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[M] This is one hell of a trip...

There was a small flash of light as a new prime appeared in the fountain of infinity.

“What the fu…” Valerie muttered as she looked around her. She was still wearing the unsightly prison jumpsuit that she had been wearing before Omni took her. It was absolutely hideous; it didn’t flatter her form at all, and was this garish bright yellow all over. “Ew…” the succubus remarked with a look of utter disgust on her face. She had somewhat hoped that she would have been rid of the unpleasant garment, given the fact that, as far as she was aware, some weird white god with a shit-eating grin had whisked her away and dropped her in some strange other dimension mid prison break.  She took a few moments to properly survey her surroundings. She appeared to be in a completely white area. White up, white down, white in pretty much every direction, and there was no way to see how far it went. It seemed endless; it might as well have been as far as the succubus was concerned. She turned to look at the fountain in which she had appeared. It was pristine and immaculate; it looked as if it had just been built, with no signs of wear and tear.

“Pretty fancy, shame the rest of it is fuckin’ boring.” she commented before walking out of the fountain. She’d already managed to soak the legs of the jumpsuit and it was going to take ages for her fur to dry, due to how thick it was. She let out an exasperated huff, before remembering something that the white twat had said to her. Something about Omnilium, or whatever, and about how it can be used to bend reality to her will? That might not have been the exact wording, but Val was pretty sure that she was a god now, or something.

“So… if I like think about it or something? How the fuck does this even work? Either way fuck this jumpsuit.”

Valerie then started to strip, taking off the jumpsuit, which annoyingly caught on her wings, despite the holes in the back which were meant to allow for them to easily pass through. Before long she was standing naked next to the fountain, quite literally baring all. She then concentrated on the clothes that she wanted to wear, a rather skimpy outfit if we’re going to be honest; a crop top, accompanied by tiny shorts and some rather large boots.  All black, of course, she had to keep up her aesthetic, not that it really mattered anymore. Within a few moments the outfit has appeared on the floor before her, which elicited a small smile from the hybrid. Valerie wasted no time in donning the revealing attire, and admired herself in the water of the fountain for a few moments afterwards. Truth be told she was rather vain. Although, that was to be somewhat expected of a succubus, even if she was a half-breed.

“Much better,” she remarked in a notably more positive tone before turning away from the fountain once more. In the distance she noticed large archways. Although she was unable to discern any fine detail, given the distance she was from them. There didn’t seem to be anything else, just an endless expanse of pure white. How boring.

“Fuckin’ miles away… I’m not walking that.” Valerie muttered before unfurling her rather large wings, each of them longer than she was tall. She gave them a few test flaps, and to her dismay, that she wasn’t generating any lift.

“Oh fuck off, don’t tell me I can’t fly? That’s like the one good thing about having these bloody safety hazards attached to me!” Valerie spat in frustration, before folding her wings back with a huff. She shoved her hands into her pockets and tilted her head up, looking upon the white plane which counted for a sky in the nexus.
 “Well this is shit…the police station was more interesting…” she complained audibly to no-one in particular. Her whining was an exercise in futility, to be sure, but it did offer a modicum of satisfaction. The Succubus sat down on the edge of the fountain, and summoned a pack of cigarettes in her palm. They were pretty similar to the ones that one might buy from their local store, although with slightly different branding. She pulled one out, and held it between her lips, before summoning a small lighter. It was one of those old ones; a clunky, metal, Zippo-style relic. Truth be told, she didn’t need a lighter; where she came from all you had to do was pull a small strip off the tip, then some chemicals mixed, and it lit itself. Regardless, Valerie enjoyed the aesthetic, the ritual of lighting one up, and taking a sharp breath to make sure that the fire took to the tobacco properly. She exhaled a cloud of light-grey smoke, closed her eyes a little, and allowed herself to be lost in thought and memories for a few moments.

Valerie flicked the ash at the end of her cigarette onto the pristine floor of the nexus unceremoniously. It wasn’t like some cop was going to fine her for littering, she couldn’t see anyone else wandering the maddening white hellscape. The Vixen took a long drag, before exhaling a cloud of smoke. She spent a few seconds gazing at the swirling gas as it danced before her.

