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The call of the tormented

“In tombs haniwa must protect, for no injury must befall any man.” That was the imperial edict that had consumed her every godly fiber. And yet the idola deus had been torn away from her spirits and her haniwa and sent tumbling into the nexus spinning with no control and no respect for her duty to the flock.

Every second she could see the outline of an ornate fountain that was quickly growing in size. But that wasn’t where she was going to land. No it was away from the fountain.

It was supposed to be a calm and peaceful patrol for two groups of soldiers. One moment they were doing their rounds and the next they could see the hurtling form of some multicolored… creature past the fountain. The falling prime was a multi-colored meteor before a loud crash could be heard not that far from the two groups.

The idola deus laid on the ground breathing shakily looking to the pure and untainted white of the nexus. Breathing in she pushed herself up ignoring the pain in her side. Looking around the Japanese goddess could see the two groups keeping a decent distance from the unknown prime. “OH! Hello what might your names be?”  Keiki flashed a gentle smile while she cupped her hands together looking at the ten soldiers.

When one of the stormtroopers opened their mouth to speak a rumbling could be heard. Keiki and the others looked around in confusion as the ground beneath their feet cracked and crumbled with an ominous light poking through the ground. “Huh? What’s going on?” Keiki’s confusion was visible until she started to hear the almost silent cries for help for someone or thing to help them in their time of need.

The voices grew louder causing the goddess to go into a sort of trance ignoring the darkening light, growing cracks and the rumbling.  Keiki finally heard a voice louder than the others cry out for help. It all grew into a climax before the three groups fell into the dark red void. each unable to escape the collapsing nexus floor.

Once the goddess had fallen into the Underverse the Nexus started to close up it’s wound. Nothing remained of the aftermath besides a streak of blackened land that was quickly turning back into its pristine white.
[Image: __haniyasushin_keiki_and_joutouguu_mayum...a9b2c8.jpg]

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