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[Open] Life Has Changed

It's quiet in the beginning. A voice, a promise, and then nothing again. It seems these life-altering events always tended to come in the same way. Igor, Omni... two sides of the same coin, perhaps. One benign, one chaotic. Despite her predicament, she was... rather calm, moreso than she'd really anticipated. Maybe it was the mask covering her face, maybe it was the sheer shock of waking up in an entirely new world again, but it was always this.

A quiet observation, a cautious rising up.

She gave a quiet sigh as she awoke to the world of nothingness around her, the only oasis in the form of a small circle she awoke in the center of. Just behind was a mess of metal, spiraling into the empty sky as a gravelly ground spread out beneath her. It was a deep crimson, before slowly fading back into white nothing. Interesting. Adjusting her mask slightly, she looked out into the nothingness and saw...

...well, nothing, what did you expect me to say? A Takashimaya? Well, no, it was just a blank slate.

Even besides that, though, there were strange arches in the distance, each slightly different. She couldn't exactly tell how different, though, which was unfortunate because now she was really curious. Eight arches, from the looks of things. Were they portals of some kind? Just decorative? They certainly seemed to be distinct. One was sleek, shining, while another on the other side was simple yet elegant. Like a stone sculpture. So perhaps they all had different meanings? 

And speaking of meaning, what the hell was she doing here in the first place? So many questions, so little time to answer them all. So she simply shook her head, moving onto the next important note in her mind. The powerful... humanoid creature? Had mentioned something to her, besides the whole "this is not the world you know" spiel.

It was Omnilium, that strange glowing orb she was handed. Apparently, with it, she could create anything she desired. Even though, y'know, creating matter should be impossible. Actually, scratch that, she was in a white limbo, with a superghost that was made of her rage against the machine in her head. Impossible wasn't something she particularly cared about right now. But that raises the question... was a way home possible with that?

It was worth a shot. With a moment to adjust herself, she closed her eyes and imagined... something. A portal home of some kind, like those arches she saw before. Maybe it'd work.

Well, given the sudden aching emptiness inside her, no. There's a wince as it hits her, and she comes to a revelation. She didn't have the power to. It wasn't something she was told, she just... knew. It wasn't going to work. Damn. She curses quietly under her breath, instead turning her gaze out to the world ahead. So, her only choice now was to investigate the arches. Which spoke to her the most? That certainly was the question.

A moment passes in silence. "Fuck," she murmurs after it comes and goes.

This could take her a while.

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