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Feran vs Cally: The Battle in VR (Mock Battle)

A bright flash of blue light.

Before either of the combatants realized entirely what was happening, they were in a pitch-black location. While they could see themselves just fine, no other discernable anything was around them. Just as concern would start to arise, a simple holo-screen flickers to life displaying a small bit of information.

Battle type: 1v1
Victory Condition: Last man standing
Map: City ruins

A small timer appears in the bottom corner alerting them to prepare themselves for combat. Once the clock hits zero, another flash of blue light and they are transported into the match.

Quote:This is a 1v1 mock battle between (big surprise) Feran and Cally. Conditions are as follows:
1000 words max per post
3 posts each alternating
72-hour leeway between posts (extensions offered for unforeseen events, Christmas and new years free so no pressure)
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

A flash of blue and Cally finds herself in what appears to be some kind of post-apocalyptic city. Dozens of fallen buildings and rubble lined tattered streets, a small pond from some kind of water system filled what looked like an impact crater, and no few skeletons could be seen poking out of different disaster areas. Far cry from the worst she’s seen, but she had to give the developers credit for the level of realism they brought to this. If she didn’t know any better, she’d almost think this whole place was real.

Clapping her hands to her cheeks a couple times brings her back to focus. “Hey DJ, give me something good on my headset while I look for someplace suitable.”

“Right away, Ma’am,” the VI responds in a monotone. “Playing ‘To Glory’ by Two Steps From Hell.”

Cally grins wide as she scans her surroundings. Noticing what appears to be an old university with a large courtyard in front of it, still mostly intact, she elects to use that as her battlefield. Sizing the building up, she smiles. Three stories, long hallways, concreate walls she can use for cover in the event of return fire as they come up to the school, and relatively little cover offered in the rubble in the courtyard. At least, not much that would offer much help when she’s attacking at a height advantage. Yes, this will do nicely.

Twenty minutes pass by before the beastkin comes into sight strolling confidently down the middle of a street towards the courtyard, grimace firmly in place from his surroundings. A few seconds of casual observation and Cally speaks up. “Wolf-morph by the looks of things. Strangely cocky too, walking around in the open like that. What do you think DJ?”

“Wolf-morphs generally possess a higher than normal amount of strength as well as higher senses.” 

“Yes, DJ. I’m aware of that. Thank you for stating the obvious.”

“You’re welcome, Ma’am.”

Cally looks away, mouth hanging slightly open. That sounded a hell of a lot like sarcasm… That shouldn’t be possible for VIs… Probably just the Omniverse messing with her tech again. Regardless, she isn’t about to just let this overconfidence go unpunished.

“What’s the status of Starkiller?”

“Weapon system still down, Ma’am.”

“Of course it is. Nothing can ever be easy. Ah well, guess I just get to make it fun, instead.”

Cally’s grin widens as she holds her hands out and ‘Big Bear’ appears in a small flash of light, the familiar weight of her weapon falling on her shoulders as the strap forms. Pointing the six barrels of her Goliath class minigun out the broken window at her opponent, she whistles. Three sharp whistles echo out into the destroyed city, Feran’s ears swiveling at the unexpected sound, every bit a dog call.

“Who’s a good little doggy?” Cally yells out at the beastkin as she depresses the first of her two triggers, the barrels rapidly picking up speed. “I’ve got a treat for ya! Come and get it!”

Her weapon roars to life as the second trigger is depressed, sending a tremendous number of rounds across the square at Feran. All it took was a handful of hits for Feran to realize the danger presented by this new sound and he quickly dove behind cover, anger already beginning to boil up from his depths. 

The roar silenced, though a high pitched whirring still rings through the courtyard as the engine in her minigun still rotates the barrels. “Aww, did the doggy not like my toys?” Cally calls out in the relative silence.

“Curse your foul magic. I’ll kill you!” Feran roars, ripping himself out from behind the rubble and running full tilt towards the school entrance. Less than a hundred meters. Should be a piece of cake…

Cally laughs and her baby roars to life once more, peppering the wolf-morph with an ever-increasing hail of bullets the closer he came, but, to his credit, he never dodged back into cover and made it into the school. Either he’s stupid or a lot tougher than she gave him credit for. Ah well.

Cally whistles along to the music playing in her headphones as she skips out of the classroom and into the hallway, purposefully picking a spot with a window at her back and the farthest away from the stairwell. A quick guage of distance puts the hallway roughly three maybe four hundred meters? Not that it really matters. It was all of eight feet wide with no cover the whole length and her baby could swallow this hallway whole with no difficulty.

