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ACT EIGHT: A NEW BEGINNING (SCENE: 57 The Bard and The Snail)

“Okay, tell me right now, what was that about?” Bard had the snail in an alleyway, out of sight, out of ear shot.

“That was obviously nothing, don’t worry about it. They must of meant a *different* snail in a top hat. There is a surprising amount here.”

“Oh no. I’m not doing this again. You’re staying with me until I know I can trust you.”


… Well, guess Bard won this one?
[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."

A run down bar at the edge of town. That’s where Bard and the snail ended up themselves. Not for any particular reason like a gangster snail in a shady pub would imply, Bard was just getting hungry and this was the closest one.

“Omnilium huh, I heard something like that in that weird dream.” Bard mumbled to themself .

“Yeah, it's basically everything here. From currency to energy to what everything is made of."

Bard's eyes grew in wonder as they took this all in. "WoooOOOOOoooow!!! SO COOL!"

"Yeah, I guess it would be. If those stinking primes didn't get so much of it. They just run around doing whatever they want like they own the place!" The snail seemed… passionate about this.

"I-I'm sure not all are like that. Maybe-"

"No! They are. Maybe you'll understand when you're older kid." They won't, they're too innocent. They see the good in everyone.
[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."

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