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[Image: nXCiPYA.png]
Name: Caleb-095
Spent OM: 6800
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Ranged Proficiency(1000 OM), Physical Strength(1000 OM), Area Attack Proficiency(600 OM)
Powers (3000/8000): Foresight(1500 OM), Burst Movement(800 OM), Super Jumping: Basic(300 OM), Master Acrobat(400 OM)
Moves (900): Type-1 Energy Sword(300 OM), M392 DMR(600 OM), M9 Frag Grenade(300 OM)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

[Image: vu7BzT0.gif]
Name: Caleb-095
Alias: Spartan
Universe of Origin: Halo (Alternate)
Race: Human

Height: 6'8" (2 meters) // 7'0" (In Armor)
Weight: 282 lbs. (128 kg) // 989.8 lbs. (449 kg - In Armor)
Hair Color: Red(?)
Eye Color: Green(?)
Skin Tone: Pale(?)

Music Themes:
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Combat 1
Combat 2
Combat 3
Combat 4
Boss Battle

Cunning, introverted, and fiercely independent, Caleb has a dry, sardonic sense of humor that colors his unique perspective on the world. As a child-soldier turned grizzled veteran, he has acquired the talents unique to being a Spartan II. He is highly resourceful, a survivor, and often trusts his intuition more than his intellect. He shoots first and asks questions later, which can lead to unfortunate situations later on. His later years of service have fostered the ideals of the lone wolf, seeking out enemies on his own to quietly and swiftly eliminate.

Combat Style:
Spartans are specially chosen and trained to be the best of Mankind. Caleb is no exception to that. He has been trained in every stratagem, every tactic, and every weapon that the UNSC can offer. Nothing was glossed over. Whatever he didn't know, he was taught to adapt and improvise into being useful.

Caleb in combat is ruthless and determined, taking advantage of the environment and any improvised tactic suitable to the situation. He does not willingly give up momentum to his opponents, and strives to persevere through them if swift execution is not possible. He intuitively seeks out weaknesses and flaws in the enemy's tactics and positioning, and exploit them to the maximum effect possible. When writing as him, he does not often taunt or retort, and cannot easily be goaded, but instead skips straight to the task at hand with a machine-like efficiency. If one approach does not work immediately, he will adopt another method as swiftly and gracefully as can be managed, and he is not afraid of fighting dirty. He will not take advantage of hostages lightly or affect damage on civilians however.

Combat Stats:
  • ATK - 3
  • DEF - 3
  • SPD - 2
  • TEC - 2
  • Ranged Combat Proficiency
  • Physical Strength Proficiency
  • Area Attack Proficiency
Current Inventory:
  • n/a

Acquired Powers:

Geas - Precognition: Foresight - 1000 OM
A kind of psychic instinct that allows one to sense oncoming danger a moment before it happens. You can also tell from what direction danger is coming and what kind of attack it will be. Best combined with speedy, skilful characters – it's all well and good knowing that someone is going to punch you, but it doesn't help if you can't dodge it.
Burst Movement - 800 OM
Burst Movement allows you to quickly move at up to double your normal speed. The downside is that is only usable in second-long bursts (with a second inbetween) and drains the user much more than normal movement, making it a quick way to tire oneself out in battle if constantly used. This serves as a useful 'dash' that can be used for closing gaps quickly to attack, dodging attacks, and confusing an opponent. Already-speedy characters who use burst movement can look like they're teleporting, but it is really just fast movement.
Super Jump: Basic - 300 OM
Super Jumping allows characters to transcend humanity's natural leaping limitations. Not only can those with Super Jumping jump higher, but they can also 'double jump' by kicking off vertical surfaces. -10m
Master Acrobat - 400 OM
Allows you to perform handstands, flips and cartwheels with ease, even while attacking or defending.

Acquired Moves:

Type-1 Energy Sword - 300 OM (Physical Strength)
In its base, deactivated form, the Plasma Sword is little more than a hilt with a battery and two projectors. When activated, the plasma is shaped into two thin blades, curving around the hilt and forward, tapering off into two points with a gap down the middle. Measuring in at a length of 1.2 meters, a width of 45 centimeters, and a thickness of 9.3 centimeters. Being a blade of super heated gas and energy, it can effortlessly cut through thin obstacles and inflict serious burns alongside any deep gashes.

M396 DMR - 600 OM (Ranged Proficiency)
The Designated Marksman Rifle is the result of a happy marriage between the utility of a mid-range battle rifle and the firepower of a long-range sniper rifle. Using armor-piercing rounds, the DMR can fire up to 1-3 rounds per second, depending on its firing mode, and is limited by its magazine capacity of 15 rounds, whereupon it takes a couple seconds to switch out to a new one. With single-fire mode for greater accuracy and 3-round burst for extra punch, the DMR is effective at mid and long-range engagements, but its semi-automatic nature limits it in close-quarters. All the same, it is a beloved weapon in the UNSC arsenal. The bullets this gun fires as standard are 7.62x51mm Full Metal Jacket rounds at high speeds. In essence, they are dense hunks of lead that don't expand after being fired and are specifically designed to puncture light cover, like doors and walls, and thin armor, like ballistic vests, not so much heavy power armor. It does not fragment, and has a high chance of punching through a lightly-armored or unarmored target completely, so where and what it hits is more important than the how.

M9 Frag Grenade - 300 OM (Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack)
The standard UNSC grenade, small but deadly. This frag grenade can be thrown a distance dependent on the user’s throwing arm, which for Cabel is in the range of 30-40 meters. After pressing the electronic pin, the grenade has a 2-second fuse time before it detonates, sending heated steel and composite metal shrapnel in a spherical radius of 15 meters, with its effectiveness dropping off after 9. For every engagement, he effectively has three on hand, after which it would take minutes to create replacements with concentration, in large part due to the complicated mixture of chemicals used for the explosive. Being closer to the center of that radius peppers any unfortunate victims with heated metal fragments that cut surprisingly deep and render light armor or cover ineffective while also having to deal with the explosion itself.

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