“DJ, put on At Doom’s Gate. Oh… on speaker. Loud as it can go.”

“Right away, Ma’am.”

Giggling gleefully as the music blast out into the hallway from nonexistent speakers, she watches as Feran rounds the last bend in the stairs and comes directly into her baby’s sights, barrels already spinning hungrily.

Quote:822/1000 words according to Google docs
TLDR: bang bang, poor doggy.
Songs played in this post:
To Glory
Doom Theme Remix

As soon as Feran rounded the corner he knew that he had made an error. He could hear Cally's music as it echoed down the narrow passageway, along with the whirring sound of her minigun spooling up in preparation to fire. Feran had no idea exactly what kind of magic his opponent was using, but he had learned one thing; noise meant danger. The wolfhound had but a moment to decide whether to dash back down the stairs or advance on his opponent. The sensible option probably would have been to get back into cover and try to find another angle to approach Cally from. 

Feran hadn't become a hero of Cymerija and Erin by being sensible, however. 

Summoning all of his strength Feran kicked off of the ground and surged forwards with as much speed as his body could muster. In the same moment Cally pulled the second trigger on Big Bear and the weapon began to roar, spitting death towards the charging wolfhound. The air was thick with attacks which Feran could not see, even with his impressive speed he couldn't hope to dodge them all. He felt the impact of dozens of rounds slamming into his flesh and tearing through his body all over, each one fuelling the rage within him, fanning the flames of his fury. While Feran was being torn apart by a storm of high calibre rounds Cally was having a grand old time, a wide grin which could put the Cheshire cat to shame was plastered over her face, the girl was filled with ecstasy. This was her passion, what brought the most joy to her life; annihilating her targets in a storm of ammunition. 

Feran had managed to make it just shy of halfway to Cally when he felt the sharp pain of a round impacting with his face. It wasn't a direct hit, the bullet had just smashed into the edge of his skull, splintering some of the bone. His head had been thrown backwards by the sheer force and shock. Before he could recover a vicious volley of rounds tore through his now more exposed abdomen. A normal beastkin would have been killed by such wounds long before this point. Cally's smile had shrunk a little. It appeared as if her opponent was down for the count already. Disappointing. 

In reality Feran had just reached his breaking point. There was no way he could contain the snarling beast within him any longer. The fury which had started out as a softly simmering fire had become a roaring inferno which was about to break through. Feran let out a rage filled scream before lowering his head again and charging forth with even more speed than before. His mind was consumed by fury, focusing completely upon the source of his rage; Cally. As he got closer even more rounds tore through his flesh but the wolfhound simply didn't care. In an absolute state of bestial frenzy he no longer felt pain, letting out crazed howls and roars. By the time he was about fifty metres away Feran was haemorrhaging blood. There was no chance that he would survive this fight, his rage was the only thing that kept his body going, that allowed him to cling to life. 

All of a sudden the beastkin summoned an incredible burst of speed and closed the distance in just under a second. Cally had noticed this and summoned Thumper in her off hand. Just before she could pull the trigger Feran managed to land a brutal downwards blow with his longsword, the blade slamming into Cally's shoulder, the sheer force making the floor underneath her buckle and crack. The woman did manage to fire Thumper, but the sudden impact and explosion of flames right next to her head had thrown off her aim. It was just a glancing blow, but still the effects were terrible. She could see jagged spikes of shattered ribs poking through the holes in Feran's armour on his left side. Unfortunately she wouldn't be given a chance to loose another round. 

Within but a few moments Feran unleashed a barbaric onslaught of attacks, his blade slamming into Cally from several angles. He was striking so fast that she was close to enveloped in flames, and even though Cally could see that his form was poor and his defence was full of openings the wolfhound was simply too fast to punish his many mistakes. Eventually the force of Feran's attacks got to the structure beneath them and Cally was slammed through the floor and into the lower level of the building, chunks of rubble raining down on her. 

Cally seized the small opportunity she had and proceeded to bolt out from under the opening Feran had created and down the corridor. She had to get some distance between herself and the crazed wolf-morph, regain the advantage she had lost. 

She wouldn't have much time to do it though, as Feran had leapt down the hole and behind her Cally heard that crazed bloodthirsty roar of his...

Quote:Word count according to google docs: 844
Wyld Frenzy activated for one round (2SP used, 0 remaining)
"Feran, what if you come across an enemy you cannot harm?"

"Hit them harder" 

"OK, but your sword can't hurt them" 

"Get a better sword? Or a really big stick"

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