fall, he had fallen off it when he rode into the forest.  Thankfully, it was largely unharmed, excluding some negligible scratches in the paint job.  He hopped on and followed the trail, unsure of his future, but optimistic nonetheless.
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