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Feran Ap Maddyn

Name: Feran Ap Maddyn (Maddyn pronounced Mavyn)
Spent OM: 9000
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000 OM)
Powers (5700/8000): Survival (2000 OM), Burst Movement (800 OM), Basic Lifeburn (1000 OM), Advanced super Jump (500 OM), Basic enhanced senses (1400)
Moves (300): Flaming Longsword (300 OM)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (1000): Wyld Frenzy 
Assists (0):
Artefacts: Amulet of Salvation 
Unlocks (1000): Stat upgrade I (ATK) 
Base stats: Normal form : Wyld Frenzy 
ATK: 4 : 8
DEF: 2 : 2
SPD: 3 : 6
TEC: 2 :

"If one were to look up a definition for the phrase 'The flame that burns twice as bright' they'd see an image of Pup" 

- Ginger Tom of the beasts of Kappa, shortly after Feran's death. 

Feran Ap Maddyn was the son of Maddyn, the first Cu Ddraig of the Dragons nation (Cu Ddraig translates to "Hound Dragon" and is a high scout of sorts) and a beastkin who was known throughout the lands of Cymerija and Erin as a legendary hero of unparalleled bravery and devotion to his faction. Feran spent a good chunk of his short life living in the immense shadow of his father's legacy, and strove to become as great as Maddyn had been, to be able to live up to him, and hopefully, one day, make the old dead dog proud. 


Feran was born in the Northern wastes, a land mass in the northernmost area of Erdreja which is a frigid tundra and home to many tribes of beastkin. His mother came from one of these tribes and was a keen hunter. His father, Maddyn, met her while on Campaign and took a liking to her. Once Feran was born, Maddyn returned once to see the pup he had sired. This was the only time that Feran saw his father, who died not long afterwards. After the death of his mother about a year afterwards Feran travelled around Erdreja, seeking strength, as he perceived his lack of strength at the time to be part of the reason why his mother died. During this time he came to reside in  a couple of factions. First the Harts of Albion, Second the Gryphons of Lyonesse and Estragales, and, finally, the Dragons of Cymerija and Erin. It took Feran just over three years of his life to finally find his way to the lands of his father, but he was finally 'home', in a sense. 

Shortly after he found the Dragons, he discovered his heritage as the son of Maddyn, and also the innumerable family members that resides within the warband. No less than five aunties and uncles, over a dozen cousins, and, if we're being honest, it's likely that  he was related in some way to most of the faction. 

"Cymerijan family trees less resemble trees than chaotic masses of marriages, adoptions, and the odd case of incest. I don't think anyone has ever actually managed to map one fully" - Gwen, 'queen' of the demete tribe. 

Within the Dragons warband Feran became known as a wild and keen warrior. If there was a fight, then Feran was amongst the first to enter the fray, fighting the enemies of the Dragons nation with a flaming blade and a wide, fang-filled grin.


I'll finish it later I promise. 

"Feran, what if you come across an enemy you cannot harm?"

"Hit them harder" 

"OK, but your sword can't hurt them" 

"Get a better sword? Or a really big stick"

Combat information. 


Survival- Feran is able to survive wounds that would normally kill or incapacitate a living being and keep on fighting. This is owing to the fact that as he fights and endures more pain, his rage only growls stronger and stronger. This in turn slowly dampens his ability to feel pain and drives him to fight with more fury. In short, he literally becomes too angry to die, able to hold on to life through sheer rage. 

Burst movement- Feran's whole fighting style revolves around getting into striking range of his opponent quickly and then taking them down shortly after. This is how a predator hunts, and thus Feran does battle in a similar way. Having fought like this his entire life Feran has become exceptionally good at producing bursts of speed beyond what he can normally manage. This, of course, has it's limits. Such a feat cannot be used many times in succession due to the strain that it puts on his body. 

Basic Lifeburn- For Feran Rage is very much a resource in a fight, often it is the only thing that manages to keep him going if he's facing a particularly powerful opponent or has been caught in a long, drawn out engagement. When he feels like he's reached his limit Feran can make use of the fury burning within him to force his body to carry on, pushing it beyond it's limits through hatred and determination alone. This, however, has a major drawback, as forcing his body in such a way can damage it heavily; but, as far as Feran is concerned, victory is far more important. 


Flaming longsword- (Requires Physical strength) 

A two-handed sword, 55 inches in length and a few inches across. A swing with this sword takes about half a second to complete, when the sword makes contact with a target it bursts into flames until the contact is stopped. Because of this wounds caused by this weapon tend to bleed less due to the burst of heat partially cauterising the wound.


Physical Strength: This one is actually rather simple. Feran has just built up a fair amount of strength over a lifetime of fighting (Well, five years, but that's rather long for a beastkin). He knows his way around most kinds of melee weapons, although his weapon of choice is a two-handed sword. 


Wyld Frenzy (Powered up form): 
Upon entering this form Feran lets go and allows his rage to flow freely, embracing the wild beast within. Consumed by rage and fighting on pure emotion, all of his training goes out of the window and he acts like a mindless and savage animal, focused only upon destroying whoever he is fighting at that moment in time. The tradeoff being that he becomes essentially immune to pain which allows him to push his body beyond its normal limits, allowing for monstrous feats of strength and speed which normally would be impossible (Attacks still damage him as normal, but he’s able to ignore any pain or discomfort that they may cause).

Additional notes/roleplay effects: While in this form Feran becomes unable to distinguish between friend and foe, like a crazed beast he will relentlessly attack whoever he is fighting at that moment in time, or if someone else gets in the way they will likely find themselves the target of his fury. 

Overall fighting style: Feran's style in battle can be rather effectively summed up as aggression. In a fight he closes the gap and then attacks his opponent relentlessly, seeking to overwhelm his opponent. If his opponent has an exceptionally good guard or defences, then he will simply keep up his onslaught until either an opening presents itself, or whoever he is fighting tires from having to defend from the constant strikes from his blade. This rushdown style of fighting is best shown in his Powered Up Form "Wyld Frenzy" which focuses entirely upon his ability to quickly overwhelm and opponent in battle, forgoing technique entirely to bolster his already impressive speed and attack strength. 

As a general rule of thumb, the more damage that Feran has endured then the more furiously he will fight, as the pain and the fact that his opponent has managed to get through his guard often just fuels his rage more
"Feran, what if you come across an enemy you cannot harm?"

"Hit them harder" 

"OK, but your sword can't hurt them" 

"Get a better sword? Or a really big stick"

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