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Let's work on forces.

So i've been mulling over the idea of forces and how they would work personally. I'd love it if staff and other players would get involved and help flesh out the system.

First things first lets work out a system on how forces will rank in strength.

First off we have the cheapest and weakest unit aka infantry. This can be your standard roman legion soldier to a stormtrooper they all are the same. Infantry with ranged capabilities will be a bit stronger than infantry without. (cost would be 1-5 om roughly per soldier)

Next we have basic armored vehicles and artillery. This is going to give a bit of protection to your armies. Motorized and mechanized along side things like armored cars would be in this group as well as basic line artillery pieces. (10-50 om)

Next we have actual armor Light tanks and early age aircraft and ships would be here. (50-100 om each) You'll have pre ww2 planes and low tonnage ships ie. submarines, patrol boats, and other lighter end vessels 

Next you have medium tanks and heavier vessels outside of battle ships and the like and aircraft carriers. (300-500 om each) Also end of ww2 aircraft for a example of this sort of cost unit. These will help give serious support to the forces at the downside of getting quite expensive for each individual unit.

Heavy tanks, Battle ships, aircraft carriers and coldwar era planes (1000 om each) These are mostly in the range of price for most primes if they have om to spare. They're expensive yes but their power isn't to be unmatched and as such they can easily turn the tide of a battle.

Experemental weapons (Ie super heavy tanks, super heavy battle ships, the US navy's super aircraft carriers for example) (2000+ Om These are the most expensive and most powerful weapons and units one can find and field onto a battle.

Garissons are a base upgrade which passively adds units to a base to help in a fight. I don't know how pricing or the number would work but with how forces work a garrison would be something to look into.

Battle pt. 1
Next lets talk about how a battle would go. (in the case of it not being a base defense) When two primes with armies of forces are in a fight it will be up to a staff to describe the battlefield (it can be a picture, it could be a description.) A coin flip would happen or something of the sort and whoever gets picked can decide wither to set up initially or wait till the opponent has set up having the advantage.

Once the initial set up phase has begun the two players begin to write out the fight from the point of their commanding officer of the forces in the battle. This commanding officer goes to the players prime if they have one. the forces prime if they don't and if they don't have either of them the player may write a unit in the fight.

Damage would work the same as how the staff described it to work. either have a healing center or spend om to recover units lost/damaged.

I will continue this post at another point please give pointers or why something can or can't work.
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