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Location/Role: Ayla is the chieftain of the Ioka tribe and, by extension, the head of Omnitown. Taking a 'hands-on' approach, she often leads hunting and scouting parties into the nearby jungle. But the constant jeopardy that her tribe faces usually ensures that she doesn't stray too far from the settlement.

As the chief, Ayla also acts as the tribe's diplomat and any strangers who seek to enter Omnitown are brought before her. Fortunately for outsiders, she is the most open-minded of the group, having encountered a variety of cultures and technologies during her journeys through time. However, the need for vigilance precludes her from being hospitable towards everyone. Thus, any visitors will have to prove themselves with acts of strength and courage (or a sense of humour) before they can be treated as honourable guests.

Story: Born in the prehistoric era of her native world, Ayla exhibited immense physical strength, extreme resilience and great courage from an early age. These qualities enabled her to quickly rise to the position of chief. But her abilities, both as a warrior and leader, were put to the test from the get-go. In addition to facing dinosaurs and other massive predators, the Ioka was locked in a mortal struggle with a race of sentient and intelligent reptiles called Reptites. Little did they realize that the outcome of their conflict would shape the future of their world for many eons thereafter.

During this time, Ayla encountered a group of young adventurers from the future. Seeking to avert a cataclysmic event that would one day spell the end of human civilization, they traveled through time and space, gathering materials and allies that would help further their quest. Through shows of courage and strength of character, they proved themselves in the eyes of the young chief. Welcoming them with open arms, she offered them hospitality and aid. In return, the would-be warriors helped the Ioka in their defense as they and the other human tribes were assaulted by the Reptites. Overcoming great odds, they managed to turn the tide and bring the fight to the very lair where the reptiles dwelled.

But just as they managed to grasp victory, they witnessed a glimmer in the sky that became progressively larger — a massive object from beyond their world descended upon the lair on a collision course. Fleeing for their lives, the Ioka and their allies barely managed to avoid the resulting colossal impact. Imprinting itself within the planet's crust, the aftermath of the object's landing was devastating — flames consumed the land and ash blanketed the sky, eradicating the Reptites and condemning the surviving humanity to a long and bitter ice age. It was then that the travelers recognized the extraterrestrial body as a living being — an alien entity whose awakening eons later would bring about the end of the world. It was Ayla which gave this harbinger of doom the name by which it became known thereafter — Lavos or 'big fire'.

Learning of the fate that would befall her descendants, the young chief left her village and joined the adventurers in their quest to avert that destiny. Together, they journeyed across the ages, encountering many wondrous people and places — as well as enduring countless trials and tragedies. But these challenges only served to strengthen their abilities and resolve. After many travels and extensive preparations, the party crossed the spacetime continuum and arrived on the fateful day of Lavos' awakening. Challenging the alien behemoth, the adventurers found themselves in the fight of their lives. In spite of the odds, in spite of how uphill the titanic struggle was, they managed to achieve the impossible — they vanquished Lavos and changed the future.

However, their triumph had the side-effect of causing the gaps in time to gradually weaken and close. Whether they wanted to or not, their time-traveling days came to an end and the stalwart companions had to go their separate ways. Bidding her friends from the future farewell, Ayla departed back to her time, intent on resuming her role as chieftain and creating her progeny, who's descendants would eventually come to rule the kingdom of Guardia. But instead of reaching her intended destination, she was transported to a different time and place entirely, greeted upon arrival by a grinning white entity — she found herself in the Omniverse.

Exploring this strange and unfamiliar universe extensively, the prehistoric woman eventually traversed the vast expanses of Tangled Green. It was there that she came upon a startling discovery — some of her fellow tribe members. Having wound up in the Omniverse like Ayla, they banded together with others — some like them and others not — in order to survive the many dangers of the land. In addition to predators, the tribals were constantly pursued and harassed by orcish raiders. Wasting no time, Ayla took charge of the tribe, making no distinction between the old and new members — as far as she was concerned, they were all Ioka.

Life in the Omniverse was, in some ways, even more difficult than their prior existence. The 'greenskins' and 'blackskins', as they called them, were just as ruthless and fearsome as the Reptites, and pursued their targets with almost supernatural zeal. Under Ayla's leadership, the orcish warriors did not find the Ioka to be easy prey, and the prehistoric humans consistently managed to fend off or evade their assaults. But in spite of their best efforts, the relentless hunt forced them into a perpetual semi-nomadic lifestyle, never able to settle in one place for very long.

The tribe was in a particularly difficult position when it inadvertently found itself trapped between two groups: vicious black orc raiders who went by the name of Bonecrushas, and a colourful collection of outsider who, thanks to the orcs being preoccupied with fighting the Ioka and amongst themselves, were able to establish a fortified position on a hilltop. But just as they were bracing themselves for the worst, fortune smiled upon them; for reasons unknown to them, the Bonecrushas decided to assault the outpost of the unknown group, allowing the Ioka some much-needed respite. Ayla later learned the stunning outcome of this battle via her scouts: the black orcs were utterly annihilated at the hands of the unusual outlanders.

Awestruck and thoroughly impressed by this display of tenacity and strength, the young chief had some of her men keep an eye on the strangers while the tribe rested and recuperated. She strongly considered trying to befriend the group and joining forces with them in defense against the orcs and other hazards. But before she could think of a proper offering of friendship, her observers came back with even more startling news: the newcomers had left, leaving the camp entirely abandoned.

This gave even the normally bold and daring Ayla pause, causing her to observe the area for some time in case it was a trap. But as it became increasingly clear that the original inhabitants were not coming back, she and her tribe decided to move in and claim the settlement as their own. In honour and recognition of their valour and might, Ayla preserved the name the original founders gave to the village and carved into the monument they left behind — Omnitown.

The assaults of local orc tribes did not cease. But the wooden walls and iron men proved far too insurmountable even for the mighty raiders and they were repulsed repeatedly, allowing the Ioka to settle into their new home. Since then, the community has been able to survive — even thrive — in the face of many challenges and continues to eke out an existence in the far fringes of Tangled Green. But even as she continues to lead her people into what she hopes is a better future, there are times that Ayla cannot help but ponder about her previous world — about the friends she left behind.
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