“What happened, eh?” She asked no-one in particular. Truth be told it was an old habit rearing its head. Back home she had always been able to turn to someone else when she found herself in a less than desirable situation, whether it was some thirsty dude looking for sex or a close friend that she actually trusted and cared for, she had always been able to pull a few strings and make her problems disappear. The Succubus had used her demonic abilities as a crutch ever since she had discovered them, and she was struggling a little without them. Well, that was a bit of a lie. She could tell that she still had some of them, but there wasn’t anything around that she could use them on. A telepath with no other minds to read was about as useful as lighter fluid during a house fire.

Her gaze then focused on the distant archways that she could see.  It was impossible to make out any fine detail, given the distance that they seemed to be from her.  She debated whether travelling to one of them would have been worth it. She was unable to fly, and thus would have to walk, which was just a massive pain in the arse, and Val wasn’t one for putting in effort that she didn’t need or want to.

“Can I make like a car or something? I can make small things, so makes sense, I guess.” The succubus muttered before dropping the end of her cigarette on the floor. She then spent about ten minutes concentrating on creating a vehicle, specifically a motorbike that she had owned but rarely used. By the time she was done, before her stood a sleek aerodynamic bike which almost looked like it belonged in something like Tron.

“Fuck yeah, it works!” Val exclaimed excitedly before she walked over to the vehicle and mounted it. She gripped the handles and gave the throttle a few bursts. It sounded just like the old fossil-fuel powered ones that she had heard of, although the sound was pumped through a set of speakers built into the body of the machine rather than from the engine itself, which was electric.

She then set off towards one of the distant archways, speeding towards it recklessly. She didn’t exactly need to be careful, there weren’t any other drivers to avoid so she was able to let loose and push the machine to it’s limits in terms of speed. The ride was pleasant overall, as Val enjoyed feeling the wind running through her hair and brushing past her wings. Within a matter of minutes she had nearly reached her destination, and could now clearly see a pair of white-clad figures standing guard on either side of the arch.

“Hey, other people do exist in this place. Who’d a thunk it?” Val remarked before she brought the bike to a skidding halt as she swung it around so that she stopped with her left side facing the gate. She dismounted the bike, which then disappeared in a shimmer of light as the Omnilium returned to her. The succubus ran her hands through her hair before shaking her head a little. Her gaze then turned to the pair of white-armoured figures, who were now looking at the half-breed.

Val smiled as she approached, she could now hear the thoughts of the two soldiers.

‘Another prime…at least this should be interesting’ read the thoughts of one.

‘Freaky lookin’ this one…Sorta hot though’ The other.
The succubus rolled her eyes a little. Surface-level thoughts like those could be annoying at times, but it pleased her to find that these two men didn’t make much of an effort to guard their minds from her telepathy. She dug a little deeper into their thoughts, and was able to gleam some more information. They were stormtroopers, some kind of soldier. Both of them were guards, both had been on duty for the past five hours, and were, frankly, somewhat sick of it.

“Identify yourself, prime!” The trooper on the right barked as he leveled his weapon at Valerie, who regarded the firearm with curiosity. “C’mon Alex, I know you remember me” she replied, which seemed to throw the man off somewhat. He was sure that he had never met the prime before, how did she know his name?

“It hasn’t been that long, you must remember? I came through on your first day of guard duty, like two months ago or something. Ring any bells?”

Internally Valerie was laughing at the confused soldier. She had managed to draw those specific tidbits of information from his memories, and had decided to go about her usual pastime of manipulating people. All she had to do was say the right things, plant a suggestion in his mind, and then wait for his brain to rationalise it.

‘I must have forgotten…how else would she know my name and shit like that?’
“Starting to remember?” The succubus asked with a curious tilt of her head.

“Y-yeah…Sorry, it’s been a long day, you know how it is.”

Valerie responded with a knowing nod, before walking into the barrier and disappearing into Coruscant.

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