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13 stood still in the library, frozen by argumentative machine spirits and guilt in what he had just done. He, 13-jzall, singular emissary of the Omnissiah and the Mechanicum who serve him, had just let a filthy xeno beast, one that had committed crimes as well, escape his justice for a few measly scraps of information. For all he knew authorities could’ve been tracking Daniel and until recently were drawing plans up for a siege of the city. They knew not of the knowledge stored inside of the databanks and neither did Daniel. This injustice would simply not stand. 13 would have to right it by immediately resolving the problem caused by his heresy, Daniel continuing to live. And while 13’s internal dialogue may have been mostly along those lines, the sub internal was far more chaotic. However once 13 had decided on a course of action the spirits sent him a message,

++13-jzall, you have allowed a mutant to live. This is heresy of the highest order and the punishment will be death of you or your enemy. Punishment will then be administered as seen fit.
Acknowledged and accepted, Daniel shall die.
First of all though, 13 would need a new weapon to fight Daniel with. Judging by how he arrived, Daniel seemed very fast. 13 needed a new weapon that would be nigh impossible to dodge, or at least hard to dodge without difficulty. While Daniel didn’t seem like he would be able dodge that well, precision based weapons were always a pain to accurately fire against incredibly fast-moving enemies. Luckily, he had already thought of a weapon that would be able to counter that innate advantage. 13 placed a limited order on 4 new weapons from the forges as well as 4 teams from sector U of the mines. He left the library and began summoning sand skiffs for himself and the weapon teams.
Eventually, the 12 burly miners from sector U arrived. They had a weird quirk, only wanting to be addressed by the name of their miner group. At the very least it made it easier to address the miners in the case of an emergency. Regardless, teams U-569, U-94, U-124 and U-406 had arrived and were ready to serve. 13 stopped what he was doing, sending a half-finished skiff into the sand and turned to face the group.
“You have been called here to test the weapons you are carrying on yourselves. We will make an expedition into the dunes to find enemies and you will fire upon them. I will then use the data gained to increase the efficiency of these weapons and you will all get a 50% increase in rations for 3 standard weeks assuming you do well. I did expect you to arrive a bit later than you did however, so get yourselves used to the weapons while I finish summoning transports for us.”

And so 13 finished summoning transports, patiently waiting for the teams to life and haul the mortars onto the hovering skiffs. And so they went off across the sands, waiting until they would find a good group of enemies to fight. And eventually, 13 and the mortar crews did. A group of feral looking humanoids, faces melted and clothes that were nothing better than rags. As he looked upon the grouping of mutants, 13 addressed his firing squads.

“What you have here are weapons called mole launchers, they will travel through the sand after you fire them into it, arc the weapon so it will hit your target. You control the power of the projectile, but there is a limit so don’t attempt to hit anything too far away. Working together 4 groups, you will have two attempts to kill these abhorrent beasts until you run out of ammo. Please do not kill yourselves.”
The 12 miners stopped looking over their weapons and nodded, each getting onto their respective sand skiffs. Slowly, they started circling the ghouls, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. Just before they were ready, U-406 misfired, sending a missile directly under their sand skiff. This lead to the second missile rolling directly into the sand. Spurred into action, 506 shot a missile under the abhumans who despite only now noticing the attack were rapidly advancing on 13’s skiff, leading the rest into following. Team 506 then launched a second missile, detonating near a ghoul but not near enough to do any damage, sending large jets of sand into the sky. U-94 took advantage of the distraction, killing the now shaded ghoul that 506 had attempted to kill. 124 were the most successful, managing to kill 4 ghouls with two luckily missiles that had been loaded and fired nearly perfectly. U-94 then attempted to make another pass at the hostile group, now charging at 13. They missed, but the few remaining ghouls were cut down by a few sharp cracks of 13’s pistol. 13 gave the signal to head back to the city, turning his sandskiff and began to properly compile the data, thinking about what to do next.
Obviously, U-124 had the best weapon. It would be upgraded to meet 13’s standards and ammo production would need to be streamlined with a way to teleport it, as carrying around large supplies of missiles did not sound like something the fickle forces of fate would allow to go well for him. He made it back to the forge and walked towards the elevator. It would make sense that, assuming he could reverse exactly the same way Daniel did when he arrived to 13’s forges, he would be able to get a better idea of wherever Daniel was now. And so, after a few minor adjustments, 13 began to walk out from his elevator towards where a gate would hopefully be.

On and on 13 went, each step letting out a little puff of sand. Over the dunes he went, waiting until he ran into something or something ran into him. There was, however, a problem. Daniel hadn’t been spotted in ages by anyone. There were a few reports about him in having been seen in Coruscant, assaulted some stormtroopers as well. However it was quite likely that he had just disappeared completely. It would be possible to find him, but it would be a better and far more efficient use of recourses to just finish up any other major loose ends 13 still had. Abandoning his attempt to kill the Terrasque was one and whatever was happening in Nippur was the other. Communications had completely broken down over in the city but that could just as easily be due to a poor run of luck with how time seemed to work in the Omniverse. A few meetings with the collective commune of machines spirits were needed and scheduled. Either Daniel would be apprehended or the lives of many would be put over the honour of one and the justice of another.
Later, it had become decided. Both the Terrasque continuing to run amok in the Moors and Daniel not being killed were feats of inaction on 13’s part. Though one was a personal stain on his pride, the other was a danger to everyone that could not be ignored. His angle changed slightly, instead of going out of the nexus and towards Coruscant, 13 would now be heading towards the Moors. 
And at least an hour faster than 13 would have if he hadn’t changed his angle.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

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