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Changing Character: Sergeant Johnson

Just Sergeant Johnson for the name, please. 

Character Name: Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson

Character Source: Halo

Character History: Born between the years 2474 and 2482 on Earth in the United Republic of North America’s Greater Chicago. Avery Jr. Johnson was adopted by his loving aunt Marcille  Johnson after his parents split from a bitter divorce. From his early childhood, Johnson has fond memories of going to church with his aunt, and throughout all his life Avery has kept his aunt's advice with him. One greater example is to always do what was right. 

Turning nineteen years old, Johnson joined up with the United Nations Space Command Marine Corps, his aunt bidding him farewell. Johnson left to help defend his home from the growing Insurrectionist threat. Excelling in his duties through the first years of the 26th century, Johnson was handpicked for the ORION Project. From there, Avery went through numerous series of bioengineering protocols, and grueling physical and mental tests. Surpassing his superiors’ expectations, Johnson took part in several key operations during the years that the ORION Project had been active. Examples of these operations would follow: Kaleidoscope, Tanglewood, and Trebuchet. 

After an incident revolving around Insurrectionists and a bomb, Johnson was reassigned onto the planet Harvest, where he was originally assigned to train the colonial militia before training Marines. By the year 2525, the first contact with the alien empire known as the Covenant had been made. Shortly after contact, the Covenant attacked and glassed Harvest, thus starting the Human-Covenant War. After serving through decades of war, in the year 2552, Johnson participated in the battle of Reach In the waning years of the war. Losing the battle on Reach, Johnson escaped its glassing onboard the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn. Exiting Slipspace the cruiser arrived at an unknown destination. The Pillar of Autumn discovered the Forerunner artifact known as Halo, designated as Installation 04. Shortly after crash landing onto the installation, Johnson survived encounters with Covenant forces and the far worse enemy, the Flood. 

Escaping Halo via pelican before its destruction, Johnson regrouped with the Spartan-II known as John 117, aka the Master Chief, along with several other survivors. From there they boarded the Covenant ship, the Ascendant Justice, and made their escape back to the planet Reach. Arriving on Reach, Johnson and other survivors found several surviving Spartan-II’s along with Director of the project Catherine Halsey. After the success of Operation First Strike and arriving back to Earth, the Covenant discovered the last human stronghold and quickly invaded. During the Battle of Earth, Johnson aided in the defense of Cairo station and the assault on the city of New Mombasa. After the destruction of a Covenant Scarab, Johnson, with the Master Chief, reboarded the UNSC ship In Amber Clad, where they piggybacked the slipspace portal that a massive Covenant carrier used to leave the planet.   

Dropping out of slipspace, In Amber Clad discovered a second Halo known as Installation 05. After pursuing Covenant forces, they soon learned that the spiritual leader, the Prophet of Truth, planned to fire the Delta Halo. Following Commander Miranda Keyes and a squad of marines, they delved deep into the ring’s quarantine zone in an effort to find Halo’s control Index. Encountering the chieftain of the Jiralhanae, Tartarus, they were captured and brought to the Covenant Capital City, High Charity. Being held prisoner for a short time, Johnson and Miranda were eventually brought back to Delta Halo. Thankfully the Arbiter and several of his men saved Johnson and his marines. Boarding a Scarab, Johnson, along with the Arbiter, assaulted the control room and killed Tartarus. From there they discovered the coordinates of a Forerunner artifact known as the Ark.

After several battles against the Covenant in the city of Voi, it was discovered that near the outskirts of the city, a portal to the Ark was being excavated by several Covenant ships. Following through the portal, UNSC and Elite forces battled the remnants of the Prophet of Truth’s Covenant forces. This eventually leads to Truth’s death in the Ark’s control room by the hand of the Arbiter. Soon after, the hive mind leader of the Flood, the Gravemind, orchestrated his move to attack and eventually convert all lifeforms. Johnson, Master Chief, and the Arbiter quickly made their escape from the Ark’s control room from a pelican.

Discovering that a Halo ring was located within the Ark, the remaining UNSC and allied forces developed a plan to use the ring and destroy the Flood. Arriving in the Halo’s control room, Johnson was attacked by the Forerunner monitor 343 Guilty Spark after trying to fire the ring prematurely. From there Omni took him.                     

Physical Description: 
[Image: 5fc84683fe78062edd315e0ea999be04.jpg]
ATK: 2 
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Starting Proficiencies:
Ranged Proficiency- 1000 OM
Physical Strength- 1000 OM

Starting Powers: 
Enhanced Senses, Basic- 1400 OM

Starting Moves:

MA5C Assault Rifle- The MA5C Assault Rifle is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, fully-automatic bullpup rifle that fires 32 rounds of 7.62×51mm ammunition. The weapon itself carries a built-in ammunition indicator and a magnetic compass. Johnson can draw the rifle within a matter of 3 seconds and can be fire instantaneously through the simple act of squeezing the trigger. Upon opening fire, the assault rifle from close to mid-range will riddle bullets into the opposing target until the operator deems it dead or destroyed. The weapons effective range closes in on 300 meters. 

M6 Spartan Laser- Simply known as the Spartan Laser is man-portable, shouldered-fired, directed energy weapon. Johnson can draw this weapon within 4 seconds. Due to how powerful the weapon's laser is, it has a slow rate of fire. The Spartan Laser takes up to 2 seconds to fire and about 4 seconds to recharge. Once the weapon is recharged it can instantly be reused until the target is either destroyer or the weapons are out of battery. The laser can fire up to four shots before Johnson will not be able to reuse this weapon in the field. Outside the field, however, the weapon can be reloaded. The laser on the weapon will fire until it hits either the designated target or something in its path.         

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us? 

Been here, it’s MK remember?
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Declined until you are back from your supposed hiatus. See you in February, mate.